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Can your religion fullfil for you the vision and mission of God as intended?

March 21, 2016

This posting on the peaceful revolution blog was inspired by Steve Rose’s analysis of the delicate issue of war and suicide. I have always wanted to write about what can religion really do in our daily lives and now I found the “stimulus” to start. It may take a few segments of very difficult knowledge to digest through the censure mechanism of culture and religion. Here is the first one: What is God, really?

SEGMENT ONE:  I will not describe or explain what people believe is God. My blog is not about repeating beliefs or tradition or what people already think they know about. I am a scientist par excellence (not very humble). If I did describe what my Rabbi thought God was it would not be more valuable to you than asking you what you thought my Rabbi was, or minister or priest were? You can hear that nonsense or  grand opinions in any religious service of any denomination!  God is a “father in heaven” only in the remote chance that Neanderthal females were impregnated by alien males from Alpha Centauri, planet B!  God is scientifically an Energy form of Universal Consciousness. You want me to be more technical about it? OK, God is all the “love energy” in the a Universe called Monadic manifestation of creation (“big Bang,” ) described by by Leibnitz (1675 AD), the father of Calculus, who was destroyed by Newton! A Monad is a unit of consciousness with its own veracity and purposiveness, a Monad is a link in Steven Hawking “String Theory.” Strings (closed and open loops) occur when Monads “hold hands.” A portion of High Monads, about 100 Sextilion units of them make up your Soul in your frontal lobe and neocortex, emanating from your pineal gland (Descartes, 1700 Ad). The soul gives you awareness of higher truths, the mind is just a glorified “software” that elevated itself to “protector” and “controller.” If you understand what I just described you may acquire the cosmic ability to develop “free will,” in time. And, if you are an authentic person, your may develop a relationship with God in your head instead of having to pretend that you have one with “father in heaven” because you are ordained. Knowing that God lives as Monads in your healing soul in your brain and not in your depressed mind in your skull is step one toward the prevention of suicide! SEGMENT TWO soon when I am ready.

The distance from Higgs Boson to God’s particle!

August 1, 2012

My background is Science, Psychology and Parapsychology. I think it would  be supportive of me to enlighten you with my knowledge about the universe we live in. Some of you reading these lines may think of me as arrogant. I welcome your point of view. All authentic perceptions of another person are valid from the position of the perceiver. Someone once said to me “Go to hell.” I responded, “Lead the way, you are the expert on that road map.” The enlightened ones will use my knowledge to start forming a more loving, authentic and useful relationship with God.  Keep your wonderful religious beliefs as they are – based on faith.  They are beautiful to the beholder. We all live with two identities: as believers we recreate the world to fit our beliefs and as scientists we observe the world trying to live in the Bahagavad Gita way, “as is,” in the truth.

Start your journey to Truth from the mirror at home: Most of you see a body you accept but would like to improve, let’s hope all the sounds you hear you like, all your odours are pleasant smells, you touch without pain and taste without indulgence. Now, look inside the body and watch your organs doing their nature’s assigned job with a smile. Get a microscope and zero in on  a cell. Watch how its nucleus divides and study its biochemical structure. Take out a molecule and enlarge it under an electron microscope. Zero in on a hydrogen atom, not only because you want to simplify Quantum Mechanics for better understanding, but also because having an atom in the palm of your hand with one electron orbiting one proton bring you the closest to – Higgs Boson!

Take two protons and collide them in a 27 miles circular Collider. Imagine what would have happened if you collided two cars at the speed of light? You wouldn’t have cars, you’d have tiny particles. The protons disintegrated into Bosons, Quarks, Leptons and a bunch of other subatomic particles. You are a physicist. You study the Higgs Boson and find out that it is about a sextillion of a millimeter in size and it’s job is to create mass for the atom. You get excited because you know that mass (physical universe, your body, etc.) matters to your life. You get even more  excited because a famous physicist jumped the gun and called the Higgs Boson a particle of God.

