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I am back! I need your responses to continue!

August 17, 2017

Dear friends,

I am back. I do not apologize to you my followers for being absent and not posting. I was busy. I spoke at UCLA and at universities in Spain, Italy, Germany and Greece. In Spain and Italy I spoke about behavioural economy, how to create jobs (few professors listened). In Germany and Greece I spoke about my cancer, how to cure it with the Gorter Model (more professors listened. Done). It should be obvious to all by now that my views and values lead to more successful decision making than the views or values of some “experts” in the fields of economics and medicine! I have been called arrogant. I am not more arrogant than Dr. Daniel kahneman who teaches us in ThinkingFast and Slow (Double Day, Canada, 2011) how to make better decisions!

I need your responses to continue. I came as an immigrant from Israel in 1960 to fine tune myself. I was a high school drop-out, had no money and didn’t speak English when I arrived in New York. Next month I will be 81 and I had a great life in Canada, Texas and California. I took advantage of the USA’s manifest destiny and I benefited from it’s constitution and the educational and employment opportunity it provides immigrants. I have a smart and beautiful Canadian wife who is a leader in her community. I have 4 grown up kids (2 in the US and 2 in Canada), a beautiful house in Canada that won awards, a PhD from USC in California and about 20 close smart and creative friends around the world that know how to have fun. I cured my prostate and bone cancer (4 MRI’s, no tumor).

My blogs and website are designed to help individuals, families, communities and governments make decisions that work: Let’s talk about what is in this blog: If you understand and accept the truth of many postings in this blog, you’d be able to solve many of your interpersonal problems and sharpen your useful views. Let’s take the situation in Charlottesville: There were a few side events there, but by far the main event was 2-3 extreme right groups fought 2-3 extreme left groups while the police didn’t stop the carnage, a job they were paid to do! And the news media, they took sides and spread fake news, neither the police or the news media were objective in their behaviour which aggravated the physical and psychological carnage! The extreme right tried to present themselves as moderate homogenized patriotic Americans (Which they are not because they do not support the American constitutional rule of law) and the extreme left tried to present themselves as the people, compassionate moderate diversified globalistic Americans (Which they are not because they do not support the American constitutional rule of law either). Think, if the fascist right takes over (small chance) you get to live in a Nazi Germany again and if the fascist left takes over (big chance) you get to live in Stalin’s Soviet Union Gulag!

The issue is: Should society remove a symbol that offend a changed community? The best answer is NO! If you transfer the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a public display to a museum because he was a slave owner, you’d have to remove the statue of George Washington also. He was a slave owner too. Museums are not well visited. A society that denies exposure to it’s bad past is doomed to repeat it according to Socrates: life unexamined is not worth living! The worse answer is YES! That is why I stated above that there is a bigger chance that American society is moving toward a disctatorship of the fascist left than it is moving toward a dictatorship of the fascist right. History always tries to create a balance of evil! Caveat emptor!

The Compromise: If you said NO or YES to the issue I presented, the best alternative acceptable answer is a constitutional amendment that says, “Any US community that wants to remove a symbol that the majority in the community consider unacceptable the community must build a museum of acceptable and unacceptable statues or symbols and require all schools in the community to visit the museum and take value classes in American history!





Breitbart at “war” with Kellogg.

December 2, 2016

The top three stories leading Breitbart’s homepage on Thursday morning were about its declared war with Kellogg’s, including one entitled: “#DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege.’”  Conservative right-winger Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. A “war” just started between Breitbart and Kellogg, the first fight between a right-wing White House elect and a most left-wing American company. Of all the millions of pieces of news that I could choose for my blog this morning, this one has a special meaning to me. You see, in the 70tis while a psychology major student at UCLA I went to dinner at my parents in LA. In a conversation around the dining table I said that I liked McGovern, Humphrey and Carter to lead the country, 3 democrats-socialists who were running for president. My dad, a Goldwater republican “lectured” to me how dishonest and corrupt and anti-American were the democrats. We had a fight and we didn’t see each other for the next 5 years! Today, at 80, after voting for Trump for president in 2016, I want to apologize to my dad, who died in 1991: “Dad, I am sorry for not realizing your wisdom in the 70tis. I can see already how much better for America are the republicans than the democrats.”

