Cancer is a family pet!

Yes, not by definition but by the behavior of pet owners. You like to feed your pet its favorite food.  Sure, you don’t know that you treat a cancer cell like you treat your pet, whether it is a cat or a dog. Well, my friend, that behavior of yours will stop today because I will tell you how you treat your cancer as a pet so you can stop doing it – get another dog or a cat instead!

We all have cancer cells in our bodies, Concentrate your effort on feeding your immune system and not your dreadful “pet.”

First, all cancer cells have a “fur,” like dogs or cats have, except that the skin of cancer cells under the electron microscope look shaggy, long protuberances, real tough skin, easy to tangle in its tentacles if you are a fish and is stupid enough to be devoured inside the octopus. Get lots of immune cells because it’s hard to get in and blow up the aberrant cell to smithereens with only a few soldiers. Hey, you must stop feeding your cancer cell pet its favorite food – sugar! Put back on the shelve that nutritional supplement that has GLUTAMINE in it! You Cancer cells cannot last as long as your healthy cells without THEIR FOOD! Speed up their apoptosis with alkaline environment. Feed them oxygen and they die, feed them sugar and you die!

Cancer cells are acidic, meaning that they send out Trojan Horses to your healthy cell “cities.” On the way to conquer Sparta, they get hungry looking for sugar energy. They find little because of your good diet. By the time they get to the gate of the city they are exhausted and surrounded by the oxygenated electron “soldiers.” You see, your alkaline environment infuse them with billions of electrons. They can’t stand oxygen, they can’t get to the few sugar or sugar substitute granules around. That trojan horse never makes it to the city! Angiogenesis stops in its tract!

To recap: Bio-Energy is produced by sugar or oxygen. Every time you take a deep breath in the forest, cancer cells die. Every time you buy your favorite candy in the city store, cancer cells say “thank you.” If you are with your kids and you buy “cotton candy” they even dance of joy (the kids too). Don’t feed your pet or your kids or yourself these favorite foods – and you all  live ever after! Amen!


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