Thanksgiving: The difference between Trump and Obama!

President Obama just made a charismatic short speech trying to convince the American people his administration is doing the best possible job of protecting the American people during this flying holiday, “We are doing everything possible to keep us safe and protect the American people during this festive holiday.”  People travel a lot to  be together with loved ones. Most people who travel had voted for this president twice, for 8 years in office, he owes them safety!  Are they really as safe as their vote of confidence in him showed? Or, are they as safe as the people in New York City were under president Bush? The real question in: Are the heads of departments of homeland security, FBI and CIA, appointed by Obama, are the best appointed leaders? Is Susan Rice the best appointed leader for her skills in protecting the American people? What was the skilled background of Obama’s appointees?

Presidential aspirant Trump said, “I will appoint the most skilled leaders to protect the American people.” Did Obama say that 8 years ago? 4 years ago? Are all his appointees the best security experts or are they like Mr. Bremer who made the pivotal mistake in Iraq? I’m sure you remember him? If the American people get attacked this season, I hope Obama doesn’t say, ‘We can’t guarantee everything 100%. Or, if I am “dreaming” he might say, like Socrates, “Decisions reviewed is worth living.” “Where did I go wrong with my appointees? You are fired!” Or, will he give another eloquent speech that explains the circumstances so he could look good no matter what!? As a boss, would you fire a crony who didn’t deliver your orders but had perfect circumstances to explain why?

The difference between Obama and Trump is in who they would appoint to head important departments of government and fire them if they don’t do the best job possible for the American people. That’s it! Bush was known to fire no one no matter what, that was Bush. Obama is known to keep poor appointees on for as long as possible and then ask them to tell the American people that they leave for personal reasons because their family need them home. Trump as president will hire the best people. Why? Because these people will know that they will be fired if they come up only with the best explanation why they couldn’t do their job as well as president Trump would do his! Only Obama can get reelected to a second term when the world and America are falling apart! He has a gift: Eloquent speech.

Have a happy holiday, my nice friend.


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