The media is biased, no kidding, it’s really bad, you wait and see.

non-I am writing a book on the psychological differences between the left and the right. I have discovered something not good that is not psychological. There are brain structure differences between left thinking and right thinking individuals that may (I hope not) affect life badly in the United States for generations! The L and R behavior manifests itself mostly in the love of media. Left thinking is more complex and highly social and these people seek jobs as reporters, teachers and media people more often than any other job in the world. They dominate the media field and tend to malign good people. Most reporters and other media people are left thinking oriented. They hate the right more passionately than the right hate them and they won’t hesitate to use the media to disrupt a nation’s business. I don’t mean causing another Russian or French revolutions, modern life won’t allow for that. But, causing more fights within the United States directly stimulated by the media are expected. Life in my country will not be as beautiful as it was when I immigrated to LA in 1960 to go to UCLA.  I feel alarmed in 2015, alarmed because the leftist media is activated and it affect every facet of life. I will have to stop watching CNN because it is full of false “war” between police and black communities and between false groups in Syria and elsewhere. It is sad because the American people and especially president Obama is not aware that his speeches cause the world to slowly fall apart. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of Obama and CNN and the NYT and the BBC! Expect life in the USA to become more painful as the election 2016 is approaching. I am finally for strong media regulation so truth in reporting is enforced, but it won’t happen and the other choice is more problems between the left and the right, big problems orchestrated by the media that can’t help itself but be biased, and has to report  the leftist “truth.” And, all that mess is even without the Social Media effect. Add that to the quagmire and living in fear may become the main emotion in life in America. I am sad but I am still an optimist because we have a great Constitution that will prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming our next president that make life even more fearful!


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One Response to “The media is biased, no kidding, it’s really bad, you wait and see.”

  1. Nan Says:

    I’m certain your opinion is valid … to you. But there are many (myself included) who would could write a similar piece and attribute it to right-brain thinking individuals. It all depends on one’s perspective.

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