The story that everyone ignores.

These creatures come in the middle of the might and steal your energy. Oh, I forgot to tell you that life is a struggle between invaders and defenders, that what happens inside mimics what happens outside, that everything except the truth is relative and that it all gets reversed. You are as high as you are low, that’s the law!

Who are the defenders? These creatures don’t let the other creatures steal your energy. They know that the bad guys feed on your energy and that the good guys can’t kill all the bad guys. So, what do they do? They do what is in their nature; they feed the bad guys energy so the bad guys like lions in Africa after a meal – go to sleep. Wow! Why can’t we mimic nature and put the bad guys to sleep happy? Well, you can’t because you developed weapons to kill them, not feed them, you live in religion and culture, not nature. You can’t even tell the good creatures from the bad guys. You live in a la-la land.

My Russian friend who had prostate cancer like me 10 years ago went for prostatectomy. The creatures came in the middle of the night while he was in the hospital and stole his energy. A growing fight ensued in his groin, his tumor returned and he became incontinent before he died. I looked up the defenders on Google. They came and fed the invaders a sumptuous electronic dinner. The invaders went to sleep happy. The inflammation was gone. I got up in the morning with so much energy that I could spare some for my friend, but he was already gone!

Sure, my story is only a “Dimui,” an analogy, not real, only a story. I couldn’t tell you the truth as is because it’s too painful. My friend is dead and I am alive because we went our separate medical ways when we came to Frost’s fork in the road. The famous poet got it right, the road not taken is the one that leads to Health, Wealth and Happiness! Vladimir, please take it next time!!!!!


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