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Ukraine: A message for Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

April 18, 2014

Ukrainians do not have a history of harmony between different ethnic groups, all Ukrainians, living in peace and prosperity within a defined boundary. None of the Eastern European countries born of the Soviet Union do 100%. They were all provinces of Russia or other countries at one time or another. In Ukraine, the situation is aggravated because the Ukrainians are poor and the Russians are rich, the Ukrainians are passive and the Russians are proactive and more assertive (one reason they are richer). What the West and Europe need to do is help Ukraine change its educational system emphasizing  multiculturalism, human rights and nationalism. You are all Ukrainians and you need to build a country to be successful, like Russia did for itself under Putin. Ukraine needs a Ukrainian Putin, not a Merkel or an Obama. The European Union will not give you an identity, the Americans will give you money but will take away your national identity, and Canada, a well-meaning friend, Harper does not understand that if French-Canadians have learned to live together with Anglo-Canadians then Russian-Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Ukrainians can learn to live together too. The world had its say today as the BBC says, you are all in it together, and if you can’t live as a family of ethnic cousins yet at least you can become a political Federation! Stop fighting!

Ukraine, don’t sell your nationality for American money or replace your own security for Russian or European security or sell your diversity for an unhappy future! Get smart!

The Boston massacre. Think solution!

April 16, 2013

You hear a lot of nonsense on the news that sounds real but it’s not. It’s sensationalism, a subconscious way to present tragedy on the tube to keep viewers on. Let’s get the truth out and hope that your politicians have the “guts” to make a difference (it isn’t Obama, although his talk is impressive). A few terrorists put together 2 bombs and detonated them at the finish line of the Boston marathon. Here is possibilities:

They thought the Boston marathon was a low risk situation: A mass killing target with low risk and  lots of side benefits; create fear, reduce participation in sport, demoralize people.  Symbolically, hit Boston, the old heart of America where freedom comes from. Symbolically, let the American people know how stupid they are that their 100 security agencies can’t protect them diddle shit. I concur on that one. Americans are stupid, willing to die but not vote to seal off their borders. Why are Americans willing to die but not teach the love of America in their educational system. True, if you seal the borders and teach citizens (kids) to love their home land USA, Boston massacres will stop.

I think enough is enough. It doesn’t matter who did it and why they did it (Obama is a fool).   What matters is that you feel pride in your home and you won’t let strangers in unless invited. What matters is that you act smart and send your kids to schools where teachers teach the love of your home land, your free country where millions of infiltrators try to enter because it is so good to be here.  Americans, would you be smart enough demand of your reps to do these two things? They save life.


January 9, 2013

Narcissism is preoccupation with one’s body and oneself. It’s healthy. Narcissism includes vanity, belief in one’s good looks and social abilities, selfishness, placing one’s interests above the interests of others (without hurting them), and greed, selfishness at the expense of others – this one is clinical.

Here is the shocker: Narcissism is beneficial to the individual and society unless it is clinical, a fact  that is omitted from the definitions of the word narcissism in dictionaries. What is “clinical”?  This word is 100% important to know for your good life! “Clinical” means that the behavior of narcissism interfere with your ability to “love and work” in society (Google “love and work” to learn what it means). You see, it’s all simple, if you are a psychologist, please don’t complicate the issue. I am a narcissistic psychologist (normal, not clinical). I treat my slim and trim body like it is a temple of God, I make money at 76 like I have a million tomorrows to spend it, I am very skillful socially, I write blogs and websites on everything, I am married to a smart and beautiful woman. I love myself. I adore my identity as narcissist.

Hey, my sweet friend, if you are an obese narcissistic normal, you will lose weight with less effort than the humble fat person will. You want to look sharp. You may feel that you look sharp after losing only 20 lbs. If you are narcissistic normal you talk about yourself a lot but in a way that attracts and entertains others (most people are boring). You accumulate nicer things than others do. You make a great teacher or politician because you love attention. You buy for yourself nicer things than you buy for others. You love to be a great teacher, counselor, tour guide, or what have you. I love narcissistic normals. I  avoid narcissistic clinicals. Hey, listen, the truth will make you free. You can now thank me for helping you understand how the bad part of culture tries to limit our self-love!


September 8, 2012

Yes, these are the only two choices you have in November. Yes, I know, most of you will vote for Obama. That’s because you didn’t read my books the psychology of investing during the chaotic Obama years that came out last year and the psychology of investing: how to play the game and win that came out the first year of the Obama presidency. Some of you will vote for Romney – for the same reason. You didn’t read my two books. Listen, you are smart, you know that I am not trying to sell books. Most well-known American psychologists have plenty of money. Then why am I promoting my books? The ideas, my friend, the simple ideas how to renew America that neither Obama nor Romney would ever think about… not because they are stupid, not at all, politicians who get to run for president are not stupid. Then, are the people who voters for them stupid? No. They are uninformed. They read the wrong books and listen to – CNN! What are some of my great ideas?

