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Know the nature of the beast! Democrats-socialists and Republicans-Americans.

November 25, 2016

The democrats-socialists of Obama-Hillary lost the 2016 election but don’t kid yourself they will never give up trying to take the country back away from freedom by any mean they can!!  That is the nature of the socialist beast. They never give up. The known groups on earth that can never give up are Fascists, Communists and Islamists. Let me add the Socialists to this “august” group because they are also fanatic in their belief that they have the answer to the salvation of humanity. We know that Nazi Germany got defeated militarily in second world war and that was the only reason they were gone. We know that left-wing communists in the Soviet Union got defeated economically and politically by republican Reagan and the United States and that was why they are gone.

We need to know that left-wing democrats-socialists Clinton-Obama socialism movement will lose fighting individualism, freedom and prosperity only if Trump as president and the capitalists in congress and the republican party can form a counter movement to the democrats-socialists and succeed in the next 4 years in appointing 2-3 conservative Supreme Court justices and also succeeded in the next 4 years in dismissing socialist college professors and HS teachers who undermined the US Constitution in the classrooms of America.  These teachers and professors have created a generation of Bernie’s Children age 18 to 30 afraid of leaving parental home (or government paternalistic programs) and carving for themselves a free and individualistic great American life style. These dependent personalities want to continue parental support through government programs. They could never make America great again. They follow Bernie’s and Hillary’s “stronger together” slogan to control America with more alien numbers. Can you imagine a big union of adults who behave like kids voting in 2020 to join the European Union?! Beware of the inflating “stronger together” slogan, its sinister and its coming to haunt us! They never give up. Know the nature of the beast.


Is present EU Socialism like past Germany’s National Socialism?

May 18, 2016

“European Council President Donald Tusk said that former London mayor Boris Johnson had “crossed a red line” when he compared the EU to Adolf Hitler in comments made earlier this week.”  As a social psychologist, let me clear up the confusion here. The EU cannot be like the Nazis but it may be on the same coin if you flip it over from “heads” to “Tails.”  Think of it as a perfect circle where the 2 ends almost meet. One end is called the extreme right and the other end is called the extreme left. Take the EU end a notch or two away from the extreme left into the area on the circle that you would call EU Socialism and you would find some commonality with National Socialism in the area of authoritarian behavior!

Translating my analysis to behavior, the angry right attacks you physically while the worried left attacks you mentally. Sure, the difference between the Gulag and the concentration camp is a matter of life or death, but some people may consider the difference between death and brain washing also like the difference between life and death. I will always prefer responsible democracy to Socialism, Communism or Fascism!

The case against democracy

May 30, 2015

I was sitting at the marina coffee shop with a friend a retired professor of law from the university of Toronto discussing the Messiah Complex (MC). The MC is a quest for a savior that had become a part of every suffering religion and culture in history. It is a juvenile dream. The powerful Romans tortured the Jews during the awful  2 centuries after the crucifixion of the  renamed Jesus messiah (he knew himself as Joshua), as if it wasn’t enough what they did to Jerusalem before 200 AD. A charismatic Rabbi named Bar Kosiba declared himself the Jewish redeemer, gathered half a million “feeble worrier” for a false Messiah around him and declared war on the strong Romans because he believed the “Right makes might,” Idiot! The Romans massacred all of them. Thank you, Rabbi Kosiba, idiot!

My posting today is not about half a million idiots who followed a Jewish colt leader who is today revered in Judaism but about a billion idiot who today vote in elections and think that they know what they are doing. These are the people who believe in democracy “as is” and vote for leaders like Wilson (“war to end all wars”) Nixon (“Watergate?” I am still not a crook.”), Bush (“Mission accomplished”), Clinton (“I had no sex with that woman.”) and Obama (“The United States has no manifest destiny. It is just a country like any other country.”).

What has all these presidents who can’t think to do with my smart professor? He was knowledgeable and eloquent and he thinks. He had earned the right to vote. I am sure if the common voters out there looking today at the  20 republican candidates for 2016 were as knowable as my professor they would be able to vote for leaders that would make decisions that would result in us having a better life. I really believe that to make democracy work you should earn the right to vote by going to school and getting good grades. The rest of you who vote, if you voted for any person on the list of “valueless” president above, you should disqualify yourself as a voter in fed elections. I don’t vote because there are no Teddy Roosevelt running any longer in this feeble country that needs to grow up! Did you ever have the feeling by looking at adults behavior that most are stuck at age 18!

Tiananmen Square is a lesson in psychology.

