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Israel and the United States: How the Left is trying to destroy these 2 great democracies.

March 15, 2017

If you browse in my previous postings you’d find one where I analyse the true foundations of left and right thinking. If you find the article you’d discover there  the number one fundamental difference between a left thinking personality and a right thinking personality. It is the ideas of withering of the state, by Carl Marx.  Originally, this lofty goal of the left came from Das Capital, a stupid book by Carl Marx where the end of the world is a prediction of doom.  Marx says, “Because Capitalistic States exploit the workers,  the good news for your future is that humanity will wither these bad states.”  The historical process according to Marx is done slowly, first the weakening of boundaries between States, than the melting of all  boundaries:

In the US and Israel the left is active in smashing of boundaries of all kinds, let’s examine a few, 1) The US Marines under Obama accepted women into fighting units disregarding the fact that a woman and a man in a tank in the middle of a tank battle or in training is detrimental to battle communication and focus on victory. Obama, instead, will be happy with borderless mixing of  sexes for good free sex hollywood style – in a tank!  Things that shouldn’t mix today because of nature – mix anyway in bathrooms, tanks, Boardrooms, kitchens, space shuttles and operating rooms – as patients! A tank becomes a bedroom, million mixing like this and the world becomes an amoeba trying to find its skin and fix that (as the 4 star general implied)!  You, the future Hillary voter, will then ask, “Where did I go wrong, honey, sweet, are you my opposite sex partner aren’t you?’ The answer is “You went wrong, honey dude, in the ballot box, too many Bill and Hillary dudes.” But apparently to Obama and the Israeli leftist generals it is what they want – no borders!!  It is now happening all over Europe, Israel and the USA. The democrats in Congress want to integrate women into the armed forces even more! In Israel it is even worse. 90% of all the generals of the army are leftists and they recently decided that girl  draftees can “men” battle tanks and kill others without hesitation just as easily as men! (not true). The borders of Israel and the US are porous, most terrorists can sneak in through easily (They already killed many innocent people).  The leftists in both parliaments love countries without borders. It leads closer to Marx’s dream ideas. Both governments support “Doctors without borders” taking chances with more spread of disease around (viruses don’t like borders either) the world. The examples of borderless living are many. Hollywood’s movies are mostly fancy borderless propaganda (HFBP); Mixing everything!!! Men are women or half-women, animals and humans are interchangeable in face and body on TV, anthropomorphism is king of the left! (I had a stupid patient once who claimed that his dog had feelings like he did!) The chaos of identities is growing, never mind that God has created defined cells, humans are now mixing every biological entity. Between hollywood and liberals soon you will have a global amoeba looking for its skin!!

Back to the Marine testimony in Congress about the abuse of the naked female Marine phenomena. A 4 star Marine general was so frustrated with liberal senators that he repeated, ‘We’ll fix it, ma’am, senator, we’ll fix it, ma’am.”  Well, everyone knew that he won’t fix it! He couldn’t fix it unless Freud was wrong and sex was less powerful than sharing a tank! The senator (male and female) has to fix it because they started it by supporting a democratic bill in congress to mix men and women in combat units. The answer is in the hands of legislators the voters elected in both countries: you want hell of a life without borders, vote for liberals, socialists, democrats, NDP, labor, Pelosi, Herzog, Obama, Hillary, Bill and the rest of the leftists. Soon abortion will be fine act, sex – no age limit, Mexico – no border, drugs – fine, etc. and squatters will be welcome in your home and apartment (it’s already a ordenance in Irvine, California)! By 2036 I’ll be a 100, may be by then some democrats will vote republican – to fix borders!

Breitbart at “war” with Kellogg.

December 2, 2016

The top three stories leading Breitbart’s homepage on Thursday morning were about its declared war with Kellogg’s, including one entitled: “#DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege.’”  Conservative right-winger Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. A “war” just started between Breitbart and Kellogg, the first fight between a right-wing White House elect and a most left-wing American company. Of all the millions of pieces of news that I could choose for my blog this morning, this one has a special meaning to me. You see, in the 70tis while a psychology major student at UCLA I went to dinner at my parents in LA. In a conversation around the dining table I said that I liked McGovern, Humphrey and Carter to lead the country, 3 democrats-socialists who were running for president. My dad, a Goldwater republican “lectured” to me how dishonest and corrupt and anti-American were the democrats. We had a fight and we didn’t see each other for the next 5 years! Today, at 80, after voting for Trump for president in 2016, I want to apologize to my dad, who died in 1991: “Dad, I am sorry for not realizing your wisdom in the 70tis. I can see already how much better for America are the republicans than the democrats.”

