Psychologist Muzafer Sherif and the “Robbers Cave” Experiment.

Jon, you deserve a comprehensive response to your important question about posting #7. Peace and prosperity would have existed on Earth today, instead of the endless media debates how to bring it about, if people, governments or psychologists had listened seriously during the 20th Century to a group of six maverick “shrinks” (please forgive everyone for not listening to them because, as Jesus put it, people know not know what they do). The magnificent six whose findings were rejected by humanity were Muzafer Sherif, the amazing Turkish social psychologist, graduate of Harvard University, Jean Piaget, the amazing Swiss psychologist, B.F. Skinner, the incredible Harvard University Behaviorist,  Zigi Freud, the genius Austrian psychiatrist,  Thomas Szasz, the maverick Czechoslovakian psychologist, and Dr. Laing, the famous British psychiatrist. If their findings were implemented by governments or people, life of earth today would be peaceful and prosperous!

Posting #7 was about replacing words with action. Muzafer Sherif and his wife discovered the key to effective conflict resolution between “enemies.” Their finding was so unconventional that no one in government or academia wanted to take action that would “kill” the exciting political debate about peace and prosperity! Muzafer’s amazing findings that to get the “Rattlers” and the “Eagles” to move from enmity to friendship the authorities had to create a “mutually exclusive contingency management” situation was never implemented!

My dear listeners,  in 30 years of work as a psychologist and a college professor, I have yet to meet a person who would take B.F. Skinner’s “contingency behaviorism” seriously, Muzafer Sherif’s “contingency social relationships” seriously, Zigmund Freud’s “contingency personality conflicts” seriously, or  Thomas Szasz’s “contingency ‘abnormal’ relationships” seriously. People love endless debates, not solutions, or in the words of Dr. Freud, “Humanity’s desire for endless debate is a neurotic preoccupation with the concept of progress.” Have a great day.

By the way, Jon, my whole life works within a  contingent management of relationships!  Take a hint, son! Enjoy!


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