A Letter of Analysis for Trump to Refine!

Dear Donald,

Your behavior is a maverick behavior, like the behavior of a brave Texas cattle rancher we all know about. You say to people, “You need to change your old ways that don’t work anymore to get rich in America. You can do it, pure dude. You don’t need government to “distribute the wealth” for you. Work hard and play by the rules and you can become a “middle class” person with a nice home and family. You can even become a multimillionaire if you are smart and work even harder for 10-20 years. It doesn’t matter if you are a legal Mexican immigrant, an authentic  Syrian refugee, a black American, a latino, you can all make it in America if you play by the rules.” It is a good message that needs to be heard again and again, or they won’t believe you because of their past perceptions. It is a true message and many Korean and other hard working immigrants have done well. But, here is the “gotcha”, Donald, to get elected president you need the votes of alienated Blacks, poor Chicano and misguided democrats. You have to get it! Romney almost got 70% of the white votes, but it was not enough to win. Minorities will fight you because they don’t believe that your style of Capitalism is good for their future. There is enough evidence to show that Capitalism as practiced in history didn’t care about the poor and powerless unless they fight the “system.” Make Capitalism care. As president you can start by doing one effective thing for sure: Focus on subsidising CC trade education in the 50,000 community colleges in America, nudge Blacks and Chicano to go to school, do it with care for their future, it’s OK to tell people that you worked hard and got fabulously rich, but show them that they can accumulate greenbacks too under your leadership. Millions of these people don’t have the entrepreneurship mentality to do it on their own without a nudge from a forceful authority figure. You can get elected president if you can show minorities how they can get into the middle class, not just tell them the truth about how great America can be for everyone, but also that you care (I know you do, but they don’t know it). You and I know that anyone can become a rich legal immigrant within 20 years in New York or Los Angeles if they play by the rules.

You noticed that I didn’t touch the issue of security at all. You are strong there, but focus on economic success for minorities so they can vote for you without fear. Promise them that you will create the environment for that without handing out charity checks like Hillary would do. Show them that democratic paternalism and socialism never work and will make dependent-like children, even more! Don’t alienate Americans who seem to be lost nowadays, galvanize their determinism to succeed as American citizens, to win, even if they have to change a bit of their culture of poverty and alienation. America can be the greatest country in the world for minorities too, it was for me as an immigrant in 1960 and it can be for everyone in 2016. You got my vote, Donald, but please refine your approach, America needs your strong style, a bit more caring and gentle. Remember, you are running for president of a number one country in the world!



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