I support Breitbart over Kellogg any time. I stopped eating corn flakes for breakfast this morning. Kellogg is racist, not Breitbart and not Trump. I also want to thank Harvard’s attorney Dershowich for helping me realize something about racism. The democrats and socialist call everyone who disagree with them – racist!  They project their own racism on everyone on the right. Freud called it  “projecting on others your own unacceptable traits.” I have been called a racist and arrogant often during my career as a psychologist and a college professor. Thank you, dad, Dershowich and Breitbart for showing me who is the real racist – the democrats of Hillary Clinton, not the republicans of Donald Trump. I hope my posting helped you sharpen your own observation. If it doesn’t, I still forgive you. Who wants to be a hypocrite? I didn’t listen to my dad in  the 70tis!

Trump: “I will drain the swamp.” Here is what he meant!

November 14, 2016

Hillary lost because she called infiltrators who entered your home country without your permission law-abiding aliens who need your tax money (paternalism) more than US veterans need help! Hillary was the “Queen of the Swamp” and thought she was entitled to bring the crap into the White House!  50 million Americans voted for her because they believed that an executive order by likable Obama was more good for the country than our own laws! Were the swamp people mostly adults who never grew up? My bookthink so, I don’t. They were good people causing harm by supporting swamp people without realizing it. Were they deplorable, Trump didn’t think so but they thought of him as deplorable. Many left-wing people are not very nice to people who disagree with them.They tend to be vindictive!

I am reading a book now given to me as a present for my 80th birthday by my dear right-winger friend John, whose occupation is movie business, not psychology. The book is about the psychological causes of political madness on the left (In the last century political madness was mostly on the right, this century it is mostly on the left). To me, these are the people who live in a political swamp but think they live in a Clinton, Obama, Bernie paradise. Many of them are delusional. The author of my book is Lyle H. Rossiter, MD, a well-known psychiatrist! I just finished reading the book and I think it is time to drain the swamp so we can have our country back from the authoritarianism of the left! These people really think that breaking the law is no big thing, anarchy is just a style of living and poverty is good because “I get to help the poor.”  My God, how can you think that empathy is less important than compassion or sympathy! Are you crazy?  Sympathy is nice,  but there is no comparison, dude! The globe is much less important than your homeland and having savings accounts is much less practical than investing. Man, don’t live in the swamp and be a host of all these distorted views that make your life difficult. If you are in the leftist swamp, just get out, stop supporting Obama’ wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or American streets. Stop preparing the US for Hillary’s war against Russia! Stop helping to create a swamp in the European Union! Leave them alone, they are losers with their socialism. Join freedom and prosperity at home, make the United States of American great again. Be smart,  be good and be angry  at the swamp dwellers for a change! Throw away you leftist anxiety about the future!!! And stop calling every person who disagree with you a racist!!! Start believing in God the way He is and not the way they told you She is!!

Here is why you never have enough money, health and love!

December 4, 2014

Yes, I will tell you the truth, may be cite the studies and swear by my profession that life works better when you focus your energies on behavioral truth, so what? If you are a racist, forget it if you think it is easy to change your belief because I say the truth is really simple or a shrink you don’t know tells you about it. I wish you would change because I care and I want to see you have more money, health and love. Well, we shall see:

*A young black man kicks a white police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A young white man kicks a black police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A son puts his 92-year-old mother in an old age home and she is abused by a staff member, is it ageism or a behavioral disorder by the staff member taking advantage of a weak person?

*You are a CEO of a company and you hired or promoted 4 men to executive positions, is it sexism or a preference for certain behavioral skills?

*You are a wife and you start avoiding the company of your  nice husband, is it marital-ism, love-ism, sex-ism or you have a behavioral disorder?

If you see racism, sexism, ageism, marital-ism or all the other isms in your relationships it will hold you back from having enough money, health and love. Time to change to Behaviorism. Behavior is much more truthful than belief. Focusing on a behavior advances a person much better than expressing an attitude!

As a mother of a young African-American boy growing up in America…

July 19, 2013

The president spoke with his usual eloquence, but this time his topic was the most difficult for him to face as a black president, the pain of the Martin family and possible black violence as a reaction to the Trevon Martin verdict. He tried to calm down the rhetoric among black leaders who don’t help the situation at all and emphasize the unity and not the division. I salute him for implying that mothers of young black men growing up in America among prejudice and anxious Whites, could help their young black sons relate better to whites by changing aggressive behavior and helping white folks more relax among them. My job here as a psychologist is to add that this change in behavior will advance blacks acceptance in society, get better jobs when Whites shed their fearfulness.  The president’s speech brought up two  important points: America is racist and blacks are aggressive and it doesn’t add up! White forks can not continue to behave differently when young black men are around, and young black men need to tune down their racial rhetoric and aggressive behavior. Justice works both way. Better relationship has its implication in hiring, promoting and social acceptance. Both sides need to change. Blacks will benefit the most from a non-racist America.