India’s health.

The Supreme Court of underdeveloped India is protecting India’s poor. Why is it important for us in the west to acknowledge it? It is important for us to know it in case the supreme courts in developed countries will not protect the poor in those countries, which is likely. You see, when the patent on important cancer drugs expires generic drug companies are allowed to manufacture the drugs for pennies and make them available cheap in poor countries. Multinational drug companies shouldn’t mind that because by then they have paid off their R&D loans and made billions of dollars. It is time for the poor to benefit from the successful R&D unless the drug companies are heartless. Are they? According to Darwin’s law of the survival of the fittest sooner of later they will all be unless stopped. Some drug companies chemically modify their original drug enough to be able  patent it again and not allow generic drug companies legal access to manufacture the drug generically for the poor.

Thank you, India, for protecting the poor. Shame on you drug companies CEO’s that don’t allow cancer drugs to be manufactured by generic drug companies when the original patent expired. Please don’t be greedy and hurt the poor. Take your Karma positively.


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