Are You for Religious Freedom or Government Control?

Some of my readers already know that I am one of the few psychologists offering a free public service blog. I want you before I clarify this important issue to promise me that you will tell about my blog to as many people as possible! Time to get our values straight for the sake of humanity! There is an article this morning in the National Post in Canada, “Hutterites Vow to Reject License Photos.” Sure, the Ten Commandments forbid “graven images” but your photo on your driving license is not a “graven image” by any stretch of the imagination. It is a matter of safety that ‘trump’ any far out interpretation of Scriptures. The Province of Manitoba made a mistake issuing driving licenses without a picture. The solution is simple: Let these driving licenses expire and don’t issue any more. When religious freedom interfere with public safety, which one should give way to the other? Do you want a society that works, or do you want a society where tax payers money is spent on back and forth court litigations as it is now? Hey, dummy officials, make up your mind what is religious freedom and what is not!


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