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Psychologist claims: The 2016 election is about Fear vs. Anger!

November 8, 2016

I have always been a different kind of psychologist with mavarick ideas. I wrote 2 books on the psychology of investing based on CEO behavior rather than economic balance sheet. My system could earn from 10% up to 40% capital gains per year if the right CEO was picked. I am now writing 2 more books, one on how I cured my 2 cancers (I spoke at the University in Berlin on my “system” last year (Google, under Yin/Yang) and the other one on the socialist personality vs. the capitalist personality.

Most people know that perception or how you see things is based on upbringing. Some people know that personality is basically an attitude and most people have a distinct personality either with basic leftist perceptions (socialism) or with basic rightist perceptions (capitalism). What most people don’t know is that left oriented individuals usually make decisions based on fear of something either subliminal or overt and that right oriented individuals make decisions based on anger of something either overt or subliminal. For example, if you are afraid that your loved one may get into a car accident by the way he drives lately you may misplace the key to his car (subliminal anxiety). If you are angry at the way he treated someone you may hide his car keys intentionally (overt hostility) or forget where you put them (covert hostility). In short, any human behavior is motivated by something that a good psychologist can discover and get rid of!

Here is the bombshell: Most people (except some behavioral psychologists) don’t know that left-wing people are motivated by fear or anxiety about money, their social life and actually everything they perceive so they strive a lot for safety in group! On the other hand, right-wing people are individualistic. They are motivated by anger or hostility that directs their perceptions. Theoretically speaking, I could have guided Trump to win the presidency of the United States if he hired me 6 months ago to help him rewrite all his speeches, not so much how corrupt was Hillary Clinton but how her decisions as a president could cause the American voter during her 4 years in office lose thing: His/her health benefits, love relations, social security income, college opportunities, freedom of friends in jail, family rejection, lose someone to terror, deterioration of the nice neighborhood, lose your job or reduced pay, your tax money given to foreign governments or God knows what. If  Trump hammered in those possible calamities for 6 months he could make the left leaning voters (mostly young) so anxious that they would stay home during the election because Bernie was not available! Also, if Trump could make the fearful ones angry for losing things they may also not vote for her (but making an anxious person angry is an art that Trump doesn’t have). But, he could make the undecided voters less anxious by presenting himself as more good for you and predictable than Hillary.

In summary, Trump had more psychological chances to change minds from Hillary to him than she had to change minds from Trump to her. But, as far as you are concerned, I just gave you an opportunity to evaluate Hillary in the White House for the next 4 years. Your good life will depend on how often she makes mistakes in judgment! In fact, specifically, how often she acts out of fear or anxiety will determine how your life will proceed in the next four years! Bingo!


Joe Biden: I want to eat the cake and have it too, if Hillary is not that hungry!

October 21, 2015

He announced an hour ago standing proud in the White House garden next to president Obama on his right and his wife Jill on his left that he is not running for president of the United States but insinuated that he would take the job if offered . Psychologically, what he is saying is, “I want to be president but first I don’t want to mess it up for my friend Hillary Clinton in case she is winning the race against Trump, but if she is not winning in the major polls next year I am available to fight the “evil” Donald.”  Second, psychologically, he is saying,  “I am tired at 73 to face another big fight for the WH, I lost all my tries before and I am afraid take on more losses. ” But mostly, Joe Biden wants to eat the WH cake (he is a bit jealous of Barak Obama’s success) and have it too. By making a ‘presidential’ speech from the Rose Garden he is opening a possibility for a ‘draft Joe’, that way he might become president without hurting his friend Hillary if she is losing, without burdening his family with tough campaigning while staying lazy on the sideline and still becoming president by – default.

