Infidelity can be prevented.

C   Infidelity in relationships can be stopped, but the cost to society will be too high. CNN will lose income, people will lose interest in the news, tabloids will sell less, cheaters will get less sex or romance, lawyers will lose the “Cramer Vs. Cramer” clients, estates will go uncontested, the economy will lose 10% of its gross domestic products without domestic problems. Sure, domestic violence will stop too, but are you sure you want that drastic change in society? Even Obama may object to my suggestion.

Hey, I’m not a teen ager on lover’s lane, I’m a serious psychologist, so you better listen, especially if infidelity infests the lives of your friends and relatives. Learn ONE rule, as I have posted it on Facebook this month – learn Contingency Management of Relationships (CMR), that’s it!

I know, you want me to tell you how to apply the rule. The smart ones checked it out on Google, but that wasn’t enough for knowing how to apply it. Well, get serious about relationships and I will tell you a lot more in the next few postings. You see, relationships isn’t a trivia game, it’s the darn serious game of life! Tiger, don’t turn into a sheep either!


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2 Responses to “Infidelity can be prevented.”

  1. thecatsman Says:

    I await your words of alledged wisdom….Yes I said alledged as I have yet to read and weigh their potential…

    • drkinarthy Says:

      You bet! I like your cautious approach, and you are quick to respond too. Read my posting tomorrow. I am watching the Winter Olympics right now. Can I call you Cat?

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