Trump, fight back, don’t let your vicious enemies get away with fallacies of thinking!

Fallacy of lying and overgeneralizing: Reporters think the American people are stupid. Today alone you heard the following statement repeated on TV stations, “Trump as president will deport all the Mexican immigrants back to Mexico.”

Mr. Trump, sue the hell out of them for that lie and overgeneralization, let the American people know that the reporters had lied. The correct statement should have been, “Trump as president will deport in steps all the illegal immigrants within the US from Mexico and from other countries.”

Fallacy of “Begging the question.”: Reporters, again,  think the American people are stupid and unaware that it is a bias, unfair and wrong to ask “gotcha” questions and questions that assume that Trump is a racist, or a Hitler as the gov. of Ohio implied. Sue them for defamation. People in the media must not “Bag the question” in interviews if they want to stay reporters in good standing. Do you remember the classical example of B the Q from a college philosophy 101 class, “Why are you a thief?”

Mr. Trump, don’t let any reporter or governor get away with statements implying that you are a racist, sexist or against disabled reporters, etc  The racists are the reporters who ask for undeserving “affirmative action” type privileges for their conditions. Treat everyone the same. Don’t let some Americans assume more rights than other Americans.

Mr. Trump, understand that many bad leaders will get vicious against you as you get closer to the presidency. Why? Because they know that “milking” the American tax payers and their children’s future will end with you as president. Keep fighting. have courage, America needs your skills!


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