June 5, 2014

This posting isn’t in support of failed revolutions. The psychological lesson to learn from Tiananmen Square may not be exactly what you expect, TS was not an attempt to enhance human rights but an attempt to destroy China’s social and economic plan of progress in a name of an illusion about a better plan that didn’t exist! it’s a psychological lesson to be learned. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The freedoms those hundred thousand Chinese folks demonstrated for in the Square in 1989 was not democracy but Yeltsin anarchy. They didn’t know it but the same kind of freedom the Bolsheviks proclaimed in 1922 – people’s democracy. It is the Freedom the Egyptians tried to achieve in deposing Mubarak and electing Morsi, it is the “freedom” the people who fight Assad are trying to get with blood.  Face it, You never achieve true freedom through a revolution, never. Real freedom is achievable only through an evolution. All revolutions on earth that succeeded become governments that failed. That is why the Chinese government didn’t let it happen at a cost of 200 dead. They cared more about the future of China than the TS demonstrators. Idealists cause chaos, not democracy, they get power and don’t know what to do with it. Don’t get fooled by slogans in Ukraine, China, Egypt or elsewhere. You can’t have true democracy without the people who would vote for a government that would get at least a B+ for running a country. That takes years of preparations. Most countries who aspire for democracy should first elect a strong man for 10 years to prepare the infrastructure for freedom; good schools, good economy, good departments of state, commerce, skills, peaceful minds, etc.  The Chinese government in 1989 had to kill 200 “dreamers” so 2 billion Chinese in 2014 would have a life. Yeltsin was democratic, but Putin is better for Russia. He is semi-democratically elected but his methods of governing are productive. Israel is an excessive democracy and look at the mess they have created. Too much freedom to do anything, including self-damage! Egypt has just elected General Sissi as a strong man, he will put the country to work, good for them! Revolutions are justified only if the people are starving and oppressed and they don’t have personal freedoms (not the freedoms to ridicule or hinder the government). Demonstrations are wrong if you demonstrate to have the freedom to hinder your country’s progress, burn the flag, ridicule the leaders. Bad behavior is not freedom, undermining your country in the name of absolute freedom to do everything, to screw yourself up, should not be protected in the streets. Tiananmen Square was not an attempt at gaining freedom but an attempt at undermining China’s progress (the demonstrators didn’t know it). Don’t go demonstrating against anything unless you have a better program!! The justified demonstration in the street should be against a specific official who has demonstrated incompetence. (Obamacare failed, foreign policy failed, many countries under his watch feel lost, people of the world are not better off after his 6 years in office, the US is weaker, and so on). Go, demonstrate peacefully against him, he deserves it!

Ukraine: Human rights vs. political rights.

April 16, 2014

If you agree with US president Obama that the Russians who make up 60% of Eastern Ukraine should be a silent majority and accept to live in the part of Ukraine where 40% of the people who are Ukrainians control their destiny, you are with Obama who believes that the political rights of the Ukrainian majority in the whole country (70%) should determine who runs Eastern Ukraine. If you agree with Russian president Putin that the Russians who make up 60% of Eastern Ukraine should be the active majority and not accept to be governed by the 40% Ukrainian minority just because they are a part of the 70% Ukrainian majority in the whole country, you are with Putin who believes that the human rights of the Russian majority in Eastern Ukraine supersedes the political rights of the Ukrainian majority in the whole country to govern them.

As a social psychologist I believe that the life of a people is happier and better expressed when they get to vote for their own representatives to govern them. Human rights are 60% important and political rights are only 40% important. Therefore, Ukraine should vote for a new Constitution called Federal where each province that has a 51% majority of one ethnic group get to have a separate election of its government. English Canada and French Canada living in peace and prosperity together is a good example. My God, people, you can have both your human rights and political rights, a federal system to having your cake and eating it too!

Obama doesn’t know what to do!

March 9, 2011

Obama, I know you want love, but the world wants “tough love.” My book “The Psychology of Investing During the Chaotic Obama Years” is coming out this year. Although I talk about the stock market, a big part of my writing is about you, Obama, as the CEO of the United States, the only super power left to straighten out things. I warn my readers about your foreign policy a lot more than about your domestic policy, Obama boy. The passive way you handle the crisis in the Arab world will  undermine our finances next year. I am not a prophet but I feel prophetic when I say in my book that you Obama don’t understand the impact on us of what you are not doing. You wait for love where there is no love. In the book I state your biggest weakness as a leader, a weakness that will undermine not only our finances and oil prices but America’s CEO leadership in the world. Obama, you don’t know what to do with yourself when other leaders don’t want to socialize with with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is driven by the Facebook phenomenon. He wants every one to be his friend, from Mubarak to Ahmadinejad, from Netanyahu to the Merkel woman. Obama is so intensely seeking chummy relationships that if he met God he probably will not worship him immediately like the rest of us would but will invite God first to a social function in the White House! Not surprising that the first group Obama alienated in the United States is army brass. They don’t care to socialize. They are not the chummy type. No wonder Karzai the Afghan chief likes Obama – they socialize. Obama thinks he will entice Ahmadinejad to the White house one day for a hug. Stupido!

