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How to prolong your life!

March 20, 2016

I promised the readers of the last posting to give them “information” how to prolong their lives. I know the older you are the more interested you’d be to read it, the sicker you are the more motivated you’d be to read it. What I don’t know is if you remember what I told you 700 posting ago – that my blog will usually give out information that other bloggers don’t know about or would be turned off knowing. The more unique my blog is the more people will be turned off by it. Why? because people are gravitated to the center, to logic, regular stuff and less exotic data. My information today is from the 10% Category. If you don’t know yet what is the 10% Rule search and find the 10-20 postings that explain the 10% Rule.

You can prolong your life by knowing information hidden in the top 10% of date not available yet to most people, either because people withhold that information from you or you can’t get it because it is stored in a future century’s data. For example, it would be stupid of me to offer a computer to a cave man! Oh well,  let’s try anyway: In your brain in the area called neocortex and the frontal lobe, there is a huge Ley line to the pineal gland (Descartes 1700) in the center and many secondary Ley lines to all organs in the body and outside (similar to Yin/Yang meridians and the Chi energy chakra distribution). The description is a primordial purposive energy system with its own veracity. Humans try to reach its healing and longevity powers through prayer and meditation for 1,000 years now to no avail, but humans can’t get it that the system called “M-System” does not respond to thoughts that come from the human mind because, as scriptures say, “They are calculating.” The “M-System” respond only to human authenticity, what ever that means. I think “human authenticity” means “True love or pure thought or..who know?” Try to be authentic and see what happens. In a class that I teach 2 students were authentic” and they got 2 unexpected gifts within a month! I don’t know how, really, this area of thinking is from the 25th Century and it is not that clear to me. I am working on this spiritual clarity for 10 years now and I am getting close to it, it’s something to do with true love as an energy. I hope that I helped you! I tried my best. This posting may be clearer with inspiration from the energy itself if it so chooses.

The app of all apps.

September 30, 2012

Hey Tom, dick and Harry are you guys into apps? You don’t have to be a programmer, educated, smart, all you have to do is watch your kid and think of an app that would sell.  If you are Steven Jobs, you don’t even need to look at your kid or survey consumers, you just know that your apps would sell…anything slick that you can hold in the palm of your had that with the click of a button would produce what appears like magic but it is not magic. Think, dude, there is an app out there for the money if you can think of a cool one that would sell. Two years later: You are rich now! You get the girl with the big chest that you always wanted.  You developed an app for her heart and one for brushing your teeth in the morning cause you still had bad breath. Your inspired girl friend thought of an app rating her social life anew… and one that traced or erased both your loneliness. I checked it all out: there is app for fitness and one for obesity, I found them all, but I couldn’t find even a drop of and app for spirituality, as if this generation of humans are devoid of the highest purpose for living! I am sure you know about it by now?

The other day, Bruce, a friend of mine, said, “You know, Elior, I am getting tired of religion.” I looked at him, sure, humans get tired of religion when sectarian violence replaces the worship of God, but I said nothing to the dude, but I thought about it… a high-tech guy with a PhD in theology who can’t think of spirituality apart from religion, who am I to expect others to do so. But being the eternal optimist, I decided to wed apps (the woman) to spirituality (the man), after all high-tech imagination is endless.

“Bruce, would you be interested in an app that can trace ghosts, lost souls, God, angels, or whatever your call these spirits in your religion?”


His abrupt answer was scary and I had no one else to talk to about apps except you (my readers), so here is a list of possible apps. Please reply and tell me which ones you like and which ones you think have a chance to be nominated as the app of all spiritual apps:

An app to communicate with extra terrestrial?

A séance app?

How would you like an app that reads minds?

A space GPS app to navigate known habitable planets?

How about an app that analyses dreams, develop or trace your free will, expand your consciousness? OK, that one I don’t know about, after all the great Skinner said that human behaviour is deterministic and the profound Freud said that humans can’t dig deep enough to get their consciousness out of the unconscious coffin  it is berried in!

My response to physicist Dr. Jon Kelly on Spirituality.

February 17, 2010

As a well-known Professor of Physics, your description of Spirituality is strictly within my domain of Psychology or Parapsychology – surprises me.   Our roles have been reversed. I have lectures on Spirituality for 25 years in the domain – of Physics!

Since the discovery of Neutrinos in Physics, called Psitrons in Parapsychology, spiritual energy has been identified. There is no more need to “explain” Spirituality as philosophical “stuff.”  The energy is in the heart of the Photon, lodged in our brain’s Frontal Lobe, with meridians to the Pineal Gland and elsewhere. The brain phenomenon called Spirituality is the only independent type of energy in our human system (there are 3 types). I have harnessed that energy. It is an amazing Force to work with. It has what we call ‘consciousness’ manifestation in lab experiments, just as predicted by Albert Einstein. The energy is ‘highly interactive’ and respond well to scientists who understand  what happens at the “point of singularity.” Physicists today are ‘lost’ without the help of Parapsychologists. A good place to start your spiritual re-education  is by reading Arthur M. Young, The Reflexive Universe.

Do you want to form an Internet Spirituality Group (ISG)? I am tired of the ‘spiritual’ definitions of Spirituality. The force is real energy particles, for Gods’ sake!

The right to die and the right to live should not be separated.

February 1, 2010

People who deny a person who experiences his body falling apart from an incurable illness and severe pain the right to choose to pass on peacefully with dignity – act cruel in the name of their faith. But, so are people who deny starving homeless folks, who experience their body falling apart from hunger pangs or severe pain from  torture –  the chance to live peacefully with dignity. We are all cruel, even mother Teresa, because we follow leaders who do not create a UN to help humanity. This posting isn’t going to change anything, except trigger fierce debate on the issue by those who don’t care. What we need is an internet movement to inject spiritual values into religion, and get rid of dogma! Could I get the volunteers who went to Haiti to treat pain, to sign up for something world encompassing? Are we cruel to let all our religions die from lack of spirituality?