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Israel and the United States: How the Left is trying to destroy these 2 great democracies.

March 15, 2017

If you browse in my previous postings you’d find one where I analyse the true foundations of left and right thinking. If you find the article you’d discover there  the number one fundamental difference between a left thinking personality and a right thinking personality. It is the ideas of withering of the state, by Carl Marx.  Originally, this lofty goal of the left came from Das Capital, a stupid book by Carl Marx where the end of the world is a prediction of doom.  Marx says, “Because Capitalistic States exploit the workers,  the good news for your future is that humanity will wither these bad states.”  The historical process according to Marx is done slowly, first the weakening of boundaries between States, than the melting of all  boundaries:

In the US and Israel the left is active in smashing of boundaries of all kinds, let’s examine a few, 1) The US Marines under Obama accepted women into fighting units disregarding the fact that a woman and a man in a tank in the middle of a tank battle or in training is detrimental to battle communication and focus on victory. Obama, instead, will be happy with borderless mixing of  sexes for good free sex hollywood style – in a tank!  Things that shouldn’t mix today because of nature – mix anyway in bathrooms, tanks, Boardrooms, kitchens, space shuttles and operating rooms – as patients! A tank becomes a bedroom, million mixing like this and the world becomes an amoeba trying to find its skin and fix that (as the 4 star general implied)!  You, the future Hillary voter, will then ask, “Where did I go wrong, honey, sweet, are you my opposite sex partner aren’t you?’ The answer is “You went wrong, honey dude, in the ballot box, too many Bill and Hillary dudes.” But apparently to Obama and the Israeli leftist generals it is what they want – no borders!!  It is now happening all over Europe, Israel and the USA. The democrats in Congress want to integrate women into the armed forces even more! In Israel it is even worse. 90% of all the generals of the army are leftists and they recently decided that girl  draftees can “men” battle tanks and kill others without hesitation just as easily as men! (not true). The borders of Israel and the US are porous, most terrorists can sneak in through easily (They already killed many innocent people).  The leftists in both parliaments love countries without borders. It leads closer to Marx’s dream ideas. Both governments support “Doctors without borders” taking chances with more spread of disease around (viruses don’t like borders either) the world. The examples of borderless living are many. Hollywood’s movies are mostly fancy borderless propaganda (HFBP); Mixing everything!!! Men are women or half-women, animals and humans are interchangeable in face and body on TV, anthropomorphism is king of the left! (I had a stupid patient once who claimed that his dog had feelings like he did!) The chaos of identities is growing, never mind that God has created defined cells, humans are now mixing every biological entity. Between hollywood and liberals soon you will have a global amoeba looking for its skin!!

Back to the Marine testimony in Congress about the abuse of the naked female Marine phenomena. A 4 star Marine general was so frustrated with liberal senators that he repeated, ‘We’ll fix it, ma’am, senator, we’ll fix it, ma’am.”  Well, everyone knew that he won’t fix it! He couldn’t fix it unless Freud was wrong and sex was less powerful than sharing a tank! The senator (male and female) has to fix it because they started it by supporting a democratic bill in congress to mix men and women in combat units. The answer is in the hands of legislators the voters elected in both countries: you want hell of a life without borders, vote for liberals, socialists, democrats, NDP, labor, Pelosi, Herzog, Obama, Hillary, Bill and the rest of the leftists. Soon abortion will be fine act, sex – no age limit, Mexico – no border, drugs – fine, etc. and squatters will be welcome in your home and apartment (it’s already a ordenance in Irvine, California)! By 2036 I’ll be a 100, may be by then some democrats will vote republican – to fix borders!


You voted for Bill twice, his lack of awareness let in 19 terrorists, what would his wife let in?

March 19, 2016

Bill and Hillary Clinton lack awareness of crucial reality. 19 terrorists practiced for the 911 massacre in Bill’s “home” during his 8 years in the WH. His low IQ couldn’t pick up and connect the dots that anyone who chooses during flight training to learn to fly but not to learn to take off or land is sending real bad vibes. Not only Bill had no awareness of crucial reality, the Lewinsky affair and his impeachment by the House shows that the president had also no self-control when it comes to sex with a pretty WH intern. Why did the American people vote for him as president twice? Why? Well, you know why, Bill Clinton is a charming person, may be even more charming than Obama is a charming speaker.

Hillary was the Secretary of State when her best friend the ambassador to Libia was murdered by terrorists. Her low IQ couldn’t connect the dots that the attack in Benghazi wasn’t caused by a – cartoon inflammation! Her private emails “laundered” state secrets and her low IQ couldn’t connect the dots that her behavior was Palouse and dangerous to her country. This mentality of lack of awareness of crucial realities also existed in Obama. He described a vicious ISIS attack as a “Junior Varsity Team” reaction. And president Bush, the republicans are guilty of blindness too, he read children stories to kids instead of working his ass off for 7 months in office before 911 happened to secure the safety of the United States. That was his real job, not to read stories to kids. He mixes his priorities. His declaration of “Mission accomplished” was another lack of awareness of crucial reality. We all know now why Bill, Hillary, Barak and Bush lacked awareness of crucial reality, this posting isn’t about democrats and republicans, it’s about personalities and IQ’s. The Americans voters also lack awareness of crucial reality when they vote!

A case in point:  Trump would make a “protective” president because he does not lack awareness of crucial reality. Do you think most people are aware of it? They don’t.  They are not aware, for example, that anyone who can manipulate the media to give him a 3 billion dollars worth of free coverage during an election is a – genius. You’d want such a person in the WH to get “free” things for the American people too! Also, any “flexible” candidate would do what DT does, “Cherry Pick” ideas from the left and the right in order to run a better country, it’s great to “cherry pick” and “conservatives” condemn it! Wise up, Trump is not stop-able! Become aware of crucial reality and connect the dots. The 2 states with the most delegates are waiting for Trump, New York is already in Trump’s camp.  California will be a crucial reality battleground that will sharpen Donald’s wits for Hillary against 2 Calif senators that had never connected their crucial dots!