New York: Ban on smoking in public areas.

Let’s get this problem solved ones and for all. cigaret smoke, nicotine and tar kills people. A complete ban on smoking kills democracy. In light of the fact that people killing are killing each other in countries that are not democratic,  we want both! We want people not to die from cigarets or street riots. Here is how you regulate smoking and save democracy:

A human being has the RIGHT TO BREATH CLEAN AIR. His not smoking does not affect the health of the one that smokes. Another human being HAS THE RIGHT TO SMOKE. His smoking does affect the health of the person who doesn’t smoke. Therefore, an intelligent community that cares about its citizens must ban smoking from areas where nonsmoker are! Therefore, you can smoke in the public park but not next to a person who doesn’t smoke and you can smoke in your car as long as there is no child in your car or a person that doesn’t smoke. If you adhere to the principle, every situation can be solved! Every smoking behavior can be guided! We can solve both democracy and the human right to smoke cigarets!

There is one more issue here. A smoker require more medical care in life than a nonsmoker, therefore, to pay for it, the federal tax on cigarets should be triple the generic price of a pack!

Do you want an enlightened and caring society, there you have it. Now, vote for it on the next election, or keep fighting over the issue making everyone confused or miserable.


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