I have lectured on palliative care, dying and the afterlife  at Langara college in Vancouver, Canada. I have lectured on the paranormal phenomena at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I have lectured on the last stage of life at Rio Hondo College in California for 26 years. I have teamed up with near-death-experience (NDE) patients to explore the subject. I have conducted seances. I have connected with unknown forces many times – visible! I am probably the most scientifically qualified parapsychologist to reveal to you the truth about life after death.

I am NOT telling you about my background to “toot my own horn,” but to have you listen to what I have discovered. I am an educator. The field of enquiry into Dying is so cluttered with religion, culture and points of view that to discover a true source of light in the heavens at night is almost impossible. If you get to read the information that I give out, you are very lucky because when the time comes to die you will be the only one around that will REALLY know what’s happening and what to do.

As you already know there are three aspects to being human: BODY, MIND and SOUL. If you lose two arms, are you still 100% here? Yes. Your body belongs to you but it is not you! An obese person can even lose 2 arms, 2 legs and 200 lbs and still be 100% here! You need to get that truth cold turkey to move on, got it? If you can’t get it right, stop reading and continue to drift in life until you drop – ignorance isn’t so bad! By now I probably lost half of you to cultural  “logic.” Let’s move to the second aspect of being human –  MIND. When you are born you don’t have a mind yet, yet you are 100% there. When you are born you don’t have your later body either. But, when you are born, and forever, YOU HAVE A SOUL; that purposive colony of units of consciousness (monads) in you forehead guided by veracity from your pineal gland. When a person dies, the soul that leaves the body is now called SPIRIT. In future postings I will show you how to communicate with a spirit of a loved one that crossed over. It is very difficult to do because spirits that live in a pre-light dimension have strict requirements before they respond.  There is nothing correct about the dishonest, disingenuous and inauthentic ways most people contact spirits. (TBC: what does one experience during dying and afterwards).


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