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Why I left?

August 19, 2017

“Between 1948 and 2015, approximately 720,000 Israeli citizens have left the country and never returned.” I saw this quote in an on-line article. I was shocked. I didn’t know the number of “Yordim” was so high. As a Jew I feel that I owe it to my fellow Jews and Israelis an explanation why I left. I left in 1960 at the optimistic age 24 after I failed to get into a university and my parents were doing well economically in New York and California. Looking back now at age 81, I realize that my decision to leave lead to a wonderful life in Canada and – in Tel Aviv! I spend summers in beautiful Canada and winters in sunny Tel Aviv.

I don’t really want to get into politics but a Jewish friend of mine asked me the other day if I feel guilty leaving Israel for the US in 1960 and not contributing a hell of a lot to the “miracle” of Israel’s growth and development after 1961. My answer is no! I do contribute. I plant trees in Israel. I spend a lot of money there every winter when I visit. I enjoy the country. I am more relaxed than if I stayed in 1961. I get along great with family and friends in Israel because I don’t spend too much time with them! (Maximum 3 months a year). And, above all, I don’t get frustrated with the terrible Israeli politics! I am not too concern with it, I live in Canada! Too much politics can sicken anybody. You see, my family in Israel were “vatikim.” We followed Jabotinsky, Begin, Herut and now “Bait Yehudi” and the Likud. We did not like what Ben-Gurion did to Menahem Begin. We thought Mapai and labor represented poor national values. We believed that the left was anti-prosperity and defence and made the daily life of Israelis poor and not rewarding. The reason we come to visit Israel every winter nowadays is not the cold Canadian winter, it is the better Israel’s political climate, Mapai is gone, Labor shranked, Begin became a prime minister (brought peace) and Netanyahu is not perfect but he is a better PM of Israel than all past leftist PM’s combined. We are getting close to peace and prosperity with our hostile neighbours, even some of my old leftist relatives and friends are becoming more individualistic, less collectivistic, more investing, less saving, more nationalistic, less internationalist, more really helping poor people rather than putting them on welfare (terrible paternalism), so they can look good to the world and finally, Israelis are becoming more fun-loving than staying Dov Yosef ideologues. I love Israel. I think between 2015 and 2082 more Israelis and Jews will return than leave.


Does this confrontation between Israel and the ICC pointing to the end of – the ICC?

December 15, 2016

“If the Knesset passes the settlements regulation bill, the International Criminal Court will go after Israelis and the Obama administration will let an anti-settlement resolution through at the UN, Prof. Alan Dershowitz says.”

As a Jew I have a lot of respect for Harvard’s professor of law Dershowich, as a psychologist I don’t.  Allan Dershowich thinking is left of center and as such he worry too much about the ICC reaction to Israel’s behavior. Even if the Knesset passes the settlements regulation bill and the ICC takes action, the ICC may lose its case against Israel for 3 reasons, 1) The Palestinians may not be able to provide the required deeds to the lands, 2) The international status of the lands is in “dispute,” not “occupied.’  No one is breaking international law by building a house in a “No Man’s Land,” and 3) Israel can ignore the ICC like it ignores the UN.

Obama’s reaction is a different matter. If the Knesset passes the Settlements law after January 20, 2017 Obama can do nothing against Israel. He is gone and done as an Israel bashing president. If he uses his veto power before Israel passes the Settlements law, the large damage to his reputation and record and the democratic party in the US will be much greater than the damage to Israel by another hostile UN resolution. How do I know that Dershowich is a leftist? Leftists always overestimate the power of bad people or institutions! That is why Chamberlain wanted to make peace with Hitler so much. He didn’t think the Nazis could be defeated in 4 years! That is why Obama wanted the agreement with Iran so much. He thought the Ayatollah was strong. And, that is why the Knesset may not pass the settlements bill before January 20, 2017. The delegates think that Obama and Abbas are strong!

The Amona Law.

November 3, 2016

“The High Court had previously ruled that houses built on land claimed by Palestinians, even if those claims are unsubstantiated, must be demolished and cannot be rebuilt for as long as a decade, as evidence is gathered regarding ownership. The court in 2014 reaffirmed its earlier ruling and insisted that all the buildings on the site be demolished.” Let me paraphrase this quote from the Internet related to the Amona Law: “The Supreme Court of Israel appointed by a previously leftist-wing government with a leftist Knesset majority accepted Palestinian claims that Jewish homes in the city of Amona in Sumeria and Judea (West Bank) should be demolished. Their logic was that the land of Amona was intended in 1948 as part of a future Palestinian state that never happened because the Arabs declared war on Israel and lost (The court rejected the idea that if a country loses a war it may lose also a territory). Therefore, the leftist SC decided that the Palestinians who claimed the land of Amona did not have to show Deeds of ownership of the land before the evictions. A 2014 leftist Supreme Court decision reaffirmed the previous court decision.

