The Crisis in Egypt.

A letter to the American people,

Please forward this posting to everyone you know. If we continue to vote for presidents like Obama, Bush, and possibly Romney in 2012, we are asking for more of the same. I say that because I just saw an interview with Governor Romney on CNN. He had no idea what to do about Egypt (if he was president), just like Obama, fickle minds, NOTHING TO OFFER WHEN IT IS SO EASY TO OFFER SOMETHING!  You have seen one politician, you have seen them all!

Here is the great solution to the Egyptian crisis that Romney or Obama could not come up with. I am ask Harper to initiate it:

Mubarak has already scheduled the election for September 2011. Good. Let him announce on TV that Egyptians have 6 months to form political parties to run in the election.

Let Mubarak ask Harper to get Canada’s Election Commission to form and supervise the democratic process in Egypt, including explanations to the Egyptians how to register, form political parties, supervise elections, and all the other conditions necessary for a free election.

Come September, we can assume that the following political parties will emerge: Mubarak’s party, approx. 20% of the votes, the Moslem Brotherhood about 25%, an Egyptian Democratic Party (EDP) about 30% and a Labor Socialism (LS) party the rest. Let Canada teach them how to form a coalition government supervised by the UN security council. You will then have good transition and a democracy in Egypt!

Will that happen? No, because neither Romney nor Obama nor any politician is REALLY interested in the people in the world. The only skills politicians nurture over time is how to influence voters to vote for them come election time! It is sad because the world can be good for people and it doesn’t take brains to do it right!


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3 Responses to “The Crisis in Egypt.”

  1. Elaine Folmar Says:

    I won’t be able to thank you enough for the articles on your website. I know you add a lot of time and effort into these and hope you know how considerably I enjoy it. I hope I can do something identical for another individual sometime.

  2. Von Migliore Says:

    You have come too far to accept to the demands of the republican fringe!

  3. Cuanto Cuesta Dolar Says:

    I’m really happy about everything that occurred in Egypt. At last, the tyranny of Hosni Mubarak has come to an final. And all occurred mainly because of the bravery of the egyptians. I pray that the model will extend through all the Middle East. Freedom now! Peace.

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