Take Libya: Mr. President, the time has come for you to act, not to be confused, not to hesitate, not to think about a no-fly zone for the next year while people are dying, not to let the Russians decide, not to let Clinton talk too much banalities, the time has come, Mr. President, to push for DEMOCRACY! Yes, get all the Libyans that want DEMOCRACY together and give them everything they need to get DEMOCRACY. It’s that simple, Mr. President: Support Democratic Forces, dummy! SDF, SDF, SDF, SDF, how many times do we the American people have to say it in your deaf ears – Support Democratic Forces!

In Egypt, Mubarak is gone. There are street battles between pro-democracy demonstrators and anti-democracy demonstrators. Obama is silent! American people, don’t you get it? If you let Obama continue to hesitate in fighting for DEMOCRACY in the huge Arab world these countries will end dictatorial (Iranian) again and their people and us will pay a high price beyond the gas pump. We will pay a higher price to keep our freedom, dignity, EVERYTHING you love! Act now dude, now! SDF!

Obama can save lives in Libya!

March 8, 2011

Obama is waiting. He wants to help the Libyan people but he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help save lives but he hesitates because there is no clear picture coming out of Libya. He doesn’t want to end on the wrong side of history. I suggest that he start reading blogs like mine. Some bloggers have better ideas than government secretaries, his official advisers. Some blogs are written by very smart people who refuse to be in government.

Obama can save lives in Libya if he stops thinking like a politician and start thinking like a human being. He will never end on the wrong side of history if he supports DEMOCRACY in Libya.  He and his friends in Europe must decide right now to actively support democracy in Libya.

How do you do that? You go on TV and say it! Emphatically!  They will hear you, Obama. You tell the people of Libya that if they show strong signs that they are fighting for true democracy in their country, free elections in 6 months, etc. you will help them. Can you imagine what will happen if they carry a million signs “US, please help us get Democracy.” The US is reluctant to help only because it isn’t sure that the rebels want Democracy in Lybia. As soon as signs go up, “We Want Democracy,” “We want jobs,” “We want a free election,” “Fight corruption,” “We love America.” My God, the help will come. The West will help any people who are literally dying to get Democracy. We know that as a fact! We know the millions in Europe and America care! The pressure on Obama will be too big not to act, not to get active and send troops for democracy. He will have to give Gaddafy a decent way out. The goal is not to punish one man but to get this oil rich country on our side. You, drivers, are hurt at the pump. Now you know why. Obama needs democratic ideas. Obama needs committment to democracy around the world. Obama needs you to tell it strongly!! American is great! Hey, dude, stop acting as if the only super power on earth is just another country!

Understanding the psychology of North and South KOREA!

January 21, 2011

Mark my words, soon North Korea will attack South Korea – again. How do I know that? The North bombed the South and the South asked for a peace conference! My first reasearch as a graduate student in psychology at the State University of California in 1970 was comparing Authoritarian and Egalitarian attitudes. In politics it would be comparing the governing style by people who usurp powers and the governing style of people who get elected. In business it would be people who work with you to accomplish a task or people who order you around. At home it would be a parent who shows you how to do a chore and a parent who force you to do it. Good, I got your attention! This posting isn’t only about South Korea and North Korea fighting each other, it’s about world peace! And, it’s about you and me! First, I want you to understand the dynamics of the conflict between a DEMOCRACY and a DICTATORSHIP, and second, I want you to understand the dynamics of the conflict between you as a free person and individuals you relate to who grew up in authoritarian homes, religions and cultures.

The reason I am successful in relationships is that my mother was a democratic type and my father was dictatorial. I learned early in life (in my teens) to work and play nice together with others in school, as my mother had taught me. My father, on the other hand, said, “Elior, don’t forget to think big and kick ass when someone steps on your toes.”

The problem with democracies like South Korea is that they didn’t “kick ass” when the North sank their ship and bombed their island. The problem with democracies like the United States is that they didn’t bomb Iran when Iran kidnapped 444 American diplomats. The problem with democracies is that they lose the motivation to “kick ass” when dictatorships attack them. Sure, they end fighting them and winning when they get sick and tired of being kicked around but at a greater cost because they had waited till the last moment to “kick ass.” A teacher is high school once asked me, “Elior, why did you break George’s  arm, he only tripped you in the playground. “I remember saying to the teacher, “My dad taught me that if I don’t kick back twice as hard for every kick I absorb, they’ll come back for more.” Interestingly, when I became a psychologist I understood it in a nicer way as “Contingency management of conflict resolution.”