Personally, as a psychologist, I can say that Joe Biden is smart if he assumes that his “coolness” could withstand the onslaught of Donald Trump during a final debate better than Hillary Clinton’s “fragility” could, if she had to face Trump. It is a fair assumption, but the results of any debate between Trump and Clinton or Biden depends on no hold bar  – Trump. Can he keep thinking big and kick ass? So far, he is not a gentle Ross Pero phenomenon, Trump is up in the polls from the beginning and with Black surgeon Carson on his right and latino Cruz on his left, he can bake the cake and have it too in the White House dining room!

Is the Trump phenomenon a trap phenomenon?

September 15, 2015

The Trump phenomenon is a trap for the lazy idiots deal makers in America who think they are smart, for the politicians with the perfect speech writers who try to “buy” your vote, for Clinton and her hired “handlers,” for the social media folks whose values hurt society while they think that socialism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, welfare checks, fat government jobs, greedy CEO’s are great to have, all tolerable or even great acts, for the commentators on CNN and the BBC who think that billionaire Trump doesn’t understand economics or business or how to relate with tough Chinese leaders, who believe that mild-mannered Bush could do better, the people who go on the air every day to spin reality with awful values that only look good but can’t help society, stupid idealists, dogmatic politicians, and no good ideologues, democrats who kill entrepreneurship, socialists like that Sanders guy from Vermont, what’s his name? Republicans with rusty minds, Democrats and republicans who made society stale in the last 8 years, no vision, racists who can’t see that Obama is racist and not Trump. Enough is enough, time to clean up the values  and be great American again!

Any expert on human behavior, body language and speech, even if you don’t like Trump as a candidate for president, can see his marketing genius, emotionally galvanizing folks, waking up and activating the “silent majority,” a vote catcher par excellence. All psychological indicators are moving up that he will be the next president of the United States, and for that, in part,  you can blame Obama’s 8 years attempt to reduce the greatest country in history to almost  bankruptcy spiritually, economically and especially internationally.

True, no white man can become president without at least 50% of the Black and Mexican votes. Blacks already love Trump because they believe he will deliver what Obama didn’t – decent jobs and pride in the home land. He means business. He kicks ass, as his book say. He will deliver great jobs. Chicano may join later when he picks up a Latino vice president (there are a few great ones..who don’t believe that crossing the border from Mexico illegally is a fine behavior to start the American dream.. He creates the emotion of American patriotism that Obama tried to kill. Donald creates the sense that breaking the border law is a big offence and that Obama is wrong to ignore the law. Donald creates the sense that taxes should be put to work for the country and not for government to waste your money like the Greeks do. He creates free entertainment for millions, like a true populist showman comedian. Trump has always been a winner and no stupid accusations of racism, arrogance, narcissism, madness, unfit, and so on will do. The old corrupt chaotic order is dying in America and a refreshing Americanism is coming to “save” us. This is the greatest country in the world, after all. I am looking forward for a wonderful 4 years of bashing the idiots who think they know how to run a country! (more…)

Ryan vs. Biden! Tonight!

October 11, 2012

Why the exclamation marks in the title? For me as a psychologist, this across generation debate tonight is an opportunity (for you too) to observe in-action what one of the greatest psychologists in history said about what happens when a young man faces an older man who could be his father. Freud said, “The antagonism is fundamental, a part of the Oedipus Complex. It is especially intense in politics when throughout history older men had sent younger men to die in battle.”  Well, I don’t expect Biden to slaughter Ryan, afer all they are both civilized and tonight have a higher calling in politics that could backfire only if Biden’s ID overwhelms his EGO or SUPEREGO. Here are my predictions:

1. Biden will act more emotional than Ryan.

2. Ryan will be better with facts, numbers and statistics.

3. Their values differences will show a great contrast. Their expressions will be even more diverse than Obama and Romney!

4. Biden will talk a lot about the past, Ryan more about the future.

5. Ryan may help Romney by a percent or two with the young, Biden will not help or hurt Obama with the old.

6. Biden will appeal to older people but not bring them to vote more than expected.

7. Ryan will appeal to younger voters but not bring then to vote more than expected.

8. The debate tonight will not be polite.

9. Psychologists watching the body language and verbal expressions tonight – bring your note-pad with you for a classic Freudian observation.

