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Does this confrontation between Israel and the ICC pointing to the end of – the ICC?

December 15, 2016

“If the Knesset passes the settlements regulation bill, the International Criminal Court will go after Israelis and the Obama administration will let an anti-settlement resolution through at the UN, Prof. Alan Dershowitz says.”

As a Jew I have a lot of respect for Harvard’s professor of law Dershowich, as a psychologist I don’t.  Allan Dershowich thinking is left of center and as such he worry too much about the ICC reaction to Israel’s behavior. Even if the Knesset passes the settlements regulation bill and the ICC takes action, the ICC may lose its case against Israel for 3 reasons, 1) The Palestinians may not be able to provide the required deeds to the lands, 2) The international status of the lands is in “dispute,” not “occupied.’  No one is breaking international law by building a house in a “No Man’s Land,” and 3) Israel can ignore the ICC like it ignores the UN.

Obama’s reaction is a different matter. If the Knesset passes the Settlements law after January 20, 2017 Obama can do nothing against Israel. He is gone and done as an Israel bashing president. If he uses his veto power before Israel passes the Settlements law, the large damage to his reputation and record and the democratic party in the US will be much greater than the damage to Israel by another hostile UN resolution. How do I know that Dershowich is a leftist? Leftists always overestimate the power of bad people or institutions! That is why Chamberlain wanted to make peace with Hitler so much. He didn’t think the Nazis could be defeated in 4 years! That is why Obama wanted the agreement with Iran so much. He thought the Ayatollah was strong. And, that is why the Knesset may not pass the settlements bill before January 20, 2017. The delegates think that Obama and Abbas are strong!


The Amona Law.

November 3, 2016

“The High Court had previously ruled that houses built on land claimed by Palestinians, even if those claims are unsubstantiated, must be demolished and cannot be rebuilt for as long as a decade, as evidence is gathered regarding ownership. The court in 2014 reaffirmed its earlier ruling and insisted that all the buildings on the site be demolished.” Let me paraphrase this quote from the Internet related to the Amona Law: “The Supreme Court of Israel appointed by a previously leftist-wing government with a leftist Knesset majority accepted Palestinian claims that Jewish homes in the city of Amona in Sumeria and Judea (West Bank) should be demolished. Their logic was that the land of Amona was intended in 1948 as part of a future Palestinian state that never happened because the Arabs declared war on Israel and lost (The court rejected the idea that if a country loses a war it may lose also a territory). Therefore, the leftist SC decided that the Palestinians who claimed the land of Amona did not have to show Deeds of ownership of the land before the evictions. A 2014 leftist Supreme Court decision reaffirmed the previous court decision.

Israel’s new voters (many Russian immigrants who suffered under the leftist Soviet Union) voted into office the present right-wing Israeli government. It is a right-wing government with a strong right-wing majority in the Knesset. The right-wing Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked is now legally changing certain Knesset rules under her jurisdiction to be able to appoint 2-3 new right-wing Supreme Court justices in order to reverse the decisions of the old leftist Supreme Court about who owns land in Israel. The right-wing “Amona Law” if passed by the Knesset and approved by the rightist “new SC” will “freeze” the process of evicting Amona residents for a few years untill the tilt to the right of the Israeli population is complete.

The future appears to belong to a Jabotinsky right-wing group that believes that Israel is all of West Palestine and it had not stated that way in 1948 only because of leftist politics.  The Jabotinsky populace believes in equal rights for all citizens of Israel regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, etc. It appears that not withstanding all the legal and political delays at the end of the day the Amona Law will pass and its Jewish residents will live in peace. It also appears that at the end of the day all the non-Jewish residents of Israel who abide by the laws will get their land and other equal rights depending on having Deeds to lands.

The issue of left vs. right values exist in every country. The left is always absolutely committed to keep darker skin minorities as dependent on government for their  existence, whether it is in Israel, Canada, Romania or the US. This is called Paternalism in Psychology and leftist governments spend tax payer money on that endeavor making left-wing people feel that they are good people (they are not).  The right, on the other hand, is absolutely committed to integrate darker skin minorities to become educated independent citizens and not depend on government for their livelihood. The right believes in helping people to become a part of freedom and prosperity indistinguishable from any other group of citizens. You can say that the left is racist but please let not complicate things in Israel, please, look at what the left has done to American, real sad!