The crisis in Wisconsin.

A reader thanked me for the time I spend to inform the public on important issue regarding your money. My reward is not in the increase in the number of visitors to my blogs but in the increase in the number of visitors who will go out and implement my research findings. I want a scientific movement in America. Give me 10 million followers right now, and you will start seeing the change in the zeitgeist. America has an untapped potential that is being destroyed by turf wars.

It is always interesting to watch Christian Ananpour, George Will and Donna Brazil debate or analyse anything, interesting but unproductive, especially for the people of Wisconsin. People all over America watching the teacher’s unions face-off with the Tea party on ABC this morning wished everyone to accept a cut in salary to balance the budget – not a good idea but popular. Enters Dr. Kinarthy to fill in the void in ideas with what will work best, as I have done hundreds of times in my career and now through my blogs. We need to get out of the box to discover what works the best in life.

Let’s understand a few psychological truths about money: (1) There are 2 groups of earners in the world, those who make their money in business and those who make their money in government service, (2) The people who work for government take money (taxes)  from the people who do business and provide in return the context, infrastructure and framework for society to function. Without good government there is no good business and without good business there is no good government (look at Africa), (3) The psychological nature of government is not to be good. Government will waste more of your money than necessary because it’s other people’s money and it’s relatively easy to get it from them (even after elections), and finally, (4) Given enough time the animosity between the 2 groups will increase to the point that there will be clash because public employees care more about their income and perks than they care about the people who provide the money in taxes (business), while the people who make money in business want to protect their turf, lest they end paying half their salary in taxes to a wasteful government like in Sweden and European countries (a new school curriculum can change this selfish attitude of both groups).

The solution: GOVERNMENT MUST BE RUN AS A BUSINESS. THE PHILOSOPHY THAT MIGHT MAKES RIGHT MUST END. You can’t take our money and waste it anymore! Period! If the teachers’ union in Wisconsin wins, the State will inch toward bankruptcy. If the Tea Party representing business wins, public services will be disrupted. The solution is for people to get together and create an educational system called C-MOR (see past postings), the only way to guarantee that you the tax payer get your money’s worth paying for your child’s education. If Wisconsin kids can’t compete with Koreans for positions in high-tech industries, any sane union member will agree that teachers should be fired or shape up and parents should watch how Korean parents do it and stop complaining that it is not their job to prepare their kids for school. If public schools cannot produce success and we have to import people for our high-end jobs, then public schools should not get funding. EVERY DOLLAR OF YOUR TAX MONEY SHOULD BE WORKING TO IMPROVE OUR LOT, not a penny OF MY MONEY for YOUR perks, not a dime for foreign wars, not a quarter for leisure sabbaticals, not my buck for your coffee breaks after shuffling papers in government offices. Americans know that Mexicans coming to America work harder than Americans. That is a fact. Obama, you must change our educational system – get America back to work in business, not government, or get out. Unions, earn your pay from my taxes by producing successful American students in the world’s market place. Parents, take classes and learn to parent your kids to like school like the Koreans do. Business people, don’t let government waste your money. Vote  bureaucrats out and vote entrepreneurs in. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!


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