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Today is the vote on Trumpcare.

March 24, 2017

Trump will probably win the “Yes” vote by one or two votes today. It’s in his book, “The Art of the Deal.” I voted for him and I don’t regret it – yet? I had cancer and I was scheduled for chemotherapy. I went to Germany instead and paid for private immunotherapy. Today I am cured of 2 Stage IV cancers. What if I couldn’t afford to pay for my immunotherapy there? I’d be probably dead because my California teacher insurance or my Canada wife insurance probably wouldn’t cover immunotherapy because immunotherapy is natural-holistic, too fancy to be covered by insurance companies in most countries (The 10% Rule). The democrats and the republicans in Congress do not have a clue or a clause in their today’s Trumpcare bill that should say, “This bill provides the best treatment available for cancer patients at the best price possible.” If they wrote that into the bill I would be surprised. Politicians by definition are not capable of passing any A+ bill.

Plan B says, “Pass the Trumpcare and get to work on improving it by 2020.”  If that is what Trump is aiming to do, then my vote for him was not wasted. I have to think and care about all the people who do not have the money to pay for immunotherapy in Germany. You see, the US treasury owes 20 trillion dollars debt because of Obama’s Socialism bug for 8 years and Bush Iraq bug for his 8 years. A quarter of the 20 trillion bucks could have given us the best Trumpcare in the world – wishful thinking! The US Constitution doesn’t guarantee an A+ CEO for the country. Trump is better than Bush and Obama but he is not the best. The best never run for office, who likes to deal with C+ colleagues who can’t come up with at least a B+ Bill?


Trump want to replace “Obamacare” with “Trumpcare”?

October 27, 2016

What is “Trumpcare”? We know what “Obamacare” is: Premiums go up, service goes down, in places where there is only one care provider costs become prohibitive and care is poor. The future of Obamacare under Hillary Clinton as president is bleak. Why? Because Hillary and Obama are left-winger socialists like the leaders in the European Union (EU). They don’t see competition as important to raising the standard of living of people. They like big government to dictate to people their reality of penalty rates for not obeying orders and accepting high premium rates. Hillary is paternalistic and globalists (Their village will raise your child) and her government will double down on bureaucracy and power, run by her satisfied socialist friends.

“Trumpcare” is not advertised enough because Trump is stupid not to play smart politics during a crossroad election, so I will say it for him. “Trumpcare” will open up the field of health care to competition between a great health package offer negotiated by a Trump’s administration (contracted providers package, CPP) and what’s provided by the private care industry. You will have a choice to mark “Americacare” on your tax return, pay a small premium automatically, and get excellent contracted medical services at cheap cost – like in Canada. Or, you will have a choice to mark “Clintoncare” on your tax return and get promises of an improved “Obamacare.” Someone on Hillary’s election team said the other day that “The American voters are stupid,” Well, in 10 days you will have a chance to show Hillary that the American voters are not stupid but smart. They knows the difference between “Obamacare” and Americacare.” Socialism didn’t work in the European Union and will not work in America. Bless our unique Constitution! The leftists tried to kill competition at the turn of the last century during the time of Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency (1910) and failed. They will also fail now at the turn of the 21st century! Bye, bye Bernie, Hillary, Obama, Bill and Carter, your leftist ideology has made the life of Americans poor and unhealthy. Bring back the competition.  Time to make America great again!

Obamacare website. He really tried!

October 24, 2013

I mean it, Obama, I know that you really tried to design a good healthcare program for the American people, and this president really tries to hire a competent website company to set up the Obama care on-line system for the American people. The problem is that as a trained lawyer president Obama you were not educated in Science. You really need to set up a pilot study and replicate its results before you spend other people’s money to implement the Obama care program. You can’t just trust your instinct that it would work, especially when using other people’s money. And, regarding the website company that you hired to build the Obama care website, you can’t just pay them and expect them to do a great job after being paid. You see, Obama, it’s not your fault, you were never a businessman, you didn’t know that if you pay someone before they do the work, you can’t really run things well. Well, the American people elected you twice knowing that you were not a scientist or a businessman, so they got fooled and you lost their money. We all know from psychology that the people cannot be better than their leader unless there was a divine intervention. So far it happened in the Soviet Union ones and at the Vatican recently. We sure need a DI in America before it gets worse. You simply can’t trust a leader without education is business and science! in.

What causes the gridlock in Washington?

October 8, 2013

You know that I always tell the truth in this blog regardless of consequences because I am wealthy and I don’t need side income. Abraham Maslow, the father of the school of psychology called Humanistic Psychology and the creator of the self-actualization pyramid said, “Your vote is only as good as your culture let you act.” The American culture doesn’t educate you to vote for the candidate with the highest governing values for the people, although our leaders are better behaved than the leaders in most other countries. In fact, to vote based on values might be unconstitutional! When I was a professor of psychology on a hiring committee, we got a directive from Sacramento stating that we cannot ask candidates value questions or personal questions. Once we interviewed a candidate for a position of assistant professor of psychology who it was clear to me considered female students inferior to male students. I was not allowed to ask him any questions about personal values as if the personality of the instructor has no effect on students and is irrelevant to teaching in public schools. The same cultural directive you get when you enter the voting booth, “Don’t consider the personal values of the candidate you are electing to office.” (I never voted, went into business with or chose as friends negative people. I had too many in my family). You the voter created the gridlock in Washington that is affecting your life but it not your fault, only your responsibility (You are not taught in school about the huge difference between these two words either). Do you want a better life? Next election you will have to pull yourself up with your own bootstraps. You will have to ask the candidate before you decide who to vote for the simple question, “Is Obamacare gives you the best medical care for the buck”? If the congressman says “Yes, but I didn’t vote for it” he is plain stupid. If he says, “No, but I voted for it” through him out. If he says “No, and I didn’t vote for it” elect him again. Do you want a better life? Start looking for candidates that can answer the question “Please explain to me how Obamacare violate the cost/benefit rule”? Vote for him if can describe the answer well, and if enough of you do that, the next congress will get you a health care program that covers everyone at a reasonable cost!