Israel’s new voters (many Russian immigrants who suffered under the leftist Soviet Union) voted into office the present right-wing Israeli government. It is a right-wing government with a strong right-wing majority in the Knesset. The right-wing Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked is now legally changing certain Knesset rules under her jurisdiction to be able to appoint 2-3 new right-wing Supreme Court justices in order to reverse the decisions of the old leftist Supreme Court about who owns land in Israel. The right-wing “Amona Law” if passed by the Knesset and approved by the rightist “new SC” will “freeze” the process of evicting Amona residents for a few years untill the tilt to the right of the Israeli population is complete.

The future appears to belong to a Jabotinsky right-wing group that believes that Israel is all of West Palestine and it had not stated that way in 1948 only because of leftist politics.  The Jabotinsky populace believes in equal rights for all citizens of Israel regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, etc. It appears that not withstanding all the legal and political delays at the end of the day the Amona Law will pass and its Jewish residents will live in peace. It also appears that at the end of the day all the non-Jewish residents of Israel who abide by the laws will get their land and other equal rights depending on having Deeds to lands.

The issue of left vs. right values exist in every country. The left is always absolutely committed to keep darker skin minorities as dependent on government for their  existence, whether it is in Israel, Canada, Romania or the US. This is called Paternalism in Psychology and leftist governments spend tax payer money on that endeavor making left-wing people feel that they are good people (they are not).  The right, on the other hand, is absolutely committed to integrate darker skin minorities to become educated independent citizens and not depend on government for their livelihood. The right believes in helping people to become a part of freedom and prosperity indistinguishable from any other group of citizens. You can say that the left is racist but please let not complicate things in Israel, please, look at what the left has done to American, real sad!

Are views of self defence that different by left morality and by right morality?

December 9, 2015

Let’s compare 2 countries, English moral thinking is usually leftist and Israeli moral thinking is usually rightist. English laws regarding murder is more protective of the human rights of the attacker than of the human rights of the victim. In reality, in England a person who tries to kill another person will probably be shot in the leg or be subdued by passerbys or by a cop and then get a light sentence. If he succeeds in killing another person, he’d have his day in count with a “nice” English jury and get a leftist “forgiving” sentence because of the murderer’ difficult upbringing circumstances (this is called in psychology the Freudian Left perception).  That judgement would consider poverty, discrimination, etc to “adjust” the sentence. In short, England has a judicial system based of evolving humanist-socialist culture.

The Israel judicial culture evolved to the right of center, in part because of repeated wars with the Arabs, but mostly because the Jewish Torah tend to favor what is considered by scholars in the 21st century a right-wing orientation. The Torah says, “Hakam lehargecha, hashkem veharago.” The Jewish Torah permeates the depth of the life of Israelis whether they deny it or not. It’s deep in their unconscious. Simply said, the Brits shoot assailants with knives in the leg and the Israelis shoot assailants with knives in the head. That is why I wrote this posting as a public service for you to think about morality and decide who is right. The Jewish Torah quoted above says “Be vigilant and faster and kill them first, those who try to kill you.” Basically, is this the universal law of self-defence? British law is the universal belief of Christianity, give the Romans your other cheek. You choose. The left likes the British law, the right likes the Israeli law. Who is right? I don’t know, all I know is who has the better chance of survival? Darwin had his say in England. Are the Israelis “overreacting” to Palestinian stabbings? Are the Brits suicidal? Who is smart and who is stupid? Who is more moral? If you look at history, it pays off to be powerful. You got money, you got respect, says Trump. Is he right? I don’t know what to tell you. You decide what is right and wrong, the left thinking or the right thinking???


Would congress reject the Obama-Iran nuclear agreement?

July 24, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I was laughing my head off. It was a sunny and peaceful day at the marina, the seagulls frolicking trying to “steal” frozen fish that children have bought and were feeding to the wild seals that have adopted the human habitat around the boats. The serenity of the place engulfed me with a feeling that maybe the world was not on the brink of a war between the US and/or Israel with Iran over a North Korean “ghost” bomb. Three friends were sitting sipping tea discussing the nuclear agreement, one, a professor of law, another one, a community organizer (better than Barack) and the third, myself (a retired psychologist eager to practice something). Is the world inching toward a global war at the coffee shop overlooking the yachts at the marina.

“Let me tell you guys that the Republican Congress will definitely defeat the Obama nuclear agreement with Iran,” They looked at me instantly (wasn’t it obvious, now I know why burly blond presidential candidate DT gets so much attention with his statements).

