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The Amona Law.

November 3, 2016

“The High Court had previously ruled that houses built on land claimed by Palestinians, even if those claims are unsubstantiated, must be demolished and cannot be rebuilt for as long as a decade, as evidence is gathered regarding ownership. The court in 2014 reaffirmed its earlier ruling and insisted that all the buildings on the site be demolished.” Let me paraphrase this quote from the Internet related to the Amona Law: “The Supreme Court of Israel appointed by a previously leftist-wing government with a leftist Knesset majority accepted Palestinian claims that Jewish homes in the city of Amona in Sumeria and Judea (West Bank) should be demolished. Their logic was that the land of Amona was intended in 1948 as part of a future Palestinian state that never happened because the Arabs declared war on Israel and lost (The court rejected the idea that if a country loses a war it may lose also a territory). Therefore, the leftist SC decided that the Palestinians who claimed the land of Amona did not have to show Deeds of ownership of the land before the evictions. A 2014 leftist Supreme Court decision reaffirmed the previous court decision.

Israel’s new voters (many Russian immigrants who suffered under the leftist Soviet Union) voted into office the present right-wing Israeli government. It is a right-wing government with a strong right-wing majority in the Knesset. The right-wing Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked is now legally changing certain Knesset rules under her jurisdiction to be able to appoint 2-3 new right-wing Supreme Court justices in order to reverse the decisions of the old leftist Supreme Court about who owns land in Israel. The right-wing “Amona Law” if passed by the Knesset and approved by the rightist “new SC” will “freeze” the process of evicting Amona residents for a few years untill the tilt to the right of the Israeli population is complete.

The future appears to belong to a Jabotinsky right-wing group that believes that Israel is all of West Palestine and it had not stated that way in 1948 only because of leftist politics.  The Jabotinsky populace believes in equal rights for all citizens of Israel regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, etc. It appears that not withstanding all the legal and political delays at the end of the day the Amona Law will pass and its Jewish residents will live in peace. It also appears that at the end of the day all the non-Jewish residents of Israel who abide by the laws will get their land and other equal rights depending on having Deeds to lands.

The issue of left vs. right values exist in every country. The left is always absolutely committed to keep darker skin minorities as dependent on government for their  existence, whether it is in Israel, Canada, Romania or the US. This is called Paternalism in Psychology and leftist governments spend tax payer money on that endeavor making left-wing people feel that they are good people (they are not).  The right, on the other hand, is absolutely committed to integrate darker skin minorities to become educated independent citizens and not depend on government for their livelihood. The right believes in helping people to become a part of freedom and prosperity indistinguishable from any other group of citizens. You can say that the left is racist but please let not complicate things in Israel, please, look at what the left has done to American, real sad!

Gloria Borger asked vice president Biden about his son’s cancer.

January 12, 2016

I am a cancer survival who took over his treatment from government to save his life and presented his case study at the University of Berlin (Humboldt). I did it and any cancer patient can do it also, if the disease is caught and fought on time. I did not like Biden’s lackluster response to Gloria Borger this morning on CNN leaving the process of fighting cancer to government and culture and their many institutions and manifestations. Cancer is a systemic disease in an individual’s body, mind and soul and must be dealt with by developing a systemic approach. Apparently, the vice president of the United States of America represents the ineptness of the present system that created the cultural limitation that had crippled  the culture of “ragged individualism” some time in the last century when the struggle between Teddy R. on the right and his cousin Franklin R. on the left intensified.

I described the system of fighting cancer that I have developed on this blog for people who believe in themselves, not for people who believe that “constraint experts” will solve all their problems. Doctors can help you only when you are in charge. Yes, it’s all political, unfortunately. Do you want to win, learn the system?  Public health doesn’t work unless you guide it when you are sick!!!  The democrats in the States and the Liberals in Canada lost it. They really lost it, especially Sanders and Trudeau. The middle class is shrinking not because the rich take their money. Socialism is a dead-end. Don’t follow Bidden. The poor will stay poor untill they decide to stop fighting the system, stop fighting the great American system and instead enrol in a community college and learn a trade. A million community colleges in America are waiting for you, each offers 100 trades to choose from free and a passage to a university!  Jump on the bargain, dude, for a good life. Sanders, Hillary, Biden and Obama will be gone soon, thanks God. Get independent, go to  C college and get a trade, robbing the rich with Bidden and Sanders help won’t do. Go invest in yourself, waiting for others to give you the jobs is not the answer. Send Biden and the democrats to live in the EU where they think like them, what a disaster in thinking. Vote for Trump to make the American spirit initiative great again. Lower your dependence on doctors and others. Don’t watch CNN to pick 10 drugs from great  commercials in one morning, it’s a disgrace. Biden is a nice guy but he is government. Do your own thing, learn to cure your own cancer, change your life style, you can do it. I believe in you because you were created in God’s image to be independent. Start with my posting, God’s diet!

Are airplanes crashes inevitable?

