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Losing weight: 3 reasons why it’s hard hard and 1 reason why it can be easy easy!

November 24, 2015

I wrote about weight control for the National Enquire magazine for 10 years. I run a weight control workshop for LA County, Whittier hospital, a college and many clinics. Let’s you and me get to business, it’s free: Listen, dude, it is very hard to shed pounds because we sit down to eat and toward the end catch ourselves overeating and it’s too late in the meal to stop right. In one experiment I asked participants to pour 3 oz of serial into a bowl, participants pours 5 oz unknowingly, 33% more breakfast cereal than they tought they ate. Worse, we eat out too often because we are social beings and can’t pass an opportunity to be with friends. Also, eating is a pleasure and we believe in eating to live instead of believing in living to eat, yes, the oriental dude lives to eat. Chinese guys live to eat, go to any good oriental restaurant in Chinatown and you can see and hear the laughter and energy spreading around round tables (roundness of furniture increases IQ, energy and consciousness). We Americans sit confronting each other and eat to live while complaining about our looks and preoccupation with food.

In as minute you will find out that it is easy to lose weight if you use a trait that Freud called real awareness. He proclaimed that humans are rarely really conscious while they say that they use this “C” trait a lot – Consciousness! What is real consciousness? Consciousness is focused thinking that is expressed. Only automatic thoughts come from most minds. FT comes from the spiritual environment, choice! If you start practicing it within a few weeks you will noticed the effect. You will be able to stop a meal any time you choose! Now, sounds easy, yes, if you do it but research shows that most people don’t exercise their consciousness. In terms of Dr. Kahneman’s System 1 Heuristic or System 2 Conscious, most people go heuristic thinking they are conscious. The mind resist consciousness because it doesn’t want to lose its power over you in favor of free-will. You see, to use your consciousness to lose weight is easy to do but practically you have to ask your mind for permission. Let’s say that you are the 5% of the people who are really stronger than their mind so you start living consciously right now (For example: choose to do 10 things about food in the next hour that you usually don’t do). Can you sustain it? Good luck!



February 14, 2013

You are an awesome dude if you can answer the following questions: What’s better for your health?

1. Saturated or unsaturated fat?

2. Polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat?

4. Omega 3 or Omega 6?

5. Lenolenic acid or lenoleic acid?

6. Can the right fat consumption do all the following things?

Protect your heart ? Arteries? Blood clotting? Eye health?

Reduce depression ? Elevate mood?

Lower inflammation ? Protect liver?

Treat Schizophrenia ? Improve cognition? Reduce Alzheimer?

Reduce cancer, colds, colon cancer, prostate and more?

What are you waiting for? I know you don’t want to be your worse enemy!

Your goal is to be overweight!

April 28, 2011

Back from a month vacation in Spain, Holland and Israel, my spirit is refreshed and ready to resume guiding you people to the best life. I know the smart ones among you are waiting eagerly for that. In today’s world where true guidance is scarce, my blogs and websites are beacons to the perplexed.

Today’s message is to the obese among you. I love you just the way you are – and I want you to lose weight! But, before we start with incredible rules that can accomplish that task, let us look inside and accept two super insights:

1. Your goal is to become overweight, not slim. Returning to normal weight for your hight and built will kill you! Celebrate this news! Don’t just sit there! Do something that shows that you are celebrating the shedding off of a burden!

2. Your goal is to slowly burn more calories than you are taking in, without counting calories, that’s it. All weight reducing programs and calorie counting plans will kill your spirit! Celebrate this news! Don’t just sit there! Do something that shows that you are celebrating the shedding off of a chore!

Incredible rules:

Eat healthy low calories goods and drinks, avoid high calories foods and drinks. Reduce consumption of processed food. Avoid eating edible portions of animals with access fat showing. Eat less salt too. Make a list of good food and place it on the refrigerator’s door next to pictures of loves ones to remind yourself not to eat any dairy products with fat content higher than 4% and replace sugar with a little honey and avoid all artificial sweeteners. This manageable change in life-style will show results shortly (use a bathroom scale to monitor your weight reducing and encourage yourself to continue) and  be a gift you give to yourself, your kids, your wife or husband and the friends who will ask you, “How did you do it?”

I love you!