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Political madness: Decision making by American Jews

December 6, 2016

“Even after eight years of President Barack Obama’s efforts to create daylight between Israel and the United States to appease the Iranians and other Arab countries, and despite the extraordinary support for Israel expressed by all sections of the Republican Party, Jews still tended to vote Democrat. This contrasted sharply with Anglo Jewry, whose members defected in droves from the British Labor Party when it became anti-Israeli/antisemitic under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.”

The title that I gave my posting this morning expresses very well my views of the political madness of American liberals. The quote from the internet about the British Jews who are switching their alliance from Labor to the Conservative as compared to American Jews who are not switching their alliance from the anti-semitic democrats to the pro-Israel republicans says it all. Liberal madness is a distortion of values afflicting naive Liberals. It is a character disorder that prevent people from making good decisions in political life. Looking at Jewish history in the last 2500 years I am afraid it’s possible that we have lost Israel twice, to the Assyrians and Romans because of liberal attitude. You see, liberals are people who never grew up. They may be 30 or even 50 but they think like kid, never taking responsibility for their defense, always relaying on others called “parental adults” to protect them!

American Jews, it is time to grow up, learn maturity from the fine decision-making process of British Jews. Lechaim!


This posting will be a short one.

October 7, 2013

The struggle between observation and logic going back to Galileo woke me up not only to speak about it in three Universities since 2011 but also to look at my life since 1998. Do I want to really enjoy life, like about 10% of the people do. Or do I want to continue to pretend that I enjoy life, like the other 90% do? Since then I  I lost weight down to 78 Kg and I enjoy my work 100% (part of it is writing this liberating ideas). I think I got a glimpse of it the day of my retirement as a professor of psychology in 1998. Today, it is the simplest thing in the world to do. The Chinese got it in 1949. I hope that you do in 2013!

What is it?

Try for one minute to guess what it is, did you get it? That would be rare anyway. It is an observation, not logic. The Chinese will win it all in 50 years because they live to eat and work while we are in declining west  we work and eat to live. Don’t try to figure it out, it’s not logical, it’s just works that way. Hey, you 10% who are listening, live for the joy of eating and lose weight and live for the passion of working and be a happy millionaire to be!