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Psychological analysis: How strong is the psychological motivation for a Two-States solution

March 15, 2017

US president have invested 40 years and billions of tax payer dollars to help create a Palestinian democratic state to live in peace alongside the State of Israel. They all failed. Trump saw the failure signs all over recent history and decided not to try a Two States Solution (TSS) and behave like an ideot, like previous blind presidents. Then something happened – Trump fell into the LH pit!  This week he gave Abbas $250,000,000.00 to start a new TSS and a promise to try the Two States Solution for the last time. Why? Well, a president like Trump that won the election against all odds thinks that he can solve the problem in the middle east against all odds. Wrong! The Vegas odds of winning the presidency were 1/3 against Trump, the Cosmic odds of successful Two States Solution (TSS) is 1/infinity, against Trump! It is much less than zero! Why?

Let’s start from the beginning:

In 1948 the probability of TSS success was 50%, the Jews accepted a TSS and the Arabs did not. In 1967 the Jews won more territory from the Arabs. The probability of success became 0%. The Arabs wanted now the TSS that was there in 1966. Time marched. Before the 2016 election the probability of TSS success was again 50% when the Jews accepted a TSS of 1968. The Arabs now wanted a TSS of 1948! The Jews said no to all TSS’s. Israel got a right-wing government.  They feel strong enough to say no to the Arabs – but not to Trump. He wanted to have the last word about Judea and Samaria, the last try to try the last TSS try! Poor Trump, got caught in the stink web! The man  won all his battles except this TSS one. Poor Trump, he doesn’t know it yet!!! It may cost him the second term as president in 2020! Well, he has got  Jewish advisers, can someone in the WH tell him that the Arabs will never accept a Jewish state in “their midst” of “their” area of the world? They can’t, it says in the Quran that they should rule the world – except Israel, but they “forgot” about that Sura that would dissolve the last TSS!

Thus, TSS has no solution. The Hindu Veda calls it the Bahagavad Gita! What is is and what isn’t isn’t. The Italians call it “Key Sera Sera.” Let’s name the La Brea Pits in California where dinosaurs sank throughout history the Palestine pits where US presidents sank throughout history!



Obama vs. Netanyahu, fear vs. anger, socialism vs. capitalism, paternalism vs. libertarianism.

March 3, 2015

Read the title above again, think about it, it gives you an idea about my coming third book about two personality types that ran this world we live in and dominate our lives. The first two books that I self-published (main stream publishers rejected my views) were about how to invest for a big capital gain at the end of every year. Why they hate my views? Because I write, You can make  more money than the professionals make by knowing the personality of the CEO of a company rather than by studying the balance sheet!  I interrupted the writing of my third book on how to cure cancer, only for a few months, because of an event. At a meeting of my political discussion group we discussed why left-wing participants always fight with right-wing participants on every issue! I suggested that it is because of having different brain structures (true). This short book on the left vs. right personalities in politics, economics, society and the family will then become my book number three and the cancer book which has 500 pages will be book number four. I apologize to my readers for not writing more in my blogs because of time constraints, but those of you who are my committed followers (the searching dudes in life) will find my writing in many places.

In a nut shell, Obama is a left-winger and Netanyahu is a right-winger. A left winger personality is motivated by subliminal fear while a right-wing personality is motivated by subliminal anger. Netanyahu will “win” against Obama because anger is stronger than fear! Another difference is nationalism vs. internationalism. Netanyahu will “win” again because nationalism is stronger than internationalism in the personality. Another difference is paternalism vs. libertarianism. Obama will “win” because he wants to take care of Iran and help her. This “win” is problematic, not that positive for the world because the pending deal on Iran’s nuclear growth will be supportive more than restraining. And, finally, the democrats will “lose” and the republicans will ‘win” in the next few elections because anger is spreading in society faster than fear. In Israel, Netanyahu will win a 4th term as PM. All in all, the US and Israel is galvanizing a stronger relationship and are moving to the right because of anger, the left concentrates in fearful Europe.

