Psychoanalysis of voters: Hillary vs. Trump for “Mama” vs. “Papa.”

2016 voters analysis show that about 55% of white voters vote for Trump, about 45% vote for Hillary, about 10% of black voters vote for Trump and 90% vote for Hillary and about 25% of Latin voters vote for Trump while 75% vote for Hillary. Why? Hillary promises to be a “big mama” while Trump does not promise to be a “big papa.” Minority voters are more prone to be dependent personalities than white voters. They were not raised as children to emphasize independence and achievement. Their hope as dependent adults is to have Hillary at the helm as a “mama” president and give out free tuition education and government jobs. Minorities accept the terrible cost of dependency. They seem to fail to understand that a “Mama” leader will keep them children to satisfy white men paternalism. Sure, Papa Trump is better for minorities’ growth and independence but he acts wobbly and they worry about voting for him. The verdict is clear, if Hillary becomes president the US will lose its bill of rights and constitutional spirit forever. It will become like a second rate EU country dependent on the “village” for its income from savings accounts. Hillary is not a product of American freedom and prosperity. Most of her decisions for 30 years were socialist, not capitalist. As a black or Latin voter you need to think twice before you decide that to stay dependent and not be as successful as you could be is the best you can get. This is not all you can get our of life. Vote for Trump despite of him being an idiot as a politician. He can make America great but his personality will never be great. He will not make America feel secure. But, for God’s sake, it’s better to have stupid Papa T than phony Mama H at the helm. Don’t you think so?


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