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September 4, 2019

My main blog is called “Peaceful Revolution.” ( In 1998 I retired as a professor of psychology and parapsychology in California. In my blog we discuss anything that I think may be important or is interesting in your life and mine. Next month I will be 83. In 2011 I almost died from 2 cancers. My soul guided me to Dr. Robert Gorter in Germany. When I came back to Canada 8 MRI’s and blood tests later showed that I was cured. I wrote a book.

This posting is my first posting in “Peaceful Revolution” about my soul that helped me so much to recover from cancer. Before I was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 I thought my soul was just a concept that my Rabbi new about more than I did. Today I know what the soul is, where it comes from, what it does for me, what it won’t do for me, and more importantly, can I create a great relationship with it to benefit both?

After my birthday I will tell you more about my soul if you ask?


Soul mates marry for a life of happiness!

August 14, 2012

I am a behavioural psychologist. I taught a college accredited parapsychology research course at Rio Hondo College in California for 25 years, one of the few transferable 3 units courses on the paranormal ever taught in  higher education. Most individuals don’t marry their soul mates. After lecture one day Mary came to my office with a question, “Dr. Kinarthy, what do I have to do to find my soul mate?” Other students were interested but couldn’t cross the line from “material I have to study for a test” to “psychic stuff that I can use to help me live better.”

“Mary, do you date?” “Yes.” “Can you act?” “Yes.” “Have you been married before?” “Yes.” “When did you split?” “May 3, 1987.” “Do you date again?” “Yes.” “Good, when you go on a date inadvertently ask your date what he/she did or felt on that day.” The one who says “I was very happy, but I didn’t exactly know why,” may be your soul mate.” “You have to practice it a few times. One student had a bad car accident on September 9, 1996. One of his dates in 1998 cried for no apparent reason when he mentioned that date without the story!” Most of my married students didn’t marry their intended partner and tended to feel that something was missing in their relationships. The theory is simple: An intended soul mate you didn’t meet yet may feel significantly good or bad when something good or bad happens to you before you met. Go for the search and let me know what you discovered!.

True Love in Three Stages: Finding a perfect partner.

November 12, 2010

From the desk of a maverick psychologist:

Stage one is love-making: If you are hot you are hot and if you are not you are not. Boy meets girl. If there is great sexual attraction it will happen. The problem in this stage is the man. The man is “horny”by nature so the woman doesn’t really knows if he is attracted to her as a love-making partner. He knows that she is but she doesn’t know if he is, so she has to keep a secret chart called “initiating, responding and grading” for at least 3 month to find out if he stayed interested (he should keep a chart too, just to make sure that she was not just hot for his bud for a while.). Date and grade the quality of each love-making ( A,B,C, D or F). Let’s say the couple are “sex mates” (A and A is 100% sexually compatible, A and B is 80%, B and A 80%, B and B 70%).

Stage two is mental compatibility: The mind is the slayer of true love (Buddha). Boy lives with girl. If there is a meeting of the minds they will never fight dirty over money, sex, in-laws or kids, never! Fighting dirty means becoming critical of each other’s beliefs or behaviors instead of just agree to disagree and compromise. Couples can feel angry at each other at times but never be hostile, never hit below the belt when they fight, never bring into the fight something new or something from another fight or place. Mind Compatibility is hard to achieve unless you grew up in a home where parents had MC and you learned how to tame your mind and take all perceptions with a grain of salt. Facts speak for themselves. Here is a quick test: Bring the person you are in a relationship with to meet your parent of the opposite sex (outing, dinner?) and grade their interaction (A,B,C,D, or F). Here are a few rules: Genuine opposites attract. Having major mutual interests attract. Falling in love with each other helps. Taking classes together in psychology, workshops, etc. helps. There is no such thing as mind mates but high self-esteem, self-confidence, maturity, good looks, money, careers and personal commitment can ensure at least a B in the mental relationship. If you want an A in your mental relationship with a woman, like I have with my wife, you both have to take psychological compatibility battery of test (cost: about $500).

Stage three is being soul mates: About one in a hundred. Boy meets girl. If they happen to be soul mate they will find in conversations that before they met when one had a good event the other was happy that day and if one had a bad event the other was sad. But, it’s not that simple, for example, if you got married and divorced  before you met your true soul mate, she may recall that she felt pretty bad or something happen to her around the time of your first wedding!  You got a girl friend? Go on a date with her and compare good and bad events that occur to you two before you met, ten out of ten match is perfect, but even half will indicate that you two are soul mates :C