Live beyond your wildest dreams!

I mean it. It isn’t a joke, a ‘may be’ or something you have come across in the literature or the media before. It’s a sure thing. I live it every day…but there is a catch. I was a poor immigrant in new York city in 1961. My fame and fortune did not arrive with my PhD or even the EST training with Werner. It materialized only after I mastered about a 100 simple psychological rules of conduct, many of them don’t make any sense to the conventional thinker. For example, about instant wealth, there is only one rule: Find the right IPO and invest! About Relationships: If he is close to his mom and you are close to your dad – it’s a match. About health: Nutritional food, the right supplements, exercise, less stress and more fun – and you live for a 100 years. About cancer: The answer is medical Existentialism.” And, so on.

What is the catch?

The catch is that a lot of information out there in the world is politicized and doesn’t work  as it should. The only place where you can get it as it is, is  on my blog For example, Spirituality; did you know that all the definitions of the word Spirituality are false, except one? Perfection: Did you know that if you have no flaws you cannot be perfect! Hey, if you have the intention to learn a 100 new rules of living and be transformed (re-born, re-defined, be self-made), I’ll be there for you. To live beyond your wildest dreams, you can’t stay cynical to believe that you have heard these grandiose promises before.


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