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“Dark matter.” What’s wrong with the investigation?

April 26, 2013

Physics say that dark matter doesn’t interact with ordinary matter. Physicists get their conclusion from a list of human stupidities as long as evolution itself. They cast science aside and go with logic and rationality, the two disastrous intellectual traits that produced a lot of skeptics about avant-garde research. They say, “If dark matter interacted with ordinary matter it would not stay dark.” Wrong. Dark matter occasionally interacts with electrons, protons, neutrons but mostly within quantum mechanics processes (sub, sub atomic interactions). I am not necessarily religious but in the Bible (Genesis) it says, …and God said let there be light and there was light. In physics it would mean that the universe was all dark matter between Singularity and the appearance of photons! Why can’t physicists get it? Dark matter was reduced to 80% of space only after galaxies formed, and the interactions continue two ways, 1) When stars end their fusion, they replenish the dark matter with what’s left of them, and 2) When dark matter annihilate itself (positive-negative cancellation) it is activated by quantum mechanics and turns into ordinary matter – for building new suns!  Now, here is the interesting part. As galaxies cool off and turn into dark matter when the universe will be about three times older than now, the amount of dark matter will increase to a critical point (90%+?) and super gravity will pull the remnant galaxies back into a big crunch. This is the universal law of Reversibility that human stupidity ignores (read Piaget). I could go on and on but I don’t want to upset the astrophysicists. I am an Astroparapsychologist.

Psychological analysis of Genesis chapter 4!

August 19, 2012

This posting is mainly for people who believe in the story of Genesis. You will gain insight into your relationships from my analysis of the first murder in Biblical history. By the way, I will not analyse what believe in the Genesis means, I leave that to you although it is a key as  to how much benefit you can get from my analysis of the story However, those of you who do not believe in the Bible can still get some benefit from my analysis of why Cain murdered his brother Abel. For both groups, the first thing you have to understand is that the writer of Genesis was human (although highly spiritual) and he or she could have chosen many other psychological reasons than jealoussy for the murder. The fact that he chose jealousy means that in order to improve your relationships you have to take jealousy out of the equation! Human feelings of jealousy explain why more successful individuals, racial groups, ethnic groups, nations, religions, cultures, and wealthy people are usually hunted by less successful ones. There is no question that grilled lamb chops would stimulate more of the six senses in an authority figure than an average offering of brocoli. Now, Cain could have chosen delicious figs and grapes as his offering to God, but even than a ritual offering of roasted lamb with its aroma would beat any grilled or not grilled vegetable. Feelings of jealousy in humans are unavoidable. It is built into all human relationships. The feeling cannot be prevented, but the behaviour of less successful people hurting the more successful ones can! How? Two ways: 1. Education, and 2. strength. If Abel used his knife (he had a weapon he used to ward off animals that try to attack his sheep) to kill Cain in self-defense, history would have been different.  Jealousy may not have been chosen as so powerful a force in relationship to a father figure. A sweating older son, a poor farmer whose  land did not produce quality food, would not have been chosen as the killer and his wealthy younger brother, who raised great sheep with love and care, would not have been chosen as the slain son.

Were you  so immersed in my cute story that you forgot why I wrote it? I hope not. Start by teaching children who do not do well in school not to act out against children who do well (you can’t teach them not to be jealous). Teach children who do not learn as well as others not to drop out of school and start hurting nerds. Teach them to stay in school and take remedial education. Teach children not to be so at awe about authority figures (authoritarian societies don’t achieve). And, finally, teach children who do well in school how to defend themselves physically if attacked. I feel strongly about this because I was a smart and gentle teenager when I was growing up and the bullies always picked up fights with me, stole my lunch box, called me sissy and kicked me out of the basketball team. That is, until I learned the martial arts!

The best thing that you can learn from the story of Genesis, chapter 4, is that if you are a high achieving person learn to defend yourself physically. Others who can’t compete with you successfully will then not hurt you but will choose you their leader. Can you imagine if Abel twisted Cain arm as Cain was trying to murder him, and said, “If you try to kill me again I will break your neck.”

More about C-MOR!

