President Obama’s Health Care Conference is a stupid war zone!

M President Obama, you are a nice man and you mean well. You really care about people. But, you should not have started your very important Health Care Conference in Washington without contacting a psychologist first and studying Persuasive Communication. Bet, you don’t know that we have a 100 research studies on the matter. Mr President, you cannot get your Health Care bill passed through Congress by being social, reasonable, friendly, and polite. You cannot pass a Health Care Bill that would receive may be a “C+” by any nonpolitical Health Care expert. Your health program for the nation should be an “A+” program that would not cost an arm and a leg to the tax payers. And, even then you couldn’t pass your bill through congress unless you were Teddy Roosevelt. Study that president’s style of leadership and learn that in human relationships, the winners are individuals who “speak softly but carry a big stick.” The Republicans “speaks loudly and carry a small stick.” Your Democrats “speak softly and carry even a smaller stick.” Sad to say that in today’s ‘finesse’ world only the Russians and the Chinese know how to use “big sticks” and get away with it!


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2 Responses to “President Obama’s Health Care Conference is a stupid war zone!”

  1. Yer Rolls Says:

    sometimes i wonder how much in this blog is just copy n paste of health articles..

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Dear Yer, my websites or blogs express my original ideas, but if you can find something that is not original, let me know. I am being called the most “maverick” psychologist by people who know me. My article on Obama’s health care offer unique solutions.

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