Obama can save lives in Libya!

Obama is waiting. He wants to help the Libyan people but he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help save lives but he hesitates because there is no clear picture coming out of Libya. He doesn’t want to end on the wrong side of history. I suggest that he start reading blogs like mine. Some bloggers have better ideas than government secretaries, his official advisers. Some blogs are written by very smart people who refuse to be in government.

Obama can save lives in Libya if he stops thinking like a politician and start thinking like a human being. He will never end on the wrong side of history if he supports DEMOCRACY in Libya.  He and his friends in Europe must decide right now to actively support democracy in Libya.

How do you do that? You go on TV and say it! Emphatically!  They will hear you, Obama. You tell the people of Libya that if they show strong signs that they are fighting for true democracy in their country, free elections in 6 months, etc. you will help them. Can you imagine what will happen if they carry a million signs “US, please help us get Democracy.” The US is reluctant to help only because it isn’t sure that the rebels want Democracy in Lybia. As soon as signs go up, “We Want Democracy,” “We want jobs,” “We want a free election,” “Fight corruption,” “We love America.” My God, the help will come. The West will help any people who are literally dying to get Democracy. We know that as a fact! We know the millions in Europe and America care! The pressure on Obama will be too big not to act, not to get active and send troops for democracy. He will have to give Gaddafy a decent way out. The goal is not to punish one man but to get this oil rich country on our side. You, drivers, are hurt at the pump. Now you know why. Obama needs democratic ideas. Obama needs committment to democracy around the world. Obama needs you to tell it strongly!! American is great! Hey, dude, stop acting as if the only super power on earth is just another country!


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