Republican candidate Donald Trump: Barak Obama is insane!

I am a psychologist. In 2011 I wrote a book how to make money during the incoming Obama administration. The market doubled as expected but I didn’t know that my book would be prophetic about something else. I wrote, “This book is subversive. It insert a rebel mind in your head about politicians, the economic crisis, the recovery, and your struggle in the midst of all this mess. A revolution in thinking is in the offing, a tsunami of kind around a “sweet talking” new president and his flaws, laws,  assets and liabilities. He is into changing everything – government, race relations, energy consumption, the health system, international relations, Wall Street, Main Street, the World. You better know how to play his new game! ” (page 4). In Chapter 4, The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama (Page 44) I wrote”Obama will try not to adulterate the truth but only time will tell if he will succeed.” (page 44).

He did not!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is a builder, not a psychologist, called Obama insane after inviting Syrian refugees to come to American a week after one of them killed 150 Frenchmen in Paris. Is Obama’s behavior insane? You can say that, but, well, as a psychologist I don’t think his behavior was insanity. He tried not to adulterate the truth as I called it in my book from 2011 but he failed! Why? Because he may have a borderline personality disorder called delusional conflicts. Why? Because Obama crave to change the world for the better but he can’t analyse situations correctly and make rational decisions that work because of passionate conflicts. Most of his decisions since elected president adulterated the truth because of conflicting feelings, from Obamacare to Iran’s perceptions meaning his mind creates wish-fulfillment delusions and he goes and does something stupid believing it’s rational and will work.

The world will suffer a lot after Obama leaves office in a year because reigniting wars, spending trillions, creating a delusional health care system, bringing dangerous refugees to America and giving nuclear capability to Iran are delusions whose effect will linger, especially if Hillary Clinton get elected president. All hell will break loose. Then, we will be on the edge of the classical Armageddon of well-meaning delusional decisions brought about by voters in the midst of conflict  who will regret their vote!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions will be Obama’s legacy (Kerry and Clinton too) of leaving a world with unbearable pain brough about by unthinking misguided democrats who wished the world well. Sad!


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