What drives a human being?

I want your help in making my blog http://www.drelior.wordpress.com live up to its name THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION –  more and more every day, OK?  As a well-known wealthy psychologist in California, I don’t need this blog to make money or get me famous. At 75, my happiness depends on seeing YOU happy, my fellow human beings! I mean it! This planet can provide prosperity and peace for all of us, including Egypt, India, China and the USA.  All YOU need is new EDUCATION, to know the truth about you. Unfortunately, you will not get it “doogree” (to the point) from other blogs because they are too political, like to write a lot, explain a lot, but are short on the two most important aspects of true education : UNDERSTANDING AND ACTION.

What drives a human being are 3 forces: Your powerful HORMONES, your powerful BELIEFS and your sweet SPIRIT. All the other forces are so secondary that if you concentrate on improving these three, you will start doubling your wealth, health and happiness within a DAY! You will FEEL it within an hour!

Let me explain it in a less academic way: Let’s start with your SPIRIT. Do you remember the day your life changed for the BETTER or WORSE over night? I know it happened.  Very few researchers know the fact that a new SPIRIT (a swarm of electromagnetic particles called Monads) has entered your forehead and Pineal gland. Ruth Montgomery and other researchers who studied this monad phenomenon  are right about the process, but only I have developed the hypnosis process that can show you HOW to invite an incredible SPIRIT to enter you that will instantly change your life for the BETTER. No book or study has ever demonstrated how it works. Even myself, a college professor of parapsychology with 30 years experience has done this unusual hypnotic process only 10 times in 30 years!

The second force that drives a human being is well-studied in organic chemistry – HORMONES. They regulate EVERYTHING in your BODY and MIND. Here is the “shocker” that we all have to live with (or die with): HORMONE THERAPY CAN CURE EVERYTHING through an intravenous CHELATION that may take an hour or so, if caught in time. The only reason that medical lab research does not design and produce HORMONES that CURE CANCER or other diseases is that MEDICAL AUTHORITIES do not want to CURE anything and lose payments for maintenance treatments! Medicine today IS CAPABLE of “scanning” the body, find the missing hormones due to genetics or environmental reasons, design the missing hormones in a lab, administering them to people by CHELATION and cure the condition. But, this blessing will never be available to YOU unless YOU make GOVERNMENT legislate the RIGHT laws about it!

The last force that drive a human being is BELIEF. YOU act upon your belief. Where do beliefs come from? IT DOESN’T MATTER! What matters is that there is an educational system called C-MOR that if implemented in our schools, the next generation will grow up with beliefs that WORK BEST for accumulating WEALTH, maintaining HEALTH and creating HAPPINESS! C-MOR is an educational system created by great minds such as Dr. Jean Piaget, Dr. Zigmund Freud and Dr. B.F.  Skinner, the most criticized and least acknowledged psychologists on earth. We suffer!

Read ALL my postings! Now that you know what drives a human being, drop all the “clutter” theories, stop reading all the “junk” explanations of why most humans don’t develop their full potential and concentrate on driving YOURSELF to Health, Wealth and Happiness on MY road map! (TBC).


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One Response to “What drives a human being?”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    You have a great Spirit. Thank you!

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