I will give you one, a big one: I taught psychology at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California for 26 years. I know the ins and outs of community college education. I got my start as an immigrant in 1964 at Los Angeles Community College, then UCLA and Finally USC. Let me tell you, dude, if you don’t have enough money or you have a lousy job or you are unemployed, get your butt on the bus and ride to your nearest community college. Walk in to the  counseling office and financial aid. Take an occupational preference test. You do it right now and do it right and you may become a millionaire around BOOM age – becoming your own man! If you are a female student, call the department of education and ask them to change BOOM to BOOP – becoming your own person! Get going, man or woman, get going. Now, what has this got to do with Obama or Romney? Read my books to find out that the job of a president when unemployment is high because jobs are shifted overseas is to set up a White House Educational Commission (WHEC) to study how to train or retrain the unemployed in new trade skills, high-tech and entrepreneurial skills. Obama didn’t do that and Romney doesn’t even know what I am talking about. Well, go vote on November 3rd. One way or another the American dream will continue to be a reality for immigrants like me, but, what a shame, it could have been a reality for every one. I truly care about you.

On a second thought, I’m not sure the American dream could be a reality for everyone. Dr. Abraham Maslow, the great social psychologist, points out in my psychology textbook that people who strongly identify with their culture can “rise only as high as their culture let them rise.” I know, I make you think about heavy stuff. Enjoy! You deserve the best. If you are poor, get your butt on the bus and… (you know the rest)!

Is culture everything?

August 11, 2012

The Olympics are coming to an end. The democratic USA culture with 300 million people dominates the life of Americans with freedom of self expression and big monetary rewards for  desirable expressions. The US athletes won about 100 medals (1medal=3m). The organized and centralized Chinese culture with 1.3 billion people dominates the life of the Chinese people with love for the motherland and personal accolade for desirable achievements but little monetary rewards. Chinese athletes won about 90 medals (1medal=14m). The disorganized Indian culture dominates the life of 1.1 billion Indians with love for peace of mind and the hereafter. India won 2 medals (1medal=550m). Wonderful egalitarian easy going outdoor oriented Canadian culture with 30 million people dominates the life of Canadians with strong freedom of expression but almost no nationalistic financial reward or accolade for achievements. Canada won about 20 medals (1medal=1.5m).  To all the other countries participating in the 2012 Olympics I would say: Look at the number of medals your culture has produced in the 2012 Olympics and guess, (1) Your national pride, (2) Government support, (3) importance of standard of living, (4) cultural organization or chaos, and (5) level of personal satisfaction in living. As with all sociological analyses, this one will be ignored by “loser” cultures blaming “winner” cultures of exploitation of athletic resources.

I would give a “losing” culture one generation (25 years) of good education (yourself and your children) rather than “picking” on other people to become a winning culture. go for it!

An American life.

March 28, 2012

This posting isn’t about the exceptions. it is about the rule: A baby born in the United States today is likely to face parents with “chips” on their shoulders, schools where teachers teach with less concern for students’ deployable knowledge or violent behavior, where school administrators are “lifers” acting “politically correct.”  You are young, you have excellent health, meaningless social life (you don’t know it) and no money. You grow up, most get married, have kids and save money while losing their health to a medical system that pretends to care. Then you are old, you have more money but you are now preoccupied with health issues and relatives. What about happiness and love? You are lonely and your family is not that wonderful to you. You go to counseling and the social worker has no answers (she is part of the system too). Then you die and the next generation continue the pretended meaningless life.

I know that you want to have more money, respect, love, better relationships, then what’s the problem? The problem is that you don’t want to give up the behavior you believe in… just because it isn’t working. You really believe that your values somehow will lead to a good life, it’s “Just around the corner” you say.  Do you know what’s wrong with you? Nothing! You are simply a product of an educational system that shapes a life of deprivation. The US Constitution not withstanding, those of you who run things pay only lip service to the pursuit of happiness. Is there something simple that you can do to change? Yes, say and do positive things from this moment on!!!! You’ll see the results within a month! Behave positive, be nonviolent, move to a better neighborhood. Hey dude, think of yourself for a change. You can do it. I did it, you can too!


August 13, 2011

Listening to people on CNN, BBC and other media discussing how to make your country, city or community a great place to live in makes me frustrated because no one really states the obvious: You can make your community great only by changing the educational system from what it is now to what I call the C-MOR system. Meantime until this lost generation passes on you can train your community leaders and police in the C-MOR system. You will probably notice the difference with a week if you do the C-MOR right!