10. For you, lay people, the best part of watching the debate tonight will be watching a great political movie drama. Enjoy!

Predictions: Romney and Obama.

October 2, 2012

Obama will win the debate tomorrow because his body language is superb, voice diction is soothingly exuding confidence and his ideas are not that terrible. Obama will win reelection in November because of Romney’s weakness,… he is too nice of a guy, but doesn’t care about the poor that much. Obama will bomb Iran one day because they won’t budge on anything: compromise is not a word that the ayatollah understand.  Obama could never balance the national budget because he is not out to destroy the middle class. The democrats will continue to be the majority party in the Senate because the voters run out of smart candidates. They have no good choices. Obama will not get you all employed no matter what he says – or does. Obama will win everything he desires with his charismatic rhetoric – and some things with his action.

Romney will lose the debate tomorrow because he is not as dynamic as Obama in his presentation. His body language suites the board room, not the voting booth…or a high stake debating team. Romney will lose the election in November because of both himself and Obama. Romney as president would never balance the budget, but could shrink the deficit more that Obama would. Romney could never bomb Iran, it’s simply not in his personality to bomb anything…his general anger energy level (the thing that motivates aggression) is half of Obama’s. The Republicans will continue to be the majority party in the House, albeit with a smaller number. Romney could not get you all working either. Romney is a too nice of a guy to be a president surrounded by wolves. Obama thrives on having enemies he can make into friends. Romney thrives on pretending to have friends among his business associates.

I am an American citizen. How would I vote? Did you have to ask? You are not kidding, are you? Well,  I couldn’t vote for anyone since Teddy Roosevelt, except for JFK in 1960 and look what happened. Teddy described a good president as someone who would “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Since we are into that, how would I characterize Obama and Romney, you’d ask? Well, Obama is, “Walk softly and care a stick you’d hope you’d never have to use.” Romney is, “Walk very softly and carry a tough look.”



September 8, 2012

Yes, these are the only two choices you have in November. Yes, I know, most of you will vote for Obama. That’s because you didn’t read my books the psychology of investing during the chaotic Obama years that came out last year and the psychology of investing: how to play the game and win that came out the first year of the Obama presidency. Some of you will vote for Romney – for the same reason. You didn’t read my two books. Listen, you are smart, you know that I am not trying to sell books. Most well-known American psychologists have plenty of money. Then why am I promoting my books? The ideas, my friend, the simple ideas how to renew America that neither Obama nor Romney would ever think about… not because they are stupid, not at all, politicians who get to run for president are not stupid. Then, are the people who voters for them stupid? No. They are uninformed. They read the wrong books and listen to – CNN! What are some of my great ideas?

I will give you one, a big one: I taught psychology at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California for 26 years. I know the ins and outs of community college education. I got my start as an immigrant in 1964 at Los Angeles Community College, then UCLA and Finally USC. Let me tell you, dude, if you don’t have enough money or you have a lousy job or you are unemployed, get your butt on the bus and ride to your nearest community college. Walk in to the  counseling office and financial aid. Take an occupational preference test. You do it right now and do it right and you may become a millionaire around BOOM age – becoming your own man! If you are a female student, call the department of education and ask them to change BOOM to BOOP – becoming your own person! Get going, man or woman, get going. Now, what has this got to do with Obama or Romney? Read my books to find out that the job of a president when unemployment is high because jobs are shifted overseas is to set up a White House Educational Commission (WHEC) to study how to train or retrain the unemployed in new trade skills, high-tech and entrepreneurial skills. Obama didn’t do that and Romney doesn’t even know what I am talking about. Well, go vote on November 3rd. One way or another the American dream will continue to be a reality for immigrants like me, but, what a shame, it could have been a reality for every one. I truly care about you.

