Learn What Not to do From Mr. Toyoda!

He agreed to fly from Tokyo to Washington to face Congress and “explain away”  Toyota’s vows. Don’t ever do such a thing in your relationships! Mr. Toyoda’s mia culpa was a ‘disaster’ because he didn’t understand Darwin’s vultures. The “survival of the fittest” is their way of life, the number one consideration is to spin the truth and win while believing they are right! It’s destructive in the long run but it’s very human and it looks good to do it in the short run. Don’t do it in your life if you care for your wealth, health or happiness down the road! Mr. Toyoda should have told the truth that Toyota will improve service and safety, but its cars are still safer than most other cars, in fact, Toyota is  the  safest car in the world. Instead he did a    mia culpa. Hey, my listeners, in this imperfect world, Improve you behavior but never do a mia culpa, never!


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