July 12, 2012

As a psychologist I will underline some behavioural problems that airline companies and pilots may have. My posting today may save lives tomorrow if you are listening. Passenger jets will soon carry 1000 passengers each. The navigating instruments are getting more complicated. Governments and boards are not upgrading their supervision of airplane maintenance and hiring practices, not often enough (to save money). Boards must expand pilot training into psychology. Pilots and co-pilots must be matched on psychological profiles, personality and communication skills, e.g., a submissive co-pilot is dangerous to have on a plane. He may not correct a senior pilot error at a crucial moment. The more passengers a jet carries, the more years of experience a co-pilot should have. Pilot history and flight records should be taken more seriously –  examined before each new pilot assignment by an independent board. Average IQ pilots  should not be hired when there is pilot shortages. An average IQ pilot may have more problems in deciding when to switch to behavioral piloting from automatic piloting. I have 100 more new behavioural rules for flight safety but what I have listed in enough to alert you to the need for improvement in this area of living. Flying is different from any other area of living!

Airplane crashes are not inevitable, but they will continue to happen until new ideas are adopted, and not just new ideas but behavioural ones!

The crisis in Wisconsin.

February 20, 2011

A reader thanked me for the time I spend to inform the public on important issue regarding your money. My reward is not in the increase in the number of visitors to my blogs but in the increase in the number of visitors who will go out and implement my research findings. I want a scientific movement in America. Give me 10 million followers right now, and you will start seeing the change in the zeitgeist. America has an untapped potential that is being destroyed by turf wars.

It is always interesting to watch Christian Ananpour, George Will and Donna Brazil debate or analyse anything, interesting but unproductive, especially for the people of Wisconsin. People all over America watching the teacher’s unions face-off with the Tea party on ABC this morning wished everyone to accept a cut in salary to balance the budget – not a good idea but popular. Enters Dr. Kinarthy to fill in the void in ideas with what will work best, as I have done hundreds of times in my career and now through my blogs. We need to get out of the box to discover what works the best in life.

Let’s understand a few psychological truths about money: (1) There are 2 groups of earners in the world, those who make their money in business and those who make their money in government service, (2) The people who work for government take money (taxes)  from the people who do business and provide in return the context, infrastructure and framework for society to function. Without good government there is no good business and without good business there is no good government (look at Africa), (3) The psychological nature of government is not to be good. Government will waste more of your money than necessary because it’s other people’s money and it’s relatively easy to get it from them (even after elections), and finally, (4) Given enough time the animosity between the 2 groups will increase to the point that there will be clash because public employees care more about their income and perks than they care about the people who provide the money in taxes (business), while the people who make money in business want to protect their turf, lest they end paying half their salary in taxes to a wasteful government like in Sweden and European countries (a new school curriculum can change this selfish attitude of both groups).

The solution: GOVERNMENT MUST BE RUN AS A BUSINESS. THE PHILOSOPHY THAT MIGHT MAKES RIGHT MUST END. You can’t take our money and waste it anymore! Period! If the teachers’ union in Wisconsin wins, the State will inch toward bankruptcy. If the Tea Party representing business wins, public services will be disrupted. The solution is for people to get together and create an educational system called C-MOR (see past postings), the only way to guarantee that you the tax payer get your money’s worth paying for your child’s education. If Wisconsin kids can’t compete with Koreans for positions in high-tech industries, any sane union member will agree that teachers should be fired or shape up and parents should watch how Korean parents do it and stop complaining that it is not their job to prepare their kids for school. If public schools cannot produce success and we have to import people for our high-end jobs, then public schools should not get funding. EVERY DOLLAR OF YOUR TAX MONEY SHOULD BE WORKING TO IMPROVE OUR LOT, not a penny OF MY MONEY for YOUR perks, not a dime for foreign wars, not a quarter for leisure sabbaticals, not my buck for your coffee breaks after shuffling papers in government offices. Americans know that Mexicans coming to America work harder than Americans. That is a fact. Obama, you must change our educational system – get America back to work in business, not government, or get out. Unions, earn your pay from my taxes by producing successful American students in the world’s market place. Parents, take classes and learn to parent your kids to like school like the Koreans do. Business people, don’t let government waste your money. Vote  bureaucrats out and vote entrepreneurs in. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!

Generosity breeds irresponsibility!

August 3, 2010

What the smart ones among you are realizing is that you have a lot more value to gain in life by visiting my blog than by visiting other blogs because I am an outspoken maverick psychologist, genuine and without an ounce of political correctness in me. I tell it like it really is – and scare away the dummies who are afraid to face the facts of life.

The following fact of life is real scary for generous loving parents to face who give their kids everything and raise suicidal, homicidal, drug addicts, rebellious, dependent, or immature kids. The following findings of research is also real scary for generous rich governments to face who give poor societies generous foreign aid (IMF) and create irresponsible, corrupt, belligerent and torturous human juntas. Generous parents or western governments know that they are corrupting the earth, but they continue to be generous because kids and poor societies demand that generosity. Parents feel good about themselves and generous governments get reelected. The road to hell becomes paved with good intentions. Goody-two-shoes people ruin your relationships. Generosity breeds lack of accountability. What the smart ones among you have already realized is that the only solution to this  human misery on our planet is to make all “giving” contingent of good productive behavior. contingency management of relationships makes for responsible, productive and happy life. Guess what society is ahead so far in that wonderful domain of contingency management – the Chinese!