You already know that my blog is educational…and there are many educational blogs competing for your attention. What I want you to know is that my blog is probably the only blog that educate in a way that is socially meaningful to you and that you can understand. I speak the language of nature and reality, and unlike culture and reality nature is simple and elegant!

Hold in your hand a piece of skin that has been replaced by new skin and put it under the electron microscope. What do you see? You see cells of skin. Magnify the resolution until you see the inside of a single cell. Do you see how a few atoms are interconnected by electrons inside a single skin molecule?  They share electrons orbiting from one to the other like bees from flower to flower. This is similar to what social psychology found out about you! Yes, you! You circle around people creating a network of friends that you hold together! Now, look inside the electron microscope again. Memorize a rule: An Atom that doesn’t “socialize” has the same number of electrons orbiting in the shell as the number of protons in the center (nucleus). Again, it’s like with your circle of friends, there is always a “loner” that doesn’t interact – doesn’t give and doesn’t take anything! Sometimes you wonder what is he good for? Then, one day he gets “zapped” of an electron and starts stealing from others (you say “he is missing a screw in his head” but chemistry calls him a “free radical”). He becomes a positive ion. What does that mean? An electron has a negative electric charge and a proton has a positive electric charge. You count the number of electron and protons. An atom missing an electron becomes a “positive ion” thief because he has one more  proton than electron. An atom that has an extra electron is called a generous “negative ion” because he has one more  electron to give than proton. Both atoms are ionized and want to become deionized. Now, look at your friends again, count the “takers” and the “givers.” Here comes the unexpected!

Have you heard of antioxidants? Your friends who are “givers” of their electron are “negative ions.” Good to have such friends around because they “protect you from the “takers” (positive ions) who are missing an electron and trying to steal one from the good guys. Remember the old skin at the beginning of my story? Let’s say it’s on the face of a pretty girl. The atoms in her skin cell were “robbed” of their electrons by “positive ions” (Make-up, junk food, etc.). If she had “negative ions” on her skin they could spot the positive ions first and let them have the electrons they need so they won’t steal them from the girl’s skin. The moral of her story is that if she bought cream withe antioxidants her skin will stay beautiful, she would get great dates and be happy. The moral of your story is that if you ate and drank 60% alkaline and only 40% acidic, you would stay healthy and look good (alkaline transfer electrons to neutralize acid. A bonus: you will never have a heart burn). Check the list on Google, change your consumption and live happily ever after!


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