I support Breitbart over Kellogg any time. I stopped eating corn flakes for breakfast this morning. Kellogg is racist, not Breitbart and not Trump. I also want to thank Harvard’s attorney Dershowich for helping me realize something about racism. The democrats and socialist call everyone who disagree with them – racist!  They project their own racism on everyone on the right. Freud called it  “projecting on others your own unacceptable traits.” I have been called a racist and arrogant often during my career as a psychologist and a college professor. Thank you, dad, Dershowich and Breitbart for showing me who is the real racist – the democrats of Hillary Clinton, not the republicans of Donald Trump. I hope my posting helped you sharpen your own observation. If it doesn’t, I still forgive you. Who wants to be a hypocrite? I didn’t listen to my dad in  the 70tis!

Authoritarianism of the Left: The common denominator of Trump voters!

January 19, 2016

University of Massachusetts, your research to find out a single personality trait for Trump supporters, to say the least, is flawed. You suggested it was not the garden variety of an expected trait such as racism against Mexicans, sexism, narcissism or ethnic bias against Muslims, that’s true, and that insight may make you smarter than a million simple-minded ignoramuses who think that Trump is plain racist, but Authoritarian??? My God, give me a break, there are more authoritarian personalities of the left (China, Soviet Union, Cuba, EU, Clinton, Sanders, etc) than of the right. Thus, I assume you meant that Trump is an Authoritarian personality of the Left.

Hey, I got my MA in psychology at UCN in 1971 studying Authoritarianism in personalities and PhD from USC in 1976, and you can bet your bottom that you can’t brand a person authoritarian without specifying if the personality trait is left or right (we have advanced since Adorno). Well, you didn’t spacify. As a psychologist I know that you committed a Fallacy of Omission, probably because of a sloppy research methodology. Personally, I am surprised at your poor methodology, representing the University of Mass, one of our best Universities for research, so I will have to assume that it was just one biased professor of political science or psychology who didn’t know left from right! Let me also assume that he may have meant Authoritarianism of the Left because Trump donated money to authoritarian (dogmatic) socialists such as Clinton and Sanders (he had his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Listen, scholarly dudes, if Trump is an authoritarian leftist personality than Sanders is a Trozky Communist, shifting the whole stupid political spectrum to the far left, probably caused by a California earth quake that made commentators and researchers of left-right personality stupid. The verdict, I think, is much simpler. The shift made the democrats behave like anarchists who wish for a whitering of the State (Carl Marx), let it all hang up… and the republicans behave like they are all visionaries, each one of them think that he or she can make America great again. Let me tell you the truth, America will be great again when Americans gets tired of being pushed around by idiots around the world who can’t produce a viable economy who live by constraints whether they are austerity programs like is Europe or expectations “give” programs from uncle Donald, Tom or Sam. Get ready to go to work, dudes!

Republican candidate Donald Trump: Barak Obama is insane!

November 18, 2015

I am a psychologist. In 2011 I wrote a book how to make money during the incoming Obama administration. The market doubled as expected but I didn’t know that my book would be prophetic about something else. I wrote, “This book is subversive. It insert a rebel mind in your head about politicians, the economic crisis, the recovery, and your struggle in the midst of all this mess. A revolution in thinking is in the offing, a tsunami of kind around a “sweet talking” new president and his flaws, laws,  assets and liabilities. He is into changing everything – government, race relations, energy consumption, the health system, international relations, Wall Street, Main Street, the World. You better know how to play his new game! ” (page 4). In Chapter 4, The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama (Page 44) I wrote”Obama will try not to adulterate the truth but only time will tell if he will succeed.” (page 44).

He did not!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is a builder, not a psychologist, called Obama insane after inviting Syrian refugees to come to American a week after one of them killed 150 Frenchmen in Paris. Is Obama’s behavior insane? You can say that, but, well, as a psychologist I don’t think his behavior was insanity. He tried not to adulterate the truth as I called it in my book from 2011 but he failed! Why? Because he may have a borderline personality disorder called delusional conflicts. Why? Because Obama crave to change the world for the better but he can’t analyse situations correctly and make rational decisions that work because of passionate conflicts. Most of his decisions since elected president adulterated the truth because of conflicting feelings, from Obamacare to Iran’s perceptions meaning his mind creates wish-fulfillment delusions and he goes and does something stupid believing it’s rational and will work.