That is where I come in to clean up the beginning of a mess in Physics moving too fast on the road map to understanding Singularity. The distance from Higgs Boson to a God’s particle is much longer than the distance from a tiny cell to a huge body. Here is the road map: Start reducing the Higgs Boson by a factor of 1 over 270 zeros to get to Strings (theory). Strings are open and closed loops made of free and bound Monads. Monads are units of consciousness studied in Parapsychology (Leibnitz, 1675) (I have been a college professor of parapsychology for 25 years). Monads have self-veracity, purposive life and free will. Monads are the real particles of God, not the Higgs Boson. Free Monads live in your Pineal gland and frontal lobe. They constitute what you call the soul. Bound Monads are conscious constituents of matter. low bound monads are related to dark matter and have something to do with gravity. The important thing for you is to try to be on good terms with your soul and especially consciousness. Don’t get overwhelmed by this information. Have a good life. Wow, this one was a tough one for me to write. God bless!


February 16, 2011

I have lectured on palliative care, dying and the afterlife  at Langara college in Vancouver, Canada. I have lectured on the paranormal phenomena at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I have lectured on the last stage of life at Rio Hondo College in California for 26 years. I have teamed up with near-death-experience (NDE) patients to explore the subject. I have conducted seances. I have connected with unknown forces many times – visible! I am probably the most scientifically qualified parapsychologist to reveal to you the truth about life after death.

I am NOT telling you about my background to “toot my own horn,” but to have you listen to what I have discovered. I am an educator. The field of enquiry into Dying is so cluttered with religion, culture and points of view that to discover a true source of light in the heavens at night is almost impossible. If you get to read the information that I give out, you are very lucky because when the time comes to die you will be the only one around that will REALLY know what’s happening and what to do.

As you already know there are three aspects to being human: BODY, MIND and SOUL. If you lose two arms, are you still 100% here? Yes. Your body belongs to you but it is not you! An obese person can even lose 2 arms, 2 legs and 200 lbs and still be 100% here! You need to get that truth cold turkey to move on, got it? If you can’t get it right, stop reading and continue to drift in life until you drop – ignorance isn’t so bad! By now I probably lost half of you to cultural  “logic.” Let’s move to the second aspect of being human –  MIND. When you are born you don’t have a mind yet, yet you are 100% there. When you are born you don’t have your later body either. But, when you are born, and forever, YOU HAVE A SOUL; that purposive colony of units of consciousness (monads) in you forehead guided by veracity from your pineal gland. When a person dies, the soul that leaves the body is now called SPIRIT. In future postings I will show you how to communicate with a spirit of a loved one that crossed over. It is very difficult to do because spirits that live in a pre-light dimension have strict requirements before they respond.  There is nothing correct about the dishonest, disingenuous and inauthentic ways most people contact spirits. (TBC: what does one experience during dying and afterwards).

What do Byron, Schopenhauer and Leibnitz have in common?

April 3, 2010

The weekend was great getting together over latte’ and shooting the breeze until I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone was shooting their mouth about God, the human mind and what are souls made of.  Shooting the breeze was one thing but shooting the mouth was another. I asked, “Guys, what’s the soul really is made of?” and the bullshit began, people were shooting themselves in the foot with all kinds of beliefs.

What’s the matter with humans that they talk incessantly about “things” that they don’t really know about? I felt like a computer salesman trying to sell a laptop to cavemen 10,000 years ago. “Hey guys, Descartes (1700) discovered the soul when he said, cogito ergo sum. There is a sublime conduit of consciousness particles (sub-strings) descending from space through the pineal gland to the frontal lobe.’  The soul ‘particles’ don’t have mass, They are units of consciousness about the size of 1/10 to the power of 170 of the Atom, or about a thousand sextillion particles altogether. About a quarter are bound in physical matter, about half in dark matter and the rest are free Monads (discovered by Leibnitz, 1648).

They looked at me like I was a nut case, either not understanding what I was talking about or thinking that I am joking. I really didn’t tease anyone when I said, “The mind is a sophisticated calculator, software,  that’s it.” But, the greatest laugh I received was when I said, “Your body is not a part of who you are. If you lost an arm you’d still be 100% you and here too! The English poet Lord Byron said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Arthur Schopenhauer, the German philosopher (1800) said, “You will laugh when you hear the truth for the first time.” I think I made a mistake talking about mind, body, or soul in public. People don’t want to know who they really are. God help us all!