C-MOR and the power of money.

I need your help. What would you do if you discovered something that could save millions of people from a life of quiet desperation, but the thing is that although it is simple to do, it is not in the zeitgeist of humanity? It is not done! What would you do? I need your help with a new idea. All I can think of is C-MOR, and although it’s a great answer, I need your help because no one is listening! C-MOR is the code of conduct in my life. C-MOR brought me wealth, health and happiness. C-MOR has some influence on my immediate family through me but not enough to prevent their major challenges, they too have to live within the zeitgeist, the “box.” What would you do to get people to start doing what works when it is not in their “programming”????

C-MOR is Contingency Management Of Resources. Dr. Freud the psychoanalyst from Vienna talked about it in his books about sexual behavior to no avail, in fact people ridiculed him, Dr. Skinner the behaviorist from Harvard described it in his book with regard to human relations (Walden II) to no avail, Dr. Pavlov the physiologist from Moscow explain it in his manuals with regard to emotions to no avail, and I described it in my book The Psychology of Investing with regard to wealth accumulation to no avail.

Read this posting on C-MOR and the power of money, not as just another story and another story that you read every day. I want you to GET IT. If enough people around me get it, my human environment will get better and I will benefit too. What do I want you to get is that money has about a 1000% more power to influence beliefs than you ever thought. I know, you might think that the banking criminals that perpetrated our severe recession got away with it without getting punished because of other reasons but the truth is that they used the power of their money to influence the Courts, to change the perception of judges, Congress, the reduction in legislation of new laws, and quiet public opinion to throw them out of office. You, through your representatives let them keep the money they stole from the American people and not have to go to jail! They spent billions to get back the trust of Congress and retain their jobs in Wall Street and in – Congress itself (as the election demonstrated). The criminals used their C-MOR well, but not you. You voted for the same people who stole our money (I know you don’t believe that because you think that we have a new Congress). Why do you think most economists in the last 20 years approved relaxing the government regulation of the economy? They knew that it will lead to this terrible recession, but they were paid very well to blind their own PhD in economics from Harvard. Even Milton Friedman himself, the principal economist who advised governments changed his economic orientation  from Kinasian to Smithsonian. Greenspan too. The power of money is clandestine but blatant. Even in your life if you get divorced, God forbids,  the reason will be that C-MOR failed in your relationship in the area of money or sex, but in 27 years of college teaching I have not met one student getting married who took C-MOR seriously. What is the verdict? Zeitgeist? The same people who perpetrated the recession, unemployment, loss of homes and general misery around the world are still running the show. It will happen again I suppose until the Cro-magnon acquires a C-MOR gene through evolution, but when that happens everyone will deny it and CNN’s ratings will sky-rocket through discussions. :c


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