The world will suffer a lot after Obama leaves office in a year because reigniting wars, spending trillions, creating a delusional health care system, bringing dangerous refugees to America and giving nuclear capability to Iran are delusions whose effect will linger, especially if Hillary Clinton get elected president. All hell will break loose. Then, we will be on the edge of the classical Armageddon of well-meaning delusional decisions brought about by voters in the midst of conflict  who will regret their vote!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions will be Obama’s legacy (Kerry and Clinton too) of leaving a world with unbearable pain brough about by unthinking misguided democrats who wished the world well. Sad!

This one is for those of you who REALLY want to understand why your happiness, wealth and health are stalling?

November 6, 2015

If you are luck to pick up this posting on the internet, if you get to read this posting, you’d be the luckiest person on earth! You see, there are a million postings aiming at you by the social and professional media, you’d have to be very smart or psychic to know that my message can REALLY make a difference in your life. I am one of those psychologists who can make the truth of life easy to understand. Let’s start:

Human beings can be divided into 2 groups: Rich and poor, smart and stupid, sick and healthy, good and bad, good-looking and ugly, happy and depressed, and so on. These dichotomies are the sign of media banality. There is one dichotomy, thought, that can explain it all – and very few, even psychologists, get it – LEFT and RIGHT personalities! TRUMP vs. SANDERS, NETANYAHU vs. OBAMA, HILLARY vs CARSON, and so on. Here is the grand rule: Everything that you do, all your decisions in life that work or don’t work, everything, how to live with others, business relations, and everything about others in your life are made in your mind. If you are a right-wing person (RWP) about 60% of your decisions work and about 40% of your decisions don’t work. If you are a left-wing person (LWP) about 40% of your decisions work and about 60% of your decisions don’t work. LWP’s tend to be poorer, less healthy and more often divorced or in disagreement, but RWP’s are not that “hot” either.

Now, how do we identify RWP and LWP? (there are exceptions). RWP personalities believe that if you break the law you should be punished (The Skinnerian Approach) (Saudi Arabia is extreme in that regard). LWP believe that if you break the law you should not be punished (if possible) because you have had a hard life (The Freudian Approach). RWP are NATIONALISTIC, believe that borders, boundaries, frame-work, peripheries, homes, etc. are sacred and must be protected. RWP come into seeing life from being ANGRY. LWP is INTERNATIONALISTIC,  believe that borders, boundaries, frameworks, peripheries, homes, etc. are not sacred and belong to everyone less selectively (there are gradations. For example. Doctors Without Borders (DWB, are extreme LWP). LWP comes into life from being FEAR oriented. RWP are anti-paternalistic (helping other ONLY for them to learn how to help themselves). LWP are strongly paternalistic (helping other and take care of them. In psychology they are called The Freudian Left). I think I have given you enough to make identifications. Lets have examples and rules:

the European Union is LWP, their wealth level is low, immigrants are welcome, the society is corrupt and except for Hungary that is RWP, life is not happy and is full of conflict. The Unitied Nation is LWP, it is an inept organization, corrupt and is paid for by the USA which is a LWP society. Israel was LWP and is now moving to the RWP camp which created a conflict with the LWP which is still strong in the country. The split between Israeli society (RWP) and Diaspora Judaism which is strong LWP is increasing! The American election: The Democrats are LWP and the Republican are RWP. If Clinton become president, crime in the USA will affect everyone, socialism will be dominant, the Constitution and the economy will suffer. Wars around the world will increase. With Trudow , LWP, replacing Harper (RWP), Canada will be marginalized, the economy will suffer but closeness to the UN and the EU will increase. If Trump (RWP) becomes president in the USA, closeness with Canada (LWP) and Mexico (LWP) will suffer.

I have given you enough a tool to identify people’s personalities and a way to organize your daily life better in business, politics and relationships. Good luck.

John Adams: A government of laws, not of men.”