August 27, 2011

I really want to help. Last night I watched Spielberg’s movie Help and I asked myself why can’t we all get together on Facebook and Twitter to get the ball rolling toward a better life. What is holding us back? The answer came the next morning, Saturday, as befitting the Hebrew Shabbat. What is holding us back is that we don’t know where to go from here. There are just too many people having too many false solutions that look good to their followers. Am I just another dude with an idea? You would think so unless you have read Walden II and followed the lives of Rousseau, Buddha, Freud, Skinner and Pavlov. The first question you have to ask yourself in trying to understand how C-MOR can create a great life for all humans on this planet is the perennial question; is man good, bad or a blank tablet? The answer is simple. Man’s behavior is good if the environment he grows in is safe, supportive and friendly and the school he goes to is designed by C-MOR experts. Man’s behavior is bad if the environment he grows in is unsafe, not supportive or friendly and the school he goes to is designed by today’s educators (in every country!). The child’s brain is a blank tablet for parents, schools and care givers to write on.

C-MOR stands for contingency management of resources. It is very easy to learn and implement if you are serious about creating a mid-course-maneuver in your life and others. Without doing it you’d have to explain to your children why a better life is always just around the corner in your community!  My posting today isn’t just another reading to browse on the Internet. Stay with me only  if  you are comfortable with this obvious truth (at 75 I am no longer a politically correct psychologist). If  you continue to read I will assume you are serious enough to want to learn about life from Freud, Skinner, Pavlov and Buddha and I will continue to write

Contingency is a technical English word that Skinner described as behavior that is controlled by its consequences. In Eastern philosophy the word is akin to the word Karma: You make good causes and you get good effects, you make bad causes and you get bad effects. In the Bible it is : “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7-9. In Behaviorism it is called positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment. Here is an example from today: I was seated in food court at the mall for lunch when I saw a mother screaming at her screaming young daughter, “Don’t scream at your mother.” There is nothing more important in human relationships than to learn about contingencies! It will be giant step for mankind, even greater than landing on the moon! Now that I got your attention for sure, let me tell you what the Russian Pavlov got to do with all these. I was once at a party and a beautiful girl was all over a guy she just met who was trying to avoid her company.  I asked the host because was curious and I knew what to look for (practice: you can too). Turned out that  the beautiful girl wear similar jewelry that his girlfriend wear on the weekend she cheated on him! But, why was she all over him? Guess what, took me a week to find out that he wore a shirt like the one she bought for her dad for his birthday in Hawaii! You see, a genius Russian, Pavlov, found out that our emotions develop by association with events in our lives (now you know why brocoli turns you off and vanilla ice-cream doesn’t).

From time to time I will write more about C-MOR if there is demand. You see, I get emotional about good people, and their visits to my blog is my reward. That is why I took an hour of my busy day to write the best posting that I ever did Get going with C-MOR!

Should the Bible be taught in public schools?

January 31, 2010

‘Should the Bible be taught in public schools?’ was a question that appeared  on CNN this Sunday morning. My blog, called ‘The peaceful Revolution” is dedicated to a “Thinking Revolution” in society, and the “Clarification of Values” for the American public. What a better subject than that? I will clear up this constitutional amendment issue ones and for all, so the Courts (a miracle?) or someone in government (another miracle?) will read about it and learn how not screw it up, as they usually do with important issues in society. The justification for teaching about the New Testament (Christianity), Old Testament (Judaism), Koran (Islam), Upanishad and Bhagavad Gita (Hinduism), or the Veda (Buddhism),  holy books of the  5  major religions on earth, is justified because these religions affect your life every day, just as much, if not more, than the study of Chemistry, Mathematics, or Political Science.

Thirty years ago my college asked me to develop a course in Parapsychology because “psychic phenomena is out there in the world and it affects lives.”. I had to convinced the curriculum committee that there was a profound difference between “Teaching about Tarot cards” and  “Playing parlor games in a college classroom.” I did. Translating this to CNN concerns about teaching about the holy books of humanity in public schools, let me assure you that such knowledge will cut religious conflict for our next generation, as long as you teach only the history of the religion, as written in the holy books, and the religious rules and practices as written in the holy books. You let the students do their own interpretation and explanation of scriptures. The Supreme court of the United States should form a Judicial commission to go through each holy book and mark in pen the passages that will be allowed to be taught in public school. The students and Deans should  rate the instructor on one question only, “Did the instructor taught the class about the history and religious rule and practices as written in the holy book, or did he teach how to become a member of that religion?”

A society that knows the difference between teaching how to do something and actually doing it – is a winning society in history!