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May 5, 2016

The “big bang” happened 40 billion years ago. Earth was born 5 billion years ago. What came out at the point of Singularity is a flow of love energy, including sexual love energy. This fact is well documented. The two forms of love energy that came out at the point of singularity each had their own consciousness with its own veracity (truth) and purposiveness (mission). Dr. Leibnitz (1648 AD), the founder of mathematic calculus called these units of consciousness Monads. The Monads formed what Dr. Hawking called “Strings.”  Strings coalesce to form “Higgs particles” or photons that became neutrinos or what parapsychologists call “psitrons.” (cognitive units).  Low Monads are newly self formed and they start their life being subsumed into matter by the Higgs’ particles as catalyst. Most of the “low Monads” float in the universal space as “dark Matter” which is a misnomer. Old Monads (recycled) stay in a pure state. Humans exist only in some planets seeded by aliens. A small portion of old Monads enter the human brain frontal lobe through the pineal gland and the Ley lines and form the soul or the “God portion within.” Your ability to love and communicate with your soul determine your happiness, health and wealth. God is being “born” with each new Universe every 100 billion years. As soon as this truth about the soul is known and accepted planet earth would be a great planet to live on. Meantime, any person who loves his inner consciousness will be transformed!



My response to physicist Dr. Jon Kelly on Spirituality.

February 17, 2010

As a well-known Professor of Physics, your description of Spirituality is strictly within my domain of Psychology or Parapsychology – surprises me.   Our roles have been reversed. I have lectures on Spirituality for 25 years in the domain – of Physics!

Since the discovery of Neutrinos in Physics, called Psitrons in Parapsychology, spiritual energy has been identified. There is no more need to “explain” Spirituality as philosophical “stuff.”  The energy is in the heart of the Photon, lodged in our brain’s Frontal Lobe, with meridians to the Pineal Gland and elsewhere. The brain phenomenon called Spirituality is the only independent type of energy in our human system (there are 3 types). I have harnessed that energy. It is an amazing Force to work with. It has what we call ‘consciousness’ manifestation in lab experiments, just as predicted by Albert Einstein. The energy is ‘highly interactive’ and respond well to scientists who understand  what happens at the “point of singularity.” Physicists today are ‘lost’ without the help of Parapsychologists. A good place to start your spiritual re-education  is by reading Arthur M. Young, The Reflexive Universe.

Do you want to form an Internet Spirituality Group (ISG)? I am tired of the ‘spiritual’ definitions of Spirituality. The force is real energy particles, for Gods’ sake!