October 27, 2015

The democrats are 60% of the voters and they dislike strict laws, the republicans are only 40% and they like strict laws. We are doomed, democrats, please change. We are already suffering lawlessness in America because the democrats are in government (especially Obama and Clinton). Terrible! The democrats think that breaking the law should be rewarded (take care of illegals, indict law-abiding citizens, etc.), while obeying the law should be punished (legal immigrants get less assistance than illegal immigrants). Make corrupt public financing legal, says Clinton, Make sure CNN doesn’t lose all the money from private Trump commercials. Breaking the law should have good consequences. The thinking of republicans is not that twisted: Breaking the law should be punished and obeying the law should be rewarded. This is the law and order concept. The”great chill” reported by CNN this morning shows that YouTube sent the police a message:  All over the USA police have reduce their law enforcement activity by about 25%, (the effect of private YouTube filming of police work on criminals that in turn complained that police broke the law – instead of the other way around!! Stop working against the law-abiding citizens. This is just the beginning and the democrats are leading the corrupted way. People commit crimes, the police don’t arrest these people and the democrats call it protecting “civil rights. Mexicans infiltrate through the US border, the border police don’t stop them and the democrats welcome the infiltrators and give them jobs , driver licenses, and college education, illegal registration of illegals aliens to vote (padding the electoral college) and say again, “This is universal, multicultural civil rights, we are all immigrants, screw John Adams.”

Look at life in the USA already, yours has already been effected and if you are a democrat you think it’s other big reasons it’s affected, not what John Adams had said. Let me predict, if Clinton gets to be elected president more laws will be broken to the point that even you will notice the terrible difference. If  Trump gets elected president you will see John Adams smiling. Only the democrats will not understand why… because they learn from Obama how not to connect the dots.

Trump, Putin and Obama meet in Syria, who loses? (Satire)

September 29, 2015

Obama loses, what a shame, this dude is no match for Putin’s fist and insight. Obama is blind and really stupid, doesn’t understand human relationship, deeper thinking type. He thinks all it is being nice and social and all the problems get solved like in Mississippi.. He has no insight to international policy. He goes to Syria and looks at 10 gangs and decided to supports the nice social gang of Sunni Syrians who fight clean against the dirty legitimate government of Syria that has been there since the Baathist party was formed 100 years ago, at least for 50 years since Assad’s father! Sure, Assad gassed his people but so did all of them. (Obama’s support is based on believing that beheading American journalists is more cruel than gassing ordinary Syrians). Also, Obama is so off base in his values that Putin can’t even talk to him so Putin talks to Netanyahu instead, a smart one.

Let’s say the year is 2016 and Trump replaced Obama. Putin and Trump are both sharp, they get along together,  both happy for the challenge, great, the “simpleton” is gone…eyeing each other and right away they smile, stopping the bullshit  upmanshit “gaming.” each know they can work together to make a peace in Syria, a little give and take, Trump style gets a better trade-off but Putin accepts.: Election in Syria:  Assad stays PM, the supervised election allow 10-15 political parties in parliament with minimum 10% of the vote (Obama’s nice gang didn’t make it in Syria and their leaders don’t get invited to the WH as a consolation because Obama is now living in Hawaii). Trump deals the economy well with Assad and Putin. Syrian refugees come back to good jobs in their country (Germany as a welfare state is upset to lose them). (the EU is upset too, the plan of replacing the Jews of Europe with the Muslims of the Middle East is halted). The only losers are Syrians who wanted to be terrorists in Europe, American democrats in congress who wanted to feel good with a complicated long run solution and were sure their perception of Putin as a fascist was the “truth,” Obama who thought he was smarter than that “arrogant Donald,” or Putin and all the left leaning people who were even more stupid than Obama. A quick Putin-Trump peace was not anticipated said the Pelosi gang of washington, we wanted a turmoil so Congress could elect more democrats and keep busy feeling good pretending to solve problems!

Is the Trump phenomenon a trap phenomenon?

September 15, 2015

The Trump phenomenon is a trap for the lazy idiots deal makers in America who think they are smart, for the politicians with the perfect speech writers who try to “buy” your vote, for Clinton and her hired “handlers,” for the social media folks whose values hurt society while they think that socialism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, welfare checks, fat government jobs, greedy CEO’s are great to have, all tolerable or even great acts, for the commentators on CNN and the BBC who think that billionaire Trump doesn’t understand economics or business or how to relate with tough Chinese leaders, who believe that mild-mannered Bush could do better, the people who go on the air every day to spin reality with awful values that only look good but can’t help society, stupid idealists, dogmatic politicians, and no good ideologues, democrats who kill entrepreneurship, socialists like that Sanders guy from Vermont, what’s his name? Republicans with rusty minds, Democrats and republicans who made society stale in the last 8 years, no vision, racists who can’t see that Obama is racist and not Trump. Enough is enough, time to clean up the values  and be great American again!

