“Dark matter.” What’s wrong with the investigation?

Physics say that dark matter doesn’t interact with ordinary matter. Physicists get their conclusion from a list of human stupidities as long as evolution itself. They cast science aside and go with logic and rationality, the two disastrous intellectual traits that produced a lot of skeptics about avant-garde research. They say, “If dark matter interacted with ordinary matter it would not stay dark.” Wrong. Dark matter occasionally interacts with electrons, protons, neutrons but mostly within quantum mechanics processes (sub, sub atomic interactions). I am not necessarily religious but in the Bible (Genesis) it says, …and God said let there be light and there was light. In physics it would mean that the universe was all dark matter between Singularity and the appearance of photons! Why can’t physicists get it? Dark matter was reduced to 80% of space only after galaxies formed, and the interactions continue two ways, 1) When stars end their fusion, they replenish the dark matter with what’s left of them, and 2) When dark matter annihilate itself (positive-negative cancellation) it is activated by quantum mechanics and turns into ordinary matter – for building new suns!  Now, here is the interesting part. As galaxies cool off and turn into dark matter when the universe will be about three times older than now, the amount of dark matter will increase to a critical point (90%+?) and super gravity will pull the remnant galaxies back into a big crunch. This is the universal law of Reversibility that human stupidity ignores (read Piaget). I could go on and on but I don’t want to upset the astrophysicists. I am an Astroparapsychologist.


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