My analysis here is short, my book when it comes out about how a left thinking person relates to a right thinking person in business, etc. will have more details. BUT, you can get a head start on this new knowledge by thinking about you business partner, mate, friends, and other people you know who are opposite in personality to you and you can probably figure out why you have problems with them, for example, leftists tend to leave the room when they don’t like what you say, rightist tend to stay and argue logic and facts, and so on. Enjoy!

I am writing a study based on my book on why socialist (leftist) Europe is having economic problems (Greece, Spain, etc.) to be presented in an academic conference in Berlin August 2-7 this year (if approved by the same committee that approved my talk at the University of Valencia and Rome last two years, so I have a good chance for my paper to be accepted). Keep being interested. Are you a left thinking or a right thinking person? Check it out based on this posting! Write me back to verify! Write back, don’t disappoint me, I spend a lot of time on this posting.

Why terrorists are winning against powerful democracies?

August 23, 2014

Let me simplify why terrorists are winning against democracies so when the next election time comes in Israel and the US you won’t vote for anyone on the ballot unless they promise on TV to follow the policies of Menahem Begin, the second greatest Israeli PM and Teddy Roosevelt, the second greatest American P after George Washington! Stop sending into office leaders like Obama, Clinton, Bush, Johnson and the rest of the presidents, you have elected into office dummies who understood human behavior on the junior HS level or below. Case in point:

Obama tells Kerry to pressure Israel to release 900 Hamas terrorists in exchange for one Israeli soldier. Then Obama tells Kerry to release 5 Taliban terrorists in exchange for one American soldier. Then Obama goes on CNN and says, “The United States does not believe in prisoner exchange or ransom giving to terrorists.” Netanyahu does the same, exchanging prisoners with terrorists. Psychologically speaking, terror groups are winning against powerful democracies because Israel and the US give terror groups money, oil, weapons and Western recruits. The bottom line is that you vote for Obama and Netanyahu and they support terror groups (inadvertently) while claiming that they don’t do that – and when it does happen it’s an unacceptable mistake that “we intend to correct.” (nice language). Obama created ISIS by his policies since 2008 and Netanyahu created Hamas by his policies since 1993. These leaders don’t believe in Thorndike’s Law of Effect or never heard of it in College. Psychologically speaking, I see these “macho” ISIS men of Islam saying to each other, “Let these two soft democracies elect Hilary and Tzipi to office and we’ll have more bloody fun than with Obama and Netanyahu.”

Obama’s body language.

November 14, 2009

With the encouragement of those of you who love true knowledge without ‘spinning,’ I opened a line of communication from my posting on Facebook to my blog “” I intend to make this blog the most maverick on earth.

My second maverick book, “The Psychology of Investing During the Obama Years” will be out in 2010. Is Obama good for your money? One major way to find out about a CEO is to learn body language. Download Obama-Netanyahu Table Photo. Learn to analyze the picture and apply it to your relationships:  The meeting place; Obama selected the White House private dining roon for the meeting, implies Obama intends to enhance psychological control over a difficult conversation with a prime minister of Israel, through hospitality. The large table; Obama intends to reduce familiarity and intimacy. Obama wants to discourage perceptions of intimacy with a prime minister who is considered powerful but is disliked around the world.  Kidney shape table (hugger); Obama wants Netanyahu to feel secure, not pressured. Food; relaxes the atmosphere during the interaction, increases the influence of the one who provided the food.  Field dependency-independency; a meeting that ‘buffer’ sensitive issues with a general conversation, a setup that Obama likes; socially amicable, psychologically comfortable and politically challenging. Seated bodies ‘slanted’ forward; Netanyahu more emphatic, Obama listening. The Israeli prime minister scores here. Hands on table; Netanyahu more relax, hides his intensity with hands ‘closure.’ Obama’s hands are open, social, receptive, on his turf. listening. Seating positions; confrontational, may increase political disagreements. The psychology of the meeting; ‘strange bedfellows. The ‘winner,‘; no distinct winner, but with more meetings Netanyahu may acquire a slight edge due to lower status, higher  knowledge and more experience.


You know me by now, no spin, no bull… as is. My books can give you amazing insights! Get the edge!