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Are views of self defence that different by left morality and by right morality?

December 9, 2015

Let’s compare 2 countries, English moral thinking is usually leftist and Israeli moral thinking is usually rightist. English laws regarding murder is more protective of the human rights of the attacker than of the human rights of the victim. In reality, in England a person who tries to kill another person will probably be shot in the leg or be subdued by passerbys or by a cop and then get a light sentence. If he succeeds in killing another person, he’d have his day in count with a “nice” English jury and get a leftist “forgiving” sentence because of the murderer’ difficult upbringing circumstances (this is called in psychology the Freudian Left perception).  That judgement would consider poverty, discrimination, etc to “adjust” the sentence. In short, England has a judicial system based of evolving humanist-socialist culture.

The Israel judicial culture evolved to the right of center, in part because of repeated wars with the Arabs, but mostly because the Jewish Torah tend to favor what is considered by scholars in the 21st century a right-wing orientation. The Torah says, “Hakam lehargecha, hashkem veharago.” The Jewish Torah permeates the depth of the life of Israelis whether they deny it or not. It’s deep in their unconscious. Simply said, the Brits shoot assailants with knives in the leg and the Israelis shoot assailants with knives in the head. That is why I wrote this posting as a public service for you to think about morality and decide who is right. The Jewish Torah quoted above says “Be vigilant and faster and kill them first, those who try to kill you.” Basically, is this the universal law of self-defence? British law is the universal belief of Christianity, give the Romans your other cheek. You choose. The left likes the British law, the right likes the Israeli law. Who is right? I don’t know, all I know is who has the better chance of survival? Darwin had his say in England. Are the Israelis “overreacting” to Palestinian stabbings? Are the Brits suicidal? Who is smart and who is stupid? Who is more moral? If you look at history, it pays off to be powerful. You got money, you got respect, says Trump. Is he right? I don’t know what to tell you. You decide what is right and wrong, the left thinking or the right thinking???


Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s System 2: Making sense of perceiving something, observing it, agreeing/disagreeing, point of viewing, having a position and experiencing.

September 9, 2012

Dr. Daniel Kahneman is the only behavioural psychologist that ever received the Nobel prise in economics, triggering jealousy, anxiety, rejection of psychological research and out right animosity among most classical economists.  He received the Nobel prize in economics for his research finding that humans do not usually make logical or rational decisions in business and investing, even court decisions are flawed! Humans are emotional. Most of their decisions are heuristic (System 1), but those who make decisions based on science and statistics (System 2) are usually more moral, fair and successful.

I drove home an hour ago from my usual Sunday meeting discussing the Jewish world. My friend John and I disagreed on a political issue. Our friend  Jerry turned to us and said, “This is the first time that I see you two disagree on anything.” I decided to post the scientific and statistical truth about human disagreements. For 10,000 years people went to war with each other because of disagreements. Today, friends split and families break up because of disagreements. I hope that after you read this important scientific posting, you will understand what geneticists call the evolutionary flaw of human perception, ie., that each mind’s hardware thinks that its observation is the observation. I am guilty of it, you are guilty of it, we all are guilty of it. We can’t help it (its genetic), but once we understand perception mathematically we become more tolerant of other points of viewing a phenomenon.

Let us begin to understand Kahneman behavioural genius:

Draw a perfect circle and count the equal number of degrees of freedom on the curved line: 360 degrees? 385%? 34%? How many degrees? Each of these 360 equal positions on the circle line has an equal distance to the center of the circle where you place a phenomenon to be observed and judged (if your life is 100% heuristic you lose perspective of mathematical reality. The extreme manifestation of distorted perception of reality is when a weak person or nation declares war on a strong person or nation with the hope to win (watch the play the mouse that roared), knowing that he is going to lose. A mild manifestation of distorted perception of reality is when a husband picks up a verbal fight with his wife believing he would win…ha, ha, ha). Here is an example from my life: My Catholic friend believes that abortion is murder. I don’t. System 2 would say that he observes the phenomenon from one side of the circle and I observe it from the opposite side. If he convinces me that he is right…I will have to move on the circle, replace the dude and take his position (a degree cannot be split. You can’t have 361 degrees unless you are heuristic). My response to people on the other side of the circle from me is usually, “Would you like a cup of coffee or tea? How is your mom? Hey, what’s happening in Timbuktu?” (called the inappropriate response in psychology). Try it you’d like it. It will keep you out of trouble, free your time  and keep you living in the truth (System 2). The only way to know the center of the circle is not to argue about it but to move in and experience it. 1980: an EST workshop with Werner Erhard in San Francisco, a participant asked  “What’s a tree.” Werner took him by the hand and they walked outside and hugged a tree. It blew my mind away when they returned and he opened a book and said, “and now let’s learn the concept “tree.” I have been hugging a lot of things ever since, ha, ha, ha.

The distance from Higgs Boson to God’s particle!

