Law of Instrument and Law of Culture.

The ideas of Abraham Maslow the father of humanistic psychology are not as threatening to human culture as Freud’s ideas, but are threatening enough for schools not to really teach them. I am writing this blog posting waking up my pet dream that you might change your voting pattern in the next election and vote for representatives committed to the security of Americans more than they are committed to great explanations when the FBI and the CIA fail to protect us in New York city or Boston. Here is a psychological insight: Maslow’s 1966 Law of Instrument says, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you see everything as a nail.”  Terrorists are not nails, they use nails. The FBI and CIA are not trained how to use psychology of terrorism instruments. That is a fact that cost lives! Worse than that, in the Law of Culture Maslow says, “Without extensive training you will do only what your culture let you do.” The American culture is not designed to know how to fight terror. To do that, you need to train agents to use thinking out of the box. As I said at the beginning of this posting, would my pet dream for you to vote differently be fulfilled? The answer is No. Take a good example from the Second Amendment. Even when children die, you will not ban assault weapons. Think about Maslow. How nice is would be to take his two Laws seriously!


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