Go for it. If you don’t know the C-MOR system because you haven’t read my blogs, get to work. When you have accumulated the information you may post questions to perfect your understanding of the C-MOR approach!

Why is the sense of “Self” so important?

August 19, 2010

You can’t be happy without it. The sense of self is how you feel about your life when you are not thinking negative thoughts! There is feeling of inner ecstasy in your chest when you are in touch with your inner magnificence. All negative thoughts and feelings that exist in your mind are still there when you regain your sense of self, but they are naturally not activated. Sure, you can force yourself to say and act only positive until you regain the sense of self and become permanently happy, but there is a cost for that free will effort at becoming happy. Psychology says that if you become self actualized you tend to lose your old friends who see you now as weird. “I can accept you, Jack, that you have been smiling a lot today for no reason, but it’s been a month now – you’ve got to be acting out, you are not for real, you are crazy? Jack, you belong in the “loony bean.”

Society, culture and religion will “punish” you for being happy too long because if everyone became happy the institutions of society will lose adherents, police will have to let go officers, the church will have to change, “my God, we can’t let you regain your sense of self, Jack, you understand?” Being happy for years, I have experienced that “loneliness” personally.  I don’t have friends. The few that I do have possess a sense of themselves, so when we get together the interaction is exciting and meaningful for a whole evening.  And, if we have in our company individuals who do not have a sense of themselves, they feel bored and soon leave. I have followers, lots of followers, smart people who want to be happy, some become my friends, some struggle forever, it all depends on having an open mind. People whose minds are full of “stuff” like teenagers do, have to wait years before they can empty their minds of the “junk” they cherish when young. Eastern philosophy  students meditate to get rid of negative thoughts, Westerners fight! Psychologists teach clients  Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to get rid of negative thoughts, but the technique is not spreading in society. People go to church to confess the sin of negative thoughts but they go home and spew negative thoughts again. There is no hope for happiness unless people gain the sense of self – and that can come maily from education that does not exist today in any society –  the teaching of true values!

Teacher to student, “You are a loser.”

March 15, 2010

The back and forth arguments on CNN about the incident was a low-level attempt to raise the ratings. The fact that a teacher called a student a “loser” shows that the teacher didn’t understand  the immense psychological power he had to shape students lives. It is the fault of the authorities that wrote the hiring instructions. For 27 years as a college professor I was told not to hire instructors on the basis of positive attitude or personality, only credentials, only credentials!

Kansas City School Crisis – Who is Next?

March 11, 2010

Here is my take on the Kansas City School Crisis:: Brace yourself, your school may be closing next. Court judges in America have too much power over school districts without having the wisdom to execises their authority prudently. One “political” court judge in Kansas was responsible for a Kansas City school spending precious funds refurbishing the facility, olympic swimming pool, etc., without having enough students to serve!  The judge did not study the demographics of the community.

A 50% drop in enrollment coupled with a 100% improvement in a modern facility for learning, means that someone on the school board didn’t do his/her psychological homework. You cannot attract 60,000 students to a school district by physical means alone. This old American money mentality makes Africa envy American classrooms and equipment but doesn’t do diddly shit for American education. It is better to have no money and the right educational process than to have a lot of money and the wrong educational process.

School districts must hire only caring teachers and give them full authority to discipline students, and give them the backing to reprimand parents who neglect their kids and dump them on the school or the teacher. The school must require parents to support their kids education or take them out of the school district. Teaching Universities must hire professors capable of training highschool teachers in contingency management of educational relationships. School boards should eliminate a prevalent hiring practice that is based on fear of discrimination on the basis of personality (refusing to consider applicant’s zest, dedication, ability to have fun, care, enthusiasm, recreation, and strength of characters as part of the evaluation process). Knowledge of the subject matter and credentials, without a sunny personality, positive attitude, and ability to have fun, won’t even work in studious Korea let alone in not so school fond America.

Needless to say, these changes will not happen. The will to do is not there yet. The Kansas city school crisis will be repeated elsewhere in the country until the misery will force President Obama to appoint a White House Independent Education Commission and give it executive authority to, (i) ignore lower court orders, (ii) work with legislators to pass a new law restricting  judicial power over school district reorganization, (iii) deprive a school district of federal funds, (iv) order the federalization of a failing school, (v) set up a model school for success in a community that votes a 2/3 majority vote for it in a referendum, and (vi) appoint an innovative secretary of education for the United States. A PhD in Educational Psychology from USC, with 35 years experience, qualifies me to speak.