“…but the republicans will not be able to defeat a Obama veto!”  That was not obvious, and, this time my reputation at the coffee shop was on the line, but I know that my friends would forgive me for my math. if not my psy. if I am wrong. As for myself, if after a a text-book analysis of the power and influence of the UN, EU, Democrats, political dynamics, momentum and the love of Obama by the masses didn’t pull off a narrow win for the president, then I would quit analysing political behavior and go back to doing marriage counseling.

You, my readers, do your own analysis, take a position on the Obama/Ayatollah deal, do it like it is not a gamble, the smart ones win!

I can’t help it, here is another one, Donald Trump sucks up to the stupid system (SSS) and stir up the “nest” of the stupid beehive in Congress but I don’t thing a sting from the street could project DT toward the WH. I am not laughing anymore. Now its your turn. Pass this one on. I think it’s funny.

Why terrorists are winning against powerful democracies?

August 23, 2014

Let me simplify why terrorists are winning against democracies so when the next election time comes in Israel and the US you won’t vote for anyone on the ballot unless they promise on TV to follow the policies of Menahem Begin, the second greatest Israeli PM and Teddy Roosevelt, the second greatest American P after George Washington! Stop sending into office leaders like Obama, Clinton, Bush, Johnson and the rest of the presidents, you have elected into office dummies who understood human behavior on the junior HS level or below. Case in point:

Obama tells Kerry to pressure Israel to release 900 Hamas terrorists in exchange for one Israeli soldier. Then Obama tells Kerry to release 5 Taliban terrorists in exchange for one American soldier. Then Obama goes on CNN and says, “The United States does not believe in prisoner exchange or ransom giving to terrorists.” Netanyahu does the same, exchanging prisoners with terrorists. Psychologically speaking, terror groups are winning against powerful democracies because Israel and the US give terror groups money, oil, weapons and Western recruits. The bottom line is that you vote for Obama and Netanyahu and they support terror groups (inadvertently) while claiming that they don’t do that – and when it does happen it’s an unacceptable mistake that “we intend to correct.” (nice language). Obama created ISIS by his policies since 2008 and Netanyahu created Hamas by his policies since 1993. These leaders don’t believe in Thorndike’s Law of Effect or never heard of it in College. Psychologically speaking, I see these “macho” ISIS men of Islam saying to each other, “Let these two soft democracies elect Hilary and Tzipi to office and we’ll have more bloody fun than with Obama and Netanyahu.”

Why can’t Israel form a coalition right now?

March 1, 2013

If you think it’s because Yesh Atid (19) and Habait Yehudi (12) don’t like Haredim(12), you are wrong.

If you think the Right and the Left can’t be in the same government, you are wrong.

If you think it is important to know who is Haredi and who is not, you are wrong.

Actually you are wrong with any thought inside the box. You got to get outside of the box.

If you do you could form a happy government in one hour! You can make everyone happy!


Have two leaders from each political party in the Knesset (including Arabs, Communists, etc) sequestered in a nice room with a view at the Tel Aviv Hilton from 8 AM till 12 PM (with a 10 minute break every 2 hours) on an agreed upon day (Wednesday is good, Saturday is great, Monday sucks, Friday…only if God wills it). All food and drinks will be served kosher. The Chairperson will announce the rules, so strict that anyone who breaks a rule his party will have to pay a fine of 40,000 Shekel to the national treasury, two rules 80,000, three rules 120,000, and so on.

Rule 1)  The only language spoken in the room will be Hebrew.

Rule 2) The participants must sign a legal document that they will abide without reservation by the unanimous decisions of the  five observing judges (a philologist, linguist, behavioral psychologist, language expert, etc.) selected from three distinguished universities in Israel.

Rule 3) The participants must stay respectful towards each other. Questions and answers are encouraged. Name calling, bad gestures, accusations, or refusal to response to one another will cost a participant 4,000 Shekel.

Rule 4) Anything that a participant says or does must focus on behavior, not concepts, beliefs, assumptions, etc. The Judges will correct you and make sure that what you say includes at least one behavior and one fact. You are not allowed to emit a sentence that has no behavior in it. For example, you are not allowed to say “You are wrong” (it’s not a behavior). You can’t even say “I feel that you are wrong.” A feeling is not a behavior either. You may say, “Your behavior is unacceptable to me.”  Good luck, don’t be a party poopers..

Game theories: American Chess versus Chinese Weiqi, who will win?

June 12, 2011

Understanding the difference will give you the extra power (edge) that you need to win in your Relationships,  whether it is money that you seek, sex, love, respect, military victory, territory, peace or winning elections.  First, you have to accept that all situations in life are win-lose situations. Compromise is a temporary state when one feels that he cannot yet win!  Second, you have to accept that there are only 2 ways to win: Replace your opponent or weaken him enough till he is no longer a threat and you are not concerned anymore.

