The Peaceful Revolution: Aung San Suu Kyi

She told the BBC this morning that she wanted a quick “peaceful revolution” in her country Burma. The “Peaceful Revolution” is the name of my blog “” but that is not why I mention her name here today. I have a message to her as a psychologist: Aung San Suu Kyi, I wish you great success in you endeavor  to bring peace and prosperity to your people. If you can achieve your peaceful revolution quickly it will be the first PR in human history. The probability of achieving it is very very low.  Please understand that the only real peaceful revolution possible in any country takes one generation to accomplish. But, the good news for impatient people is that it wouldn’t take a generation (25 years) to see the beginning of the results.

Contingency Management of Resources (C-MOR) is the answer. It is easy to learn to do. It is inexpensive. It starts in K-12 schools and ends in K-25. It works. But, here is the catch. The people in a country that want peace and prosperity for all are reluctant to start implementing a C-MOR program at grassroots level in communities because the process is not ceremonial, sensational, not news worthy with headlines, will not galvanize masses of people, wouldn’t generate excitement among most educators or politicians, it isn’t as a driving force as the violent Russian or French revolutions, it doesn’t require a government bureaucracy that employs millions, it would never be sanctioned by teachers unions because C-MOR teaches them how to teach, and it isn’t in the zeitgeist of any culture today!

Aung San Suu Kyi, you are a courageous lady, but if you really want to get your peaceful revolution off the ground and beyond  the BBC News, learn about C-MOR. He is our best friend!


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