On a second thought, I’m not sure the American dream could be a reality for everyone. Dr. Abraham Maslow, the great social psychologist, points out in my psychology textbook that people who strongly identify with their culture can “rise only as high as their culture let them rise.” I know, I make you think about heavy stuff. Enjoy! You deserve the best. If you are poor, get your butt on the bus and… (you know the rest)!

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Grades C, D and F.

September 7, 2012

My opinion: Twelve years ago you elect George Bush your president. He spends your money and blood to install a “democratic” dictatorship in Iraq that support a next door pre-nuclear Iran (both Shia). Then he borrows money from your future to fight a war in Afghanistan that isn’t making us more secure. He installs third grade classical economic advisers at home that don’t know how to prevent the 2008 recession except by borrowing more of your money to bail out inefficient industries. Then, he leaves the WH and leaves the mess to president Obama to fix. Four years ago you elect Barack Obama as your president with that promise. He continues to spend your money to strengthen the “democratic” dictatorship in Iraq. He brings the troops home and let the Iraqi Sunni and Shia kill each other rather than kill Americans. Now Obama is trying to install a “democratic” dictatorship in Afghanistan so he can bring the American troops home next year and let Pakistanis in hoping that they won’t all kill each other. Then at home, Obama installs the same third grade classical economists that didn’t know how to prevent the 2008 recession – fix it. He starts spending even more of your money than president Bush did.  As a college professor I know how to grade performance. F for Romney and his Republican ideas, D for Obama for his first four years in the WH and C for his next four years in the WH.

Why C and not another D for Obama? Well, something very painful will happen the next four years that I don’t dare tell you about and have you roll your eyes! Wait for president Obama’s unexpected performance during the coming global post-deluvian crisis to know why I changed his grade from a D to a C.  Let me create a story to explain the behavior of Barack and Mitt. Imagine a Biblical flood seen on the horizon. Noah is building an Ark. There are two outside groups watching and laughing, both don’t believe a deluge is coming. Then the flood starts and Noah’s Ark sails away. The Democrats run up Capitol Hill and start building Ark-II. The Republicans stay foot and say the flood will soon stop, so  they build small boats just in case. Noah opens the window after 40 days and sees only Ark-II floating near by. He invites the Democrats into the Ark to celebrate survival and freedom. They have a party. If you know who is Noah in my allegorical story you are very perceptive! Have fun!

The Crisis in Egypt.

February 2, 2011

A letter to the American people,

Please forward this posting to everyone you know. If we continue to vote for presidents like Obama, Bush, and possibly Romney in 2012, we are asking for more of the same. I say that because I just saw an interview with Governor Romney on CNN. He had no idea what to do about Egypt (if he was president), just like Obama, fickle minds, NOTHING TO OFFER WHEN IT IS SO EASY TO OFFER SOMETHING!  You have seen one politician, you have seen them all!

Here is the great solution to the Egyptian crisis that Romney or Obama could not come up with. I am ask Harper to initiate it:

Mubarak has already scheduled the election for September 2011. Good. Let him announce on TV that Egyptians have 6 months to form political parties to run in the election.

Let Mubarak ask Harper to get Canada’s Election Commission to form and supervise the democratic process in Egypt, including explanations to the Egyptians how to register, form political parties, supervise elections, and all the other conditions necessary for a free election.

Come September, we can assume that the following political parties will emerge: Mubarak’s party, approx. 20% of the votes, the Moslem Brotherhood about 25%, an Egyptian Democratic Party (EDP) about 30% and a Labor Socialism (LS) party the rest. Let Canada teach them how to form a coalition government supervised by the UN security council. You will then have good transition and a democracy in Egypt!

Will that happen? No, because neither Romney nor Obama nor any politician is REALLY interested in the people in the world. The only skills politicians nurture over time is how to influence voters to vote for them come election time! It is sad because the world can be good for people and it doesn’t take brains to do it right!