Any expert on human behavior, body language and speech, even if you don’t like Trump as a candidate for president, can see his marketing genius, emotionally galvanizing folks, waking up and activating the “silent majority,” a vote catcher par excellence. All psychological indicators are moving up that he will be the next president of the United States, and for that, in part,  you can blame Obama’s 8 years attempt to reduce the greatest country in history to almost  bankruptcy spiritually, economically and especially internationally.

True, no white man can become president without at least 50% of the Black and Mexican votes. Blacks already love Trump because they believe he will deliver what Obama didn’t – decent jobs and pride in the home land. He means business. He kicks ass, as his book say. He will deliver great jobs. Chicano may join later when he picks up a Latino vice president (there are a few great ones..who don’t believe that crossing the border from Mexico illegally is a fine behavior to start the American dream.. He creates the emotion of American patriotism that Obama tried to kill. Donald creates the sense that breaking the border law is a big offence and that Obama is wrong to ignore the law. Donald creates the sense that taxes should be put to work for the country and not for government to waste your money like the Greeks do. He creates free entertainment for millions, like a true populist showman comedian. Trump has always been a winner and no stupid accusations of racism, arrogance, narcissism, madness, unfit, and so on will do. The old corrupt chaotic order is dying in America and a refreshing Americanism is coming to “save” us. This is the greatest country in the world, after all. I am looking forward for a wonderful 4 years of bashing the idiots who think they know how to run a country! (more…)

A House of Chamberlains collapses upon itself!

September 4, 2015

“Our primary objectives are to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon, make sure Israel is safe and, if possible, avoid another war in the Middle East,” Bennet said in a statement. “This agreement represents a flawed, but important step to accomplish those goals.” This statement by Bennet and the democrats in congress will achieve the opposite effect of what they wish for according to Dr. Kinarthy, a retired psychologist who happened to be a former local moderator for a Foreign Policy  Association program of WDC.

I agree 100% with Dennis Prager, an experienced commentators (check him out on Google) who predicts a series of disasters to come out of ratifying the agreement by congress. Bennet statement to congress is a classical example of “a road to hell is paved with good intentions, including Obama’s.” Unfortunately, the critical thinking skills of many democratic legislators is warped. Don’t be surprised when they get kicked out of congress like Chamberlain in London in 1940. It is sad that we let key idiots make important decisions that affect out lived, it’s a shame.

Would congress reject the Obama-Iran nuclear agreement?

July 24, 2015

Yesterday afternoon I was laughing my head off. It was a sunny and peaceful day at the marina, the seagulls frolicking trying to “steal” frozen fish that children have bought and were feeding to the wild seals that have adopted the human habitat around the boats. The serenity of the place engulfed me with a feeling that maybe the world was not on the brink of a war between the US and/or Israel with Iran over a North Korean “ghost” bomb. Three friends were sitting sipping tea discussing the nuclear agreement, one, a professor of law, another one, a community organizer (better than Barack) and the third, myself (a retired psychologist eager to practice something). Is the world inching toward a global war at the coffee shop overlooking the yachts at the marina.

“Let me tell you guys that the Republican Congress will definitely defeat the Obama nuclear agreement with Iran,” They looked at me instantly (wasn’t it obvious, now I know why burly blond presidential candidate DT gets so much attention with his statements).

“…but the republicans will not be able to defeat a Obama veto!”  That was not obvious, and, this time my reputation at the coffee shop was on the line, but I know that my friends would forgive me for my math. if not my psy. if I am wrong. As for myself, if after a a text-book analysis of the power and influence of the UN, EU, Democrats, political dynamics, momentum and the love of Obama by the masses didn’t pull off a narrow win for the president, then I would quit analysing political behavior and go back to doing marriage counseling.

You, my readers, do your own analysis, take a position on the Obama/Ayatollah deal, do it like it is not a gamble, the smart ones win!

I can’t help it, here is another one, Donald Trump sucks up to the stupid system (SSS) and stir up the “nest” of the stupid beehive in Congress but I don’t thing a sting from the street could project DT toward the WH. I am not laughing anymore. Now its your turn. Pass this one on. I think it’s funny.