Donald J Trump: Crippled America….but what about the French?

Having heard yesterday the French president saying “France declared war against terrorists,” It reminded me president Bush saying 20 years ago, “Mission accomplished,” in his war on terrorism speech, or president Wilson saying in 1916, ‘This war is the war to end all wars.” You can easily conclude that Americans and European democracies choose leaders who appear to be delusional, really delusional about reality. They were elected by politically naive voters who believed they knew P reality.

I am so afraid that in the next election in 2016 delusional voters will ignore Benghazi and elect another delusional person, Hillary Clinton, believing she is nice and rational. This outcome may be even worse for America, even worse because we have available Donald Trump, a strong rational leader that naive delicate people (System 1 heuristic) may brand him delusional rude. I heard 100 people say, “No one can’t fix the illegal immigration problem.” (That is definitely a delusional statement). But, you know something, this posting is really meant for the stupid French president, who is highly delusional. The French should impeach him, but they won’t.  He just released from prison the brother of the leader of the terror cells that killed 150 Frenchmen. That just one delusional decision out of about a 100 that he made. Yet, the French hold president Holande in high esteem because he said the right political words after the massacre. It reminds me president Bush who said the right words after 911 and president Obama who always says the right words after delivering disasters. In fact, many of you believe that the mess the world we live in has nothing to do with Obama or the western leaders (another delusion)! You know, I am for democracy and voting rights, but from now only people who would pass a reality citizenship class with a minimum grade of B or better would be allowed to vote. I am sorry, folks, most of you make better decisions about your marriage than about politics or economics!


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