In the 20th century, the Right was dictatorial and the Left was democratic. In the 21st century it’s the opposite, the Right is democratic and the Left is dictatorial. Capitalism is economic freedom, Socialism is economic control, Republicans  are for less political control over your life and Democrats are for more, Christians are for free behavior in relationships and Islamists are for total control of women,  Israel is a free society and Palestine is a controlled society, South Korea makes excellent LG (Life’s Good) appliances for the home and North Korea develops weapons to destroy homes. in short, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who relate openly and those who coerce, people who believe in the relative rights of the individual and those who believe in the absolute rights of the group over the individual!

Now you know what to do! If you are the open-minded, flexible democratic personality type, treat the dictatorial, rigid, authoritarian person you meet with RESPECT until he kicks your ass – and he will! Then, beat the shit out of him. He will become your friend and change for the better – guaranteed, if you do it right! (read the book by Dr. Robert Lindner “The 50 Minute Hour”). About your democratic government, you must influence YOUR democratic government to be more effective in dealing with dictatorship governments. At the present time all the dictatorships in the world are in conflict with the world’s democracies whether it is in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, or Pakistan. Make the world better, faster – by kicking ass as a response to kicking ass! Donald Trump is my hero, although he didn’t take conditioning as far as I did! Have great relationships! Read my 200 postings! It’s free! I care!

The Peaceful Revolution: Aung San Suu Kyi

November 15, 2010

She told the BBC this morning that she wanted a quick “peaceful revolution” in her country Burma. The “Peaceful Revolution” is the name of my blog “” but that is not why I mention her name here today. I have a message to her as a psychologist: Aung San Suu Kyi, I wish you great success in you endeavor  to bring peace and prosperity to your people. If you can achieve your peaceful revolution quickly it will be the first PR in human history. The probability of achieving it is very very low.  Please understand that the only real peaceful revolution possible in any country takes one generation to accomplish. But, the good news for impatient people is that it wouldn’t take a generation (25 years) to see the beginning of the results.

Contingency Management of Resources (C-MOR) is the answer. It is easy to learn to do. It is inexpensive. It starts in K-12 schools and ends in K-25. It works. But, here is the catch. The people in a country that want peace and prosperity for all are reluctant to start implementing a C-MOR program at grassroots level in communities because the process is not ceremonial, sensational, not news worthy with headlines, will not galvanize masses of people, wouldn’t generate excitement among most educators or politicians, it isn’t as a driving force as the violent Russian or French revolutions, it doesn’t require a government bureaucracy that employs millions, it would never be sanctioned by teachers unions because C-MOR teaches them how to teach, and it isn’t in the zeitgeist of any culture today!

Aung San Suu Kyi, you are a courageous lady, but if you really want to get your peaceful revolution off the ground and beyond  the BBC News, learn about C-MOR. He is our best friend!

England: Religious freedom to die the Hindu way is denied…

February 11, 2010

…then allowed at a cost of millions of $$$ to the British tax payers. Is there a Democracy on Earth that understands its own religious freedom clause in its own constitution? I doubt it. It always has to go through the courts, and the decision is left to a subjective perception of a judge or two. I once surveyed Mexican-American students in California. 20% believed  that the Aztec religion in Mexico that preceded Catholicism in that country had the religious right to sacrifice children to appease their Gods. To one out of five students in the survey it was a religious freedom issue!

Ladies and gentlemen, time to clear up the issue of religious freedom, ones and for all: You have the right to believe anything, to practice anything, to worship anything, to wear anything, to have any ritual you want (even sex in a Holy Temple as they used to do), and to support any religion that existed, exists, and will exist in this world. But, your right to live or die comes with one string attached: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE PEOPLE OR HURT PEOPLE WHILE DOING YOUR RELIGIOUS THING.

MR. Davender Ghai, a British citizen of the Hindu religion, has the right to be cremated in an open-air funeral pyre IN NEWCASTLE as long as the open pyre is surrounded by walls. Too bad that the idea of this form of cremation is abhorrent to Mr. Ghai’s neighbors. If the Newcastle City Council knew what is religious freedom, they would have not fought Mr. Ghai in court at a cost of million $$$ to the British tax payers. You see, my friends in England, ignorance about religious freedom cost you money. Scary: it takes 10 major fallacies in a society to lose its standard of living. Most of you find it hard to make ends meet because you let your hard-earned tax money be used by government to perpetuate an ideology and not to create jobs and affordable housing, Bingo! I know you’d like that one!