One more year and he is gone!

Obama saw that ISIS shipped cheap oil from Mosul through Turkey to the world market for oil. ISIS made billions of dollars from this oil business. Obama bombed some ISIS trucks and a building or 2 to look good to France and England. Obama REALLY REALLY don’t like to fight anybody. He is a nice teenager. Putin does fight, accusing Turkey of supporting ISIS! Putin bombed everyone in Syria except Assad. The Turks shot down a Russian bomber. Putin accused Obama for keeping a blind eye about Turkey’s role in indirectly supporting ISIS and allowing flooding the west with refugees. Obama denied. Trump said, “When I am president I will bomb Mosul and the oil fields and finish this charade.”  The democrats (and some Republicans) jumped on him for being too decisive and mean. Hollande flew to meet Putin in Moscow. No one called Obama.

You know, this not-so-smart US president has a year to go in office. Can you image how many more misses in judgement he can make that will lead to more fighting in the Middle East???? He and Kerry are not very smart people. They don’t understand the situation in the ME. Turkey lives between the rock and the hard place. A Sunny country that is forced by the West to fight ISIS a Sunni caliphate, and support Russia and Assad and the Ayatollah, all Shia guys, let alone Iraq. This is too much for Obama’s linear type thinking! Let me suggest that we limit Obama to keep busy making flower arrangements in the White House instead of meddling with morose Kerry in world affair. One more year and they is gone. Be careful, folks, a blind president who is still liked by 60% of the people can do a lot of damage to our world in 12 months. I care about the people who voted for him for good change. Do you think the change in the last 8 years was good for the world???? Think twice before you vote for the next dude in the WH!


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