Are views of self defence that different by left morality and by right morality?

Let’s compare 2 countries, English moral thinking is usually leftist and Israeli moral thinking is usually rightist. English laws regarding murder is more protective of the human rights of the attacker than of the human rights of the victim. In reality, in England a person who tries to kill another person will probably be shot in the leg or be subdued by passerbys or by a cop and then get a light sentence. If he succeeds in killing another person, he’d have his day in count with a “nice” English jury and get a leftist “forgiving” sentence because of the murderer’ difficult upbringing circumstances (this is called in psychology the Freudian Left perception).  That judgement would consider poverty, discrimination, etc to “adjust” the sentence. In short, England has a judicial system based of evolving humanist-socialist culture.

The Israel judicial culture evolved to the right of center, in part because of repeated wars with the Arabs, but mostly because the Jewish Torah tend to favor what is considered by scholars in the 21st century a right-wing orientation. The Torah says, “Hakam lehargecha, hashkem veharago.” The Jewish Torah permeates the depth of the life of Israelis whether they deny it or not. It’s deep in their unconscious. Simply said, the Brits shoot assailants with knives in the leg and the Israelis shoot assailants with knives in the head. That is why I wrote this posting as a public service for you to think about morality and decide who is right. The Jewish Torah quoted above says “Be vigilant and faster and kill them first, those who try to kill you.” Basically, is this the universal law of self-defence? British law is the universal belief of Christianity, give the Romans your other cheek. You choose. The left likes the British law, the right likes the Israeli law. Who is right? I don’t know, all I know is who has the better chance of survival? Darwin had his say in England. Are the Israelis “overreacting” to Palestinian stabbings? Are the Brits suicidal? Who is smart and who is stupid? Who is more moral? If you look at history, it pays off to be powerful. You got money, you got respect, says Trump. Is he right? I don’t know what to tell you. You decide what is right and wrong, the left thinking or the right thinking???



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