Chess is an American game where you confront and replace your opponent. Checkmate is when you replace your opponent’s king with your king. Weiqi is a Chinese game where you don’t confront or replace your adversary. Victory is achieved when you weaken your opponent’s king and make him subservient to your king. In life, these 2 strategies are “sugar-coated” with rhetoric (Obama) to such an extent that the average person (or leader) can’t discern the strategy and can’t take advantage of his insight!

In the long run, the future belong to China unless the West switches games (it will not). The Chinese derive their Weiqi approach from Taoism, the Wu (without) Wei (effort) translated into Tai Chi Chuan (the effortless action of Zen). Weiqi is a deceptive quantum mechanics game of minute basic undercurrent steps, persistent, small, appear unthreatening, etc. The Chinese won’t need confrontations with the US,  just to slowly own US finance, Africa’s natural resources, Europe’s consumption, Australia’s natural resources and Asia’s economies. India is not a threat economically or militarily by nature of its slow peaceful society.

In the short run the future belongs to America as long as its military is able to confront and replace adversaries in its worldly chess game, whether it was Hitler or Osama, it is Gaddafi, or it will be Ahmadinejad. I will bet on America as long as it has the skill to replace kings!  I will not bet on Europe, Israel, or the Middle-East countries because these players refuse or can’t replace bad kings (Arab Spring is overvalued). These countries never even heard of the fabulous Chinese Weiqi game!

The Second Coming of Christian Reformation..

March 2, 2011

I go on record today, Tuesday, March 1, 2011, about a year or longer before folks get it that a “war of truth” is flaring within Christianity. Let me take you back to the first split in Christianity to understand the significance of the second split. Martin Luther objected to the papal doctrine of infallibility, abuse of indulgences and purgatory. Luther stopped short of saying that Catholic Christianity (the only one at that time) had lost its soul to sin – with the help of Lucifer!

The second and final split in Christianity is fundemental: It is over the Catholic church’s objection to the existence of  State of Israel, the resurrection of which invalidates Rome’s Replacement Theology, Separation Theology, the very essence of Catholic thinking! The saying goes that if Old Testament prophecies about God’s love for the Jews and Israel, such as Zachariah’s 12:10 on the piercing of the Jewish Yeshua, Or Roman’s 8:28, or Isiah 53, or Jeremiah 31:31-37, or Psalms 127 or Ezekiel 38, or more come true, then the Catholic church will start losing millions of followers who read the Bible!

The second coming of Christian reformation is a home-coming of the church to its origin; the Messiah, Zion, Israel,  Torah, Old Testament and New Testament. By the end of the 21st century, a billion evangelical Christians will be the Sun and a million Catholics will be the Moon, orbiting around and around not understanding why they can’t shine with the light of their Jesus, after all God has replaced Israel with a sacred Papal Doctrine that brings so much joy to humanity, isn’t it true? Listen, Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of John the Baptist “and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (8:41-36). Hurry up, Catholics, get with it, God blesses those Christians who read the Bible. living in denial of scriptures will not bring you salvation!

The psychology of naming kids.

January 27, 2010

Her parents took one look at the new baby and named her Bonita, subconsciously because she wasn’t pretty, or, consciously because she was a cute baby, who knows?  She could have been named Bonita after an aunt who had died, or just because they liked the name. A baby naming ritual is repeated million times per week all over the world. A Catholic kid named “Israel” will grow up in Haiti. Last week his parents named the baby “Israel,” delivered by an Israeli medical team after the earthquake. Thirty years ago, a baby who survived an El-Al crash was named –  El-Al. Two thousand years ago, the State of Israel was wiped out by Rome. Most new-born Jewish names in the diaspora became – Biblical: Moses, Joshua (not the one who blew the trumpets), Joshua (Jesus), Abe, Izik, Ruth, Simon, etc. In 1948, the State of Israel was re-established. Most  Jewish names became non-Biblical, land oriented: Nir (Joy), Sela (Rock), Doron (present), Israel (the land), Golan (an area), Tzur (strength), Tsion (Zion), etc.  How many one year old girls named ‘Nada’ live in the world today, reminding us to seek freedom? How many were named Sputnick after 1957, reminding the Russians that they were first in Space? I once knew a German  Jew who would not name his baby Adolf after grandpa, for obvious reasons. My cousin was named “Shilgit,” born in Tel Aviv in 1950 during a snow storm. Lucky woman, they call her “Shelly”, which means  “mine” in Hebrew and is great in English too. I, myself, was named Elior (Godlight) in 1936 when my parents were still observant and idealistic. Later on they nick named me “Larry” for whatever reason. Today, I am very spiritual.

The important thing to know from all these psychobabble is that your PERSONALITY is influenced by your FIRST name, anything from about 5% to 50%.  Go find out the good characteristics associated with your first name and ‘polish’ your identity and make it ‘germane’ (no pun intended). 🙂