How to create full employment in the US with good wages!

Now that you decided not to vote today as I have asked you until we get better candidates running, I will tell you how to find the right candidate. Here is what your candidates what they should run on in order to create full employment in the US with good wages:

1. Keep skilled and super-skilled labor in the US. Let the Chinese have our cheap labor, the unskilled and semi-skilled. We can’t compete with the third world on cheap labor. Be nice to them, poor people need to eat.

2. Buy cheap raw materials from others and concentrate on making the highest quality end products and services in the US. We can win in competition over finished products with China and India. A good example of it is the fact that the new US cars already are the most good looking and  comfortable to ride in the world and are already equipped with XM radio and state of the art electronic communication and navigation equipment. All you need now is to demonstrate that they are the most reliable in the world (don’t do it with commercials, dummy, do it with repairs statistics).

3. Improve American education to prevent educated foreigners from coming here to get our super-skilled jobs. The dude you vote for must come up with a plan to revamp American education. Don’t vote for her/him if they think the system is fine, need more of your money to do the job, etc.

4. Vote only for candidates who can cite  5 great ways government can stimulate producers to produce and consumers to buy – American.

5. Vote only for candidates who can cite 5 bad behaviors for the economy of a company’s management and 5 good behaviors for the economy of a company’s management.

6. Vote for candidates who are willing to vote to establish 2 commissions:  To study how the German and Japanese auto industries copied the Americans since 1960 and came up with better cars in the 21st century, and how the Chinese are doing it right now.

As a footnote I must add that you should never ask me to run for office or draft me to run for office because I could never be elected. I operate too much outside the political “box.” As a psychologist, the only attempt that I have ever made to run for office was in 1978 in California and ended with disaster. I was shouted down by both republicans and democrats in my congressional district meeting before I even had a chance to file papers. Look for a candidate who will do what I suggest and act more humble than I do. As a professor I tend to lecture to voters. you need someone that can act sweet and humble like Bill Clinton but make a difference like Teddy Roosevelt.


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