The Boston massacre. Think solution!

You hear a lot of nonsense on the news that sounds real but it’s not. It’s sensationalism, a subconscious way to present tragedy on the tube to keep viewers on. Let’s get the truth out and hope that your politicians have the “guts” to make a difference (it isn’t Obama, although his talk is impressive). A few terrorists put together 2 bombs and detonated them at the finish line of the Boston marathon. Here is possibilities:

They thought the Boston marathon was a low risk situation: A mass killing target with low risk and  lots of side benefits; create fear, reduce participation in sport, demoralize people.  Symbolically, hit Boston, the old heart of America where freedom comes from. Symbolically, let the American people know how stupid they are that their 100 security agencies can’t protect them diddle shit. I concur on that one. Americans are stupid, willing to die but not vote to seal off their borders. Why are Americans willing to die but not teach the love of America in their educational system. True, if you seal the borders and teach citizens (kids) to love their home land USA, Boston massacres will stop.

I think enough is enough. It doesn’t matter who did it and why they did it (Obama is a fool).   What matters is that you feel pride in your home and you won’t let strangers in unless invited. What matters is that you act smart and send your kids to schools where teachers teach the love of your home land, your free country where millions of infiltrators try to enter because it is so good to be here.  Americans, would you be smart enough demand of your reps to do these two things? They save life.


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