August 1, 2012

My background is Science, Psychology and Parapsychology. I think it would  be supportive of me to enlighten you with my knowledge about the universe we live in. Some of you reading these lines may think of me as arrogant. I welcome your point of view. All authentic perceptions of another person are valid from the position of the perceiver. Someone once said to me “Go to hell.” I responded, “Lead the way, you are the expert on that road map.” The enlightened ones will use my knowledge to start forming a more loving, authentic and useful relationship with God.  Keep your wonderful religious beliefs as they are – based on faith.  They are beautiful to the beholder. We all live with two identities: as believers we recreate the world to fit our beliefs and as scientists we observe the world trying to live in the Bahagavad Gita way, “as is,” in the truth.

Start your journey to Truth from the mirror at home: Most of you see a body you accept but would like to improve, let’s hope all the sounds you hear you like, all your odours are pleasant smells, you touch without pain and taste without indulgence. Now, look inside the body and watch your organs doing their nature’s assigned job with a smile. Get a microscope and zero in on  a cell. Watch how its nucleus divides and study its biochemical structure. Take out a molecule and enlarge it under an electron microscope. Zero in on a hydrogen atom, not only because you want to simplify Quantum Mechanics for better understanding, but also because having an atom in the palm of your hand with one electron orbiting one proton bring you the closest to – Higgs Boson!

Take two protons and collide them in a 27 miles circular Collider. Imagine what would have happened if you collided two cars at the speed of light? You wouldn’t have cars, you’d have tiny particles. The protons disintegrated into Bosons, Quarks, Leptons and a bunch of other subatomic particles. You are a physicist. You study the Higgs Boson and find out that it is about a sextillion of a millimeter in size and it’s job is to create mass for the atom. You get excited because you know that mass (physical universe, your body, etc.) matters to your life. You get even more  excited because a famous physicist jumped the gun and called the Higgs Boson a particle of God.

That is where I come in to clean up the beginning of a mess in Physics moving too fast on the road map to understanding Singularity. The distance from Higgs Boson to a God’s particle is much longer than the distance from a tiny cell to a huge body. Here is the road map: Start reducing the Higgs Boson by a factor of 1 over 270 zeros to get to Strings (theory). Strings are open and closed loops made of free and bound Monads. Monads are units of consciousness studied in Parapsychology (Leibnitz, 1675) (I have been a college professor of parapsychology for 25 years). Monads have self-veracity, purposive life and free will. Monads are the real particles of God, not the Higgs Boson. Free Monads live in your Pineal gland and frontal lobe. They constitute what you call the soul. Bound Monads are conscious constituents of matter. low bound monads are related to dark matter and have something to do with gravity. The important thing for you is to try to be on good terms with your soul and especially consciousness. Don’t get overwhelmed by this information. Have a good life. Wow, this one was a tough one for me to write. God bless!

The good life: True or false?

March 13, 2011

“When the struggle to get what you don’t have interferes with enjoying what you do have, it’s time to change the way you think about life. You are doomed if you don’t.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do it right and your health improves a lot. Do it wrong and your health will deteriorate a lot. Guess what? Most people do it wrong!” Dr. Kinarthy.

“If Catholic priests took  Zoladex, their celibacy would be guaranteed because the Z drug eliminates libido.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“The Bhagavad Gita means “Truth as it is.” Truth is what is, your truth is what isn’t; keep repeating the truth as it is and what isn’t will disappear in time.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“Reality and truth are like oil and water, they don’t mix unless you use a blender. Shake them up together and you get something delicious.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“If you got five out of the above five T-F statements right as they are, your life is improving as it is – did you notice?”  Dr. Kinarthy.

Watch Dustin Hoffman’s movie Hero and learn about your gullibility!

October 6, 2010

When I was a college professor of psychology before I retired I assign Dustin Hoffman’s movie Hero to my students to watch for extra credit. Take five minutes to guess why? Stop reading, come back in five minutes and check your answer against mine. You will find out how perceptive you are about life! 🙂

1. Most of us are heroes deep inside, but it takes a situation to translate it out action.

2. When people reflect on their verbal or nonverbal action they think they are searching for a true explanation, but in reality they create a story that fits their belief system.

3. When enough people deceive themselves by creating fiction in their lives, they enhance false expectations, reinforce biases, and make damaging perceptions part of their culture and religion.

4. What you can learn from watching the movie Hero is to doubt everything you read or hear people tell you (especially psychologists, ha!) and test it out for yourself. Facts are hidden behind mental translations.

5. Here is a perfect example: Most people who profess to know their Bible, do not know that the word “devil” exists in the New Testament but not in the Old Testament! You see, the Greek dude who translated the Hebrew Bible to Greek thought that the Hebrew word “Satan” meant “Diabolos” (devil) in Greek. Dr. McKenzie, in Commentaries on the Bible states, “With a stroke of a pen the Greeks transformed a tester of man into a hater of man.” My God, I tested my students and no one thought that I hated them. I wonder how you would feel about humanity if you were God? Would you think that we are stupid? Careless? gullible? naive? egotistical? blind? or just believe “stuff”? Do you really want to know the truth? Don’t read about Jesus, that had been distorted a lot already, read why Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” That will do it for you, and thank me for showing you the way out of the